2004: sturclub spielen bo diddley, throbbing gristle, brian eno und die komplette erste platte der deutsch-amerikanischen freundschaft und die erste platte von amon düül und teile der ersten oder dritten platte von amon düül 2, aber das ist ziemlich kompliziert zu erklären und es kommt in reihenfolge, parallel und gleichzeitig: 2004

sturclub, meine herren und meine damen und meine güte, sturclub in 2004 was a free improvizing, scheiss-auf-die-anderen, very radical unit: siemers, voran, büchele and dufour constereopainted a newneworld wherever they went: all noise, all 'new', all sturclub! here you can hear them: it is loud and kraut!

we knew it all in 2004:

01 - intro
02 - united
03 - nterlude
04 - ogation
05 - out of
06 - rrt
07 - li1
08 - vehe
09 - people come and go, they forget to close the door
10 - 66-k
11 - +
12 - itsitisit
13 - bo

und es bleibt unerklärt: no/one tells you will tell you; is going to tell you: wherewhat at least sturclub is at; download and 'listen': schade drum!

sturclub 2004 heavyheavy!
(mp3 / direct download)


il programma di religione: 256 very short tracks for 256 popes: noise, diy, punk, exexperimentalmental: meri von kleinsmid, siemers, dream weapon, staplerfahrer, deuf, the lolly pope, beta fish, andrea duwa, albrecht/d. and more and more and more for your pleasure

in 2002 shawn knight of the now defunct boyarm label asked me and the rest of the world to contribute to a compilation with 256 very short tracks as a tribute to each and every pope that had served the catholic church from the year 32 AD through to 2004 neglecting though one female pope and several antipopes. but never mind, 256 popes seemed to be more than enough. shawn asked for tracks not longer than 13 seconds so that 256 tracks would fit on one cd.
a lot of noise and diy artists responded to his call including meri von kleinsmid, staplerfahrer, every kid on speed, chaos through programming, anaphylaxis, bonchi, pak, andrew duke, martini bomb, signal bleed, 69 cent, bic boy, beta fish, the bran flakes and many others. out of these 256 very short cuts shawn created 66 tracks about one minute in length and each comprising four of the participating artists plus one bonus track. on dicogs you may find a complete list of all the artists involved with il programma di religione
if i remember correctly i sent in about 25 tracks created by with for stuttgart related artists, at least 18 of those can be heard on il programma di religione. most of these tracks are versions i produced especially for this compilation and these are the monikering pseudonyms of the stuttgart related artists, at least most of them: kerubim'duul (a studio project in praise of amon düül and amon düül 2), traumwaffe (kosmische young reich), DJ EE & MC D (two nephews, ten and twelve years old), D:U:R (david dufour, uwe büchele, ralf siemers, the germ cell of what was to become sturclub later on), dream weapon (traumwaffe one step beyond), herr rommel (purring in heaven. is there a heaven? i'd like to think so), lenin/mccarthy versus la maisch (the female antipope), albrecht/d. (a stuttgart postpostfluxus artists you might know), art.ist.la.maisch (the female antipope again), klänguru' (a siemers fognin deuf andrea duwa project), popeye ramone (?), siemers (nothing but a siemers), krischke thunderbyrd (for all the dead düüls), schrecklein (siemers, fognin, deuf), tin.FR (nobody knows if it really happened), van daale (part of zimt and autofick and), xtine (a mix of xtine burrough, a KLÄNG! cooperation), attraktiv und preiswert (gini fatale and siemers, 1979, a fake), and not the pinkees again (the pinkees) and that is all i guess.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download)



siemers an albrecht/d. (2003 post-post-fluxus devotement / 23 short very short tracks played by and deadicated to a stuttgart postfluxus artist who was not underrated in most corners of the earth)

