einstürzende neubauten - solo bassfeder. a collection of solo recordings by members of the neubauten using the legendary bassfeder in 2005; plus some bonus tracks

recorded in 2005 and released on the mailorder-only musterhaus label in 2006, this collection of solo compositions by members of the einstürzende neubauten has become rather rare throughout the years.

solo bassfeder is a collection of tracks using the legendary bass spring almost exclusively in the most different and unusual ways.

 so her we go-go:

04 - DINGFEST (listen directly)

06 - Salsa
07 - Beguine
08 - Cascara (listen directly)
09 - ChaCha
10 - Guaguanc
11 - Slowsoul
12 - Guaguanc2 (listen directly)
13 - Mixed
14 - Motown
15 - Pasodoble
16 - Polka
17 - Samba1

19 - NUX VOMICA (listen directly)

as these solo bassfeder tracks are just summing up to a total of some fifty minutes, i decided to add some bonus tracks i found on the surface horizons of some of the black holes of my record collection; so here we go for your listening pleasure:

20 - einstürzende neubauten - meningitis (listen directly)
probably recorded way back in 1985 and found on the Q.E.D. compilation released in the netherlands in 1990.

21 - die haut - assisi machine
vocals by blixa bargeld; remix by deep space network. from the 1998 die haut_springer cd.

22 - fm einheit - der eroberer wurm
voice: sebastian hufschmidt / composition and electronica: fm einheit / bass and contrabass: volker kamp / drums: saskia von klitzing / found on the 2006 compilation edgar allan poe - visionen.

23 - blixa bargeld - ein gleiches
blixa bargeld spricht einen text von johann wolfgang von goethe; gefunden auf der 1999 compilation rosebud.

24 - die haut - assisi machine (listen directly)
vocals by blixa bargeld; remix by alan vega. from the 1998 die haut_springer cd.

download the bassfeder and the bonus tracks
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


the sun ra arkestra - fondation maeght nights; volumes one and two; august 1970

the mighty sun ra arkestra live in france, recorded on the 3rd and 5th of august 1970 at the fondation marguerite et aimé maeght in saint-paul-de-vence. these performances have been released on vinyl in 1971 on the french shandar label, and got lost and rather rare immediately. they have been rereleased legally and as (semi-)bootlegs both on vinyl and cd quite a few times in the following years, but seem to be hard to find by the time being. 
for your listening pleasure i compiled my 1991 jazz view versions of these recordings into one big file that sums up as a 76-minutes-compact-disc with all information you might need at first bite, though some additional information may be found by following the given links to discogs.

so here we go:

01 - enlightment
02 - the star gazers
03 - shadow world (listen directly)
04 - the cosmic explorer

05 (01) - friendly galaxy
06 (02) - spontaneous simplicity
07 (03) - the world of the lightening (listen directly)
08 (04) - black myth
09 (05) - sky

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


by the way: following the sun-ra-tag in the marginal column on the right will lead you to an exclusive recording of a sun ra live concert in stuttgart 1984 and some more.


and the blackest thing in harlem is white: the patti smith group executing 26 versions of (we're gonna have) (a) real good time (together) between 1974 and 1977

gored mournink, am=ericka! this is the original classic patti smith group execoutioneering 26 versions of a wombatourful great song of the late=layed velvet underground called (we're gonna have) (a) real good time (together) at various places between 1974 and 1977!

the patti smith group of course were patti smith on vocals (and guitars and keyboreds whenever she thought an aesthetic intervention was necessary), lenny kaye on guitars and bass, ivan kral on bass and guitars, jay dee daugherty on drums, and richard sohl on keybroads. 

though some of the following tracks of course are part of my very own record collection, i must admit that i found most of the tracks on the wonderful sugarmegs server that is offering litterallye thousands of live concerts by the likes of the grateful dead, the beatles, the kinks, bob dylan, the ramones, the velvet underground, pink floyd and the stooges, to name but a few.

so here we go:

