the ghost of brian jones: what the german postpunkprotopsych youth did to the rolling stones in 1989

and most of you did not even know that compact discs really existered in 1989, but they did. this one compiles sixteen mostlerey german bands paying their tribute to the rolling stones. some of these bands are deeply rooted in the backwoods of kassel, and some of them sum of sam point out to bands like einstürzende neubauten or the 39 clocks. all in all it's a lot of fundome.
but, dear lamblourdes and lulladies, you can figure it all out on discogs if you want to; here is just the facts and the source and the trouth of it all; and this is what you'll get:

01 lolitas - i'm alright
02 lüde & die astros - no expectations
03 space cowboys - satisfaction
04 die haut - 2120 south michigan avenue (listen directly in your browser)
05 lords of the new church - route 66 (live)
06 motor weirdos - i'm free
07 invisible army - yesterday's papers
08 toxin - jumpin' jack flash (listen directly in your browser)
09 haunted henschel - paint it black (listen directly in your browser)
10 r. u. nuts - jigsaw puzzle
11 strangemen - no expectations
12 alexander hacke & claudius kielholz - sing this all together
13 the bates - as tears go by
14 blumen ohne duft - we love you
15 ghoul - last time
16 hot 'n' cold - complicated

and end just a short note remains to let you know that i have been in a band with zoran bihac of blumen ohne duft in 1984 called the pinkees; listen to our version of of psycho and try to find out more...

(mp3 / all scans included / direct downloard)


alan vega live in hamburg 1982: free form rockabilly free from rockabilly

and he was so much younger than you when you tried to dare to disscry the punk revolution in 1976 and he still had not tried to reach your age and to dearrange your generation when he "died" 78 years old and you nerver jigseesaw the bleak and the blank and the noginerratioum orff hiss neveermind. alan vega was-is numb one of the two off the threefiveight that definerrorgated the multitaskfourthmind from the tootonemind and the limitatering pin and the id-entity-frying pong from the multitude of multitudinesses. gored grieve, he can't be asshumed by asshouldes end he reassured ass whole toregit-rit off the fourforpunktimes.
i could not find any assured evidence of who wass live on stage wass him when he wass live in europe in 1982 amnd 1983; so we jasst refer to the band ass alan vega. discogs hass some obscure informtion about the live concerts he executed in these times, but the hamburg concert from the 28th of may 1982 seems to be forgotten. so i thought you might like to listen ass least to a second generation tape copy of the event:

01 - magdalena
02 - goodbye, baby
04 - je t'adore 
05 - ??? (bongobaby?)
06 - ??? (outlaw?)
07 - be bop a lulu (cropped on the tape)
08 - sexy
09 - ghost rider

these alan vega tracks of course are followed by four suicide tracks that have been published on this-here blog a long time ago and lateron app-eared asss part of the suicide live box set; but i could not bear the heart to show the tape without letting you hear it.

(mp3 / click left to listen, click right to download / don't forget to save the pictures)


the peter brötzmann quartet live in schorndorf on the 8th of september 2008; recorded by the stuttgart postfluxus artist albrecht/d. on a defective taperecorder

to brötz = to play any instrument the way peter brötzmann would do. there may be better versions of this concert available somewhere on the net, but this is what the german post-fluxus artist albrecht/d. (you can hear him him coughing all through the recording, if you know how he coughed) saved on a defective tape with a defective tape recorder standing rather close in front of the band nextnear to the bass amplifier and this is what we found in his inheritance and we thought you might like to hate it. so there.
these wretched sounds were recorded live in schorndorf in germany at the manufaktur better known as the hammerschlag on the eighth of september 2008; you will get to hear a 50-minutes-improvisation featuring peter brötzmann on saxophones, toshinori kondo on trumpet, paal nielsson-love on drums and massimo pupillo on bass. the sound is rather loud and weird, and so it's a lot of fun.

(mp3, click left to listen, click right to save)


contact high with metabolismus: the stuttgart lourdes of psychodelerick musings play the songs of the godz

good evening, we are the godz, and i hope it stops raining. no, seriouslay, you all know the godz, the real godz, the esp-godz, and i hope it stops raining. no, listen, there is that german band that loves the godz as much as yoodoo, right? those psychoredererelick guys from stuttgart doo right with the godz, and no boredy even cared, and that is what i love, and you know it. 
in 1994 the stuttgart drugdragdriggety queens metabolismus drove their love for the godz all too far and realized and released a cassettetape weith all their coverversions of the godz that they had recorded until then from 1985 on allthrough to 1994: contact high with metabolismuz was heavienly ignored by the public, as was most of their ouevreyourbox, but you kant ignore it annie furtheringale, bear leave me.
so listen to what you can see and see what you can you get: this is all too beautiful: bee deedee-arranged and endenerrraged with metabolismus and the godz, sylliablevoodooplay!

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


cover and hide: well hidden in the eighties: two anonymanious german bands unearthed for your pleasure: the dissidents play the residents: and tommi stumpff likes to stay incognito

something like nothing is known about the german dissidents: they released a very short tape in 1983 with their atrocious version of theresidentsplaythebeatles and donated some tracks to rather obscure collections of even more obscure german tape doers (kassettentäter; ha!) lateron in the eighties, and then they vanished like oxygen. tommi stumpff in contradistinction was rather popular as the singer of kfc in the late seventies, and lateron he became famous as the spearhead of german notsogothic avantgarde noise with albums like TERROR II and ULTRA.
so first of all we are going to listen to the dissidents, and that is the best thing you can do before you decide to pay some 30 euro for the original tape. 
the first track is an aleatoric decollage of some found sounds, and the second track is a slow motion version of yesterday that even the residents themselves would have hated. it is awfull all in all and wonderfull at all.
(mp3 / don't forget to save the pictures)


and now second of all we are going to be listening to the digital classics: in the worldweightwebs nothing at all can be found about pierre thomas or sebastian kent: but considering the fact that tommi stumpff's real name was thomas peters, and that the düsseldorf no time music was his publishing company in the late eighties, you can guess the rest. for once in my life (that must have been in the early nineties, as far as i remember) i knew who sebastian kent was, but i must admit that i forgot throughout the process of growing old. 
but at least as the last man standing and the first man on planet earth i may invite you to listen to the digital classics playing their versions of beethoven's fifth symphony and his albumblatt für elise. both versions are awful, of course, and that's exactly why i like them. so there.
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albrecht/d. playing his endless music long string installation accompanying a coum performance at the kiel regatta in 1975

all that glitters is not kunst: in 1974 and 1975 the london artist unit coum (genesis p-orridge, cosey funny tutti, sleazy,  john gunni busck [?] as technical director, and lelli maull as musical director, plus friends and relatives) invaded the continent: they executed performances in belgium, france, the netherlands, and germany, where they met the stuttgart postfluxus-artist albrecht/d. and became friends with him. the reflection press gallery in stuttgart exposed some of their works, they played together on many rather obscure occations, and lateron in 1975 and 1976 they lived together in a london flat and recorded and released the first three or four session tapes using the name throbbing gristle.
in june 1975 coum and albrecht/d. were commissioned to be part of the "spiellinie an der kiellinie" during the kiel regatta, an open space for artists, children, kraut rockers and hope heads: irritating, provoking and illurkiminating. at least genesis p-orridge took the chance to perform and act like an artist happening ass-a member of the new world (nobody knows if the other members of coum really happened and happenined in kiel), and albrecht