when albrecht/d. died in february 2013 mostly unnoticed i carried on releasing his music on this here blog and next door at bewegnungen. i had known him since 1979 as being part of the stuttgart diypunk-junto as well as being a part of the worldwide art underground: his works were sold at rather high prices in japan or the usa (and still they are) but seemed to be completely unknown in germany. blurpt whatever.
a/d. was born in 1944, lived in stuttgart/germany since 1958 acted like an artist since 1966 and died in february 2013. he worked and performed with beuys, throbbing gristle, vostell, paik, saree and many more. he invented permanent instant performance. he saved raoul hausmann from being forgotten. 
his work includes: mail art: endless music: processed copies: exhibitions: installations: concerts: stamps: art into society: instant life / love / death: kinky beaux arts: abstract energy: violence permanent: his homepage albrechtd.de has vanished and lost most of its information in the process of growing old, but some content can be found on archive.org for your pleasure and patience. in 1979 he was part of the stuttgart punk & art posse: the young common time punks hated him for being an artist: but he inspired a lot of thee art core noise explorers. he remained an outsider not on the outside ignoring courses of history until his untimely death.
in 2001 albrecht/d. performed 26 spontaneous compositions on minidisc. he asked fognin to mix all these tracks into one piece for future inclusion on the now dead but might be reborne KLÄNG compilation series. fognin created 13 very very different tracks: one of these is included here as well as two of the original albrecht/d. compositions. in 2002 siemers took some of these 39 tracks (which can be found as they were played on bewegnungen) as the main raw material for some short pieces of electroacoustic plunderdrones improvised directly to his hard drive. on one track some sounds of the residents are added, one track uses nothing but the audience athmosphere from the "matinée bleue" concert on the 11th of august 2001 and one track is made of a pinkees rehearsal tape from 1983. all other sounds you may hearhere are mainly based on the original albrecht/d. recordings with some fognin folded in and were collected, treated or created by siemers.
so in 2003 siemers created and compiled 23 tracks for a release on the german retinascan label: 'an allbrecht/d.' was released on a 3"-cd-r including a lot of artwork. most of the copies circulating meanwhile have lost all of their music files, so i thought it was about time to make them available again. by the way: an albrecht/d. is ein albrecht/d. in german and to albrecht/d. in english.
so here we are: 23 tracks:

(01) md # 4 (+)
(02) 2002-02-23-#1 (+°)
(03) walzer (+°²)
(04) next (+°)
(05) 2002-02-23-#2 (+°)
(06) a4d (+°)
(07) maischbrecht/d. (+\~°)
(08) nex/d. (+²°)
(09) 2002-03-04 (+°)
(10) essener songtage (+°^)
(11) for a/d. sax (+°)
(12) atem (+²°)
(13) siemers spricht einen text von albrecht/d. (µ*)
(14) flutem (+°)
(15) rezlaw (+²°)
(16) streichholzschachtel (+°)
(17) nextt (+²°)
(18) exposé maraquee (jv) (+²)
(19) nag st (+²°~)
(20) flutemm (+°)
(21) nneexxtt (+°)
(22) an orch nung (+°)
(23) md # 10 (+)

(+) albrecht/d. - instruments, voice
( ²) fognin - treat:mix
( \) deuf - techniques
(~) art.ist.la.maisch - vox
( °) siemers - re-make/re-model
(µ*) the pinkees - 1983 rehearsal

(mp3 / 224 kbps / scans included / direct download)


the grateful dead - sugaree (a jerry garcia song, as you all know, from one of his solo recordings, played by the grateful dead everlasting and whatsoever)

sugaree. robert hunter wrote this song, jerry garcia recorded it for his first solo album in 1972 and the grateful dead played this song when ever they had the chance to do so. their first recording of this song was done live on the 31st of july 1971 at the yale university in new haven (included in this collection, of course) and the last recording of this song they probably did only yesterday: for your pleasure we have compiled a short selection of versions of this composition: sugaree.
all but one of these versions have been recorded by th grateful dead. do i really need to tell you who they were and are and will be? no. no, i won't. the grateful dead played sugaree here and then and how and live and here is what you will get to hear:

sugaree / the grateful dead:
01 - 1982-11-26 jamaica bob marley performing arts center, montego bay, freeport zone.
02 - 1971-07-31 yale university, new haven. first ever recorded version with donna and keith goodchaux
03 - 1972-08-27 veneta, oregon usa
04 - 1973-04-29 musikhalle hamburg, germany.
05 - 1972 luxembourg (?)
06 - 1972-04-16 aarhus university, denmark.
07 - 1972-05-03 paris, olympia france.
08 - 1972-05-08 munich, deutsches museum germany.
09 - 1973-12-19 curtis hixon hall tampa usa.
10 - 1972-12-11 winterland, san francisco, usa.
11 - 1978-07-15 robert hunter live new york, with larry klein on bass.

hundreds and literally hundreds of versions of sugaree and hours on end by the grateful dead can be found on sugarmegs and hooray and more and more and more rare live recordings by all of them: hendrix, cream, the 39 clocks, jefferson airplane, byrds, kastrierte philosophen, sex pistols, pink floyd und was weiss denn ich: ALLES IND DA MIT SELTENSTEN AUFNAHMEN ZU FINDEN, ALLE!!!