01 - 1975-05-28 / new york / wbai studio / fm broadcast
02 - 1976-03-31 / new york / avery fisher hall
03 - 1976-01-16 / washington / cellar door / king biscuit flower hour / late show (listen directly)
04 - 1976-05-17 / london / roundhouse
05 - 1976-02-15 / san francisco / boarding house
06 - 1975-12-26 / new york / bottom line / late show
07 - 1976-12-27 / new york / bottom line
08 - 1974-??-?? / new york / cbgb
09 - 1977-09-05 / philadelphia / penn's landing
10 - 1976-01-03 / stockholm / konserthus (listen directly)
11 - 1975-12-27 / new york / bottom line / wnew fm broadcast
12 - 1976-11-26 / new york / bottom line / late show / with john cale and bruce springsteen
13 - 1976-01-09 / boston / jazz workshop / wbcn fm broadcast
14 - 1977-07-26 / scarsdale, ny / syncopation club
15 - 1976-02-15 / san francisco / boarding house / almost the same version as 05; sorry
16 - 1976-01-16 / washington / cellar door / king biscuit flower hour / early show (listen directly)
17 - 1976-05-12 / copenhagen / daddy's dance hall
18 - 1976-09-23 / hempstead, ny / hofstra university
19 - 1977-12-31 / new york / cbgb (listen directly)
20 - 1976-12-12 / detroit / masonic temple
21 - 1976-12-26 / new york / bottom line / early show
22 - 1978-03-07 / copenhagen / daddy's dance hall
23 - 1976-10-05 / east lansing, mi / silver dollar saloon
24 - 1975-12-20 / philadelphia, pa / bijou café (listen directly)
25 - 1976-03-27 / upper darby, pa / tower theatre / wmmr fm broadcast
26 - 1975-04-17 / new york / cbgb

download (we're gonna have) (a) real good time (together)
(mp3 / all scans included except for the tracklist for a lot of reasons / direct download)


R.I.N.O. an international compilation, featuring cull, gaop, meisterpiss, tada, sturclub, monopolka, and many other international sound artists in 2007

and i don't know most of these names, either. in 2007 the us-american roil noise offensive label asked the artists of the post-industrial community to send in one or two tracks for a coumpilation of post-industrial noise, and some of them did like i did. and this=here little cd is what we got in return, ten free copies for each track we sent in, as far as i remember. and though they even messed up the two tracks i sent them, it was a fair deal.
and i don't know most of these names, either. at least, i had never heard of any of these bands or groups or artists until i received my author's copies, but that was a situation not coumpletelay unknown to most of the artists contributing to coumpilations like this. but it was fun anyway, and everyboreday used to listen to their own contributions and then store the cd anniewhere in their collection and fourgitt about it for the next twenty years. at least that is what i did.

and i don't know most of these names, either. but theythemtheirs being featured on discogs might help you on your way into the abyss. the roil noise offensive label itsbeauttea=fullselves has=had longuebefore cut out annie infournation on this cd, and the internet archives do not know much more, though at least they hint and point to a review this cd had had (you will have to be had to have had been scrolled down a little bit) had on wonderful wooden reasons way back in 2007. and being featured on a blog called wonderful wooden reasons was all i ever wanted in my life; and if you don't know why it is called wonderful wooden reasons, you are reading the wrong blog, honey.
end two confuze you toretally: track 20 on/of the cd is credited to sturclub, though it is a siemers track called "emptyru", and track 21 is a track by the german postkraut unit sturclub (wenne voran, david dufour, uwe büchele and ralf siemers on all instruments) called "combs", that eye messed up and mixed out and missed off of some noise we recordered in 2004 ass far as i remember.

so here we gogo:

01 - android in motion vs. ghoul detail - prelude to misery v
02 - sausage mutants - without your meat
03 - cruel morning rigolleto (sic!) - say ahh!
04 - matrimonio - dirty sounds of clinton's body (listen directly)
05 - rover's - cert
06 - ctephin vs. elser - meteor lotus
07 - cull - cull
08 - xdugef vs. gdr - gounging out frank's third eye
09 - gaop - emmet
10 - meisterpiss - broken illusion (listen directly)
11 - metrostroi - ueksh peks
12 - metrostroi - ueksh treks
13 - tada - tes
14 - jake vida - desensitized
15 - opium farmer featuring ghoul detail and rabbit girls - hunting for pussy in a gay bar is a fools errand (listen directly)
16 - monopolka - no fender but cunt
17 - ru486 - object cursed floor mix
18 - rubbish vs. mejniak disztorzson - gay rambo
19 - rubbish vs. napalmed - skoriafier
20 - sturclub (siemers solo) - emptyru (listen directly)
21 - sturclub - combs
22 - three piece homecoming queen assembly set - glory glory armageddon (listen directly)
23 - warning broken machine vs. f.ampism - pink is last years black
24 - warning broken machine vs. lap dancer - funya funya ni naru
25 - xdugef vs. 3ro<|< - irritated brixton steppa

(mp3 / scans included / direct download)


this is the best of lesbian comedy the dontaskdonttell=usa could ever dare to "come" along with in 1997

so this is volume one, and if there ever was a volume two or even more will remain coumpletely un-no-certained a-sured foar eve-r, et cetera. this volume one of lesbian comedy was relealeased in the usa on the rising star records label in 1997 and obviouslay got nowhere (except for now=here): discogs at least is aware of rising star at least, but not of this peertakular record, and google has no notion at all. so ernieway, thi/she/re is the best you can get.

most of these tracks have been recorded in front of an inaugurated audience, so there is no irritating confrontation and only very few winkingly provocation of an underprepared public. and so this is some fun and no fun synchroraneously, okay.

and these are the artists involved:

and here they go=go!