(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)


sturclub 2004 and 2005 and 2006 - noisy noyze improvisations for our own pleasure deadicated to you but you weren't listening - the securers of evidences are securing themselves - we are noisoundsgeräusch and we are spurensicherung and roots and traces and you will obeye.

this owes and owns a lot to nurse with wound, the nihilist spasm band, amon düül (not amon düül 2 for krautsage and saucages!) andor hapshash and the purple iskra rainbows or whatsoever and this is stuttgart calming down.
sturclub will never be the same: this is we are completely improvized improvising from on beyond the first second always and everest and sofcourse is this coumpilation and the conductending liner notes:
sturclub has been founded in 1999 with of by old 80s autonomist punks and youngspread new school noise interpretators as if they were one and they were: uwe büchele, david dufour, werner voran and ralf siemers: stuttgart coming down as live improvizers you can hear these four in any combiniation here now from 2004 to 2006.

sturclub forfür spurensicherung was performed by sturclub in 2004 / 2005 / 2006 :

sturclub1 (24:01)
sturclub2 (18:30)
sturclub3 (17:20)
sturclub4 (04:19)
sturclub5 (11:04)
sturclub6 (03:45)

sturclub forfür these rehearsal room wahnzimmer live actions were uwe büchele, david dufour, werner voran and ralf siemers

and yes you might have noticed or guessed: this-here blog is one of the projects the sturclub project is part of as a project: you can find us. but you won't. egal. nochmal: sturclub machen diese musik hier und sturclub machen dieses blog hier: manche von uns: sometimes.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download)


gigabot / metakraut recorded in the usa in 2000 / loud, snotty and completely aware of what happened in germany 1972

and this one this little gem is quite a sensation: a us-american session band that more willingly than aleatoric sounded like an extrapolated version of german kraut sounds from around 1972: there is faust, can, NEU!, early kraftwerk, guru guru and of course amon düül congloomerating in a hard driven punk scetch that will make you spring and dadadance.
when in 1999 me and fognin were collecting very short tracks from around the world that were to be released on the KLÄNG!-compilation series andy sutton sent in a one-minute-track called 'krouter' (mp3 / one minute) that was published on KLÄNG! #3 in 2000. i was deeply impressed and thought it was way too short, though it perfectly fit the concept of KLÄNG! that mostly included ruins, wreckage and stranded goods. so i asked, begged and commissioned andy to produce a 20-minute-version of that track for a future release that for a lot of reasons never was realized.
more than a year later, in april 2001, my wish and vision came true: andy sutton and some friends really did it: a long version of 'krouter' probably recorded in the winter of 2000/2001 hit my cd-player and i bounced about: it was loud, snotty and completely fallen off any edge of any space or time. great. and  it was a shame i never could publish or release it in any form or way until now. but finally: here we gogo!
gigabot for this recording were phil dürr (vox, guitars), eric högemeyer (ring modulation on guitars), robert ebeling (piano, live drums), al sutton (engineering, pro-tools, re-programming), andy sutton (master concepts, basses, pianos, programming), kurt marshke (witness) and billy rivkin on guitars. twenty minutes of kraut you never expected. and for your pleasure of course i included the very short KLÄNG!-version of that track.


Z.S.K.A. und autofick: live in pforzheim 1982: meta-dillett-punk und meta-meta-punk

and yes: andy was fourteen years old when he went on stage in 1982: the sounds Z.S.K.A. perroduced were andy hofmann, his guitar and his machines: nothing else. this was nonihilistpunk and we all loved it and couldn't do any better: this was dils, hitler ss, prats and tiny tim: we all were envious on his innocence, though we weren't all to much older than him: good grief, we were twenty ot twentyfour when we punked out and never stopped. but anyway: we were stoned watching andy and his machines on the 29th of may 1982: and this is difficult!
01 - tanzt
02 - plastik
03 - 14
04 - folterkammer
05 - gegenteile
06 - nichts
07 - ska
08 - mathe
09 - brutal
10 - ende
11 - zugabe1
12 - zugabe2
and 'pforzing' of course is pforzheim, not los angeles: butttt! whenthen he furnished we entered the stage and where autofick the firstt germain metatmetapunkband in the world: track 13teen is a coumplete coumcert of autofick in pforzheim in 1982: ghoul! so our programme twoday starts stats with wizz 12 tracks by our opening act; andy Z.S.K.A.blues you all away followed by an act even more difficult: the southwestgerman meta-meta-punk band AUTOFICK takes you away and nobodaddy even cares: 23orso very short songs happening right now: autofick live in pforzheim am 29.05.1982 und ihr habt ja keine ahnung!
13 - autofick live in pforzheim 1982-05-29
- ohne ahnung: pforzingen
- autofick title main
- hony soit gelobt sei!
- oikleena (früher mal ein stück von frauenklinik)
- deutscher girls
- autofick
- mg
- schnappps oi! oi! oi!
- rzheim!
- jazzmusikermusik
- eva braun
- scheissbullen
- eiscafé
- stabyoubag
- dosenbier
- mikrokosmos
- milzbrnd
- satisfaction
- 0711
- autofick
- gelobt sei was hart macht
- oiklena
- 28
- care
- vacant
- deutscher girls
- korn
- eva braun
- stech dich ab
- woukeapp
- autofick
- ende.de
autofick an diesem grossen tag in jener herrlichen stadt waren blitzkrieg gormsen und siemers als sänger, le marquis an der gitarre, uli mall am bass und chris haas am schlagzeug. puuuh!! ihr kriegt also zwölf stücke von Z.S.K.A und dreissig stücke von autofick auf einen haufen als sei es ein stück: here we gogo!


freies risiko: free (rock) improvisation 1985 live in düsseldorf: argee gleim und völlig andere improvisieren noise also noise, baby!

freies risiko: digging deeper: the securing of evidences: spurensicherung: düsseldorf 1985: a live improvisation (cut-up-up) regarding the 'later' düsseldorf noise experiences: one richard ar/gee gleim interacting with some third generation avantgardists knowing their roots and developing into a future pasted: kraftwerk, plan and mittagspause are evident: but something newstrange is heading for the light.
richard sent me this tape of a forgotten live action some weeks ago with only some insinuating adumbrations of what happened when it was recorded: a 1985 concert of free improvised noise performed in a church close to his home on the 14th of august 1985: this is what i wrote while i was listening to these recordings for the first time: "freies risiko: grossartig: vorneraus tangerine cream: guitarecko mit ck: dann rüber in ein langes stück: 14 minuten: bass, gitarre, geige, mehrere stimmen: in sich fliessend mit abrupten trotzdem kaum spürbaren brüchen: als hätte schon jemand geschnipselt und wieder zusammengefügt: kraut, magma, nihilist spasm mit groove. dann beifall: weiter: wie vor: dankeschönund pause bei minute21: dann geräusche, radio und zum ersten mal (so glaube ich) klarinette: vorsichtiges überblasen: stimmenmurmeln: minute 24/25 mit elektronickfiepsen: die ungeprobten 39 clocks grüssen freundlich ohne beat: jazzmarschaylerkindergeburtstagalarmsirenen: minute 28: formloser funk: eiernd: bruch: weg: schlagzeug: hisssssssend: sologedöhns: bei minute 36 zerlabert: aber jetzt okay dem ende entgegen: gerüpelgerülpse: tomtom: sudden death. puh." (great: starting with some tangerine cream and guitareckko turning/tuning into 14 minutes of bass, guitar, violin and wovening voices: cut up and folded into one and each other: kraut (not kraut rock: a terminus i love to hate), magma, nihilist spasm with a different groove: audience. applause. go on! thank you: radio disstortion, no/ise and ar/geeplaying the clarinette endlich at last at least: murmurmur: peepinlecktronicks no beat: aylerchildrensbirthdaywhazzupasirens et cetera et cetera: formfromless fnuckfnordfunksssssssudden death)

only a few days ago we learned more fromthroughduring a mail the drummer matthias (mattes) ring sent to richard: 

"Lieber Richard, ich hab Dir seinerzeit ein Mail dazu geschickt. Find ich bei Facebook nicht mehr wieder, ist offenbar verloren gegangen. Also: Eine von mir gegründete Band namens "Freies Risiko", von wegen kompletter Improvisation. Mit Mario, der ´ne Menge Energie mitbrachte, Eugen an der Geige, ein schlauer "Alternativer", und Matthias, einem seinerzeit jungen Drummer. Du hast uns dann mal den Gig vermittelt in dieser wahrscheinlich evangelischen Einrichtung bei Dir um die Ecke. Da waren dann aber nur wenige der üblichen Besucher, vor allem Fans aus Ratingen. Du hast nicht spontan zur Bläse gegriffen, nee, das war abgemacht. Sonst hättest Du die Klarinette nicht dabeigehabt. Das Datum? 14.08.1985. Ja, das war schon so eine Zeit... Höre bei der Gelegenheit die erste Session, muss eigentlich erhalten werden, so´ne Mischung aus "Magma", guter Technik und Punk. Matthes" (dear richard, a mail i sent you via facebook seems to have vanished in aethernity: i formed 'freies risiko' as a free improvising unit in 1985: there was mario on bass and vocals, later with tilt and nowadays in the voids and abysses of german television. there was eugen on violin, somewhere else right now. there was matthias the young drummer myself. in 1985 you intermediated your church next door and the noise unit we were: and your clarinet was there because you wanted it to be there. - there are some more/other recordings of this band: i am trying to find them for you: and yes: it is magma and punk and.... all the beast: matthes)
so this is what we know and this is what you get: but please do not keep your detection for your beautiful selves. and here is what you will get right now: close up to 40 minutes of free improvised noise:

(direct download)