01 - vickie shaw
02 - dos fallopia
03 - kate clinton
04 - dos fallopia
05 - georgia ragsdale 
06 - dos fallopia
07 - amy boyd (listen directly)
08 - dos fallopia (listen directly)
09 - karen williams
10 - sara cytron
11 - dos fallopia
12 - lacie harmon
13 - karen ripley
14 - dos fallopia (listen directly)
15 - lea delaria (listen directly)
16 - dos fallopia

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download) 


randy california singing in german, the suburban power-pop of the conditionz, and the contacts pondering about young girls and their boyfriends: three 7inchers for one hundred and twenty euro anyone?

one hundred and twenty euro; at least that's what the selfearorganized databankateers at discogs say; and now you can judge for beautiful sellfishs: randy california, the conditionz, and the contacts. please note: there is no .zip or .rar file at the bottom of the post: all the featured tracks can be listened to or can be downloaded instantly and directly without any annoying showstoppers; and if you need any of the pictures (and you'll need them, of course) you are asked to download them separatedlay onebuyworne.

soulet ustart with the contacts:

this little power pop gem was released in 1980 and seems to be the only release the contacts ever came off with. andy janik played the rhythm guitar and sang lead, marc ford played lead guitar and sang some backing vocals, andy park sat in on drums, and ian sandy handled the bass guitar. 

as far as i know all of themfour got lost in the process of growing old and left without a trace. meanwhile back on discogs this little 7incher changes hands for some fifty euro or more.

the contacts - young girls
the contacts - boyfriends


sickoundlay we're couming up with the first single of the carliforniaint conditionz released in 1983 in a cheap white cover with a big hole in it. morest of the vary few information about the early statues of this band can be found on discogs again where this little 7incher changes hands for some 70 euro for whatevereason, so i'm not gonna repeat it. i'm not gonna repeat it. i'm not gonna repeat it.

so listen:

the conditionz - she's so suburban
the conditionz - house divided


and thirstley you'll get randy california of spirit with a little 7incher you may find in the cutoutdustbin of your local record shop for some 20 cent or you may find it never at all paying his tribute to the german rockpalast audience in 1982; and you can all go sing a=long.

randy california - grosser herrscher
randy california - magic wand

...ain't that's it for now...


L.S. BEARFORCE - some german postkraut from 1983 featuring mani neumeier and edgar hofmann, plus some semi-rare faust tracks for your listening pleasure

L.S. BEARFORCE was a german postkrautheavymental supergroup (at least that's how they coined themselves) formed and disbanded in 1983, and leaving behind them only one great this=here longplayer.
L.S. BEARFORCE featured lotus schmidt (L.S. he=is!) on bass and tapes, mani neumeier on drums and percussion, edmund heimann on guitar and electronics, edgar hofmann on sax, flute and violin, and winfried beck on congas and drums. associated with the band and the recording of the album were german kraut legends like uli trepte, winfried schlögel, heike müller, julius schittenhelm, susanne thomas and ralf thomas in one way or an other.
their eponymous album was released in 1983 both as a picture lp and a white vinyl album in limited editions of 500 each; in 1999 the album was rereleased on white vinyl, omitting the liner notes lotus schmidt had provided for the first edition.

here we go:

01 - precussion
02 - unsung song (listen directly)
03 - dice dance
04 - punk tough (listen directly)

05 - stop!gap
06 - electronic intercourse

and here we go for the bonus tracks:

for your listening and cd-burning pleasure i added the semi-rare "untitled" cd from faust that was released as a limited edition of 1000 copies in 1996, featuring some early faust, some contemporary faust, and some future faust.

it's a lot of fun, sunshine baby:

07 (01) - not nearest by
08 (02) - komm mit (listen directly)
09 (03) - 70s event
10 (04) - sad skin two (listen directly)
11 (05) - expecting s. in love
12 (06) - fastened 60/60

and last bored not lost i added a short excerpt of the 1974 sessions that should have lead to the album faust v but never did. you may find the remains of these sessions somewhere on the internentwisewebb.

13 - untitled excerpt from the 1974 sessions for faust v

(mp3 / tons of scans and photos included / direct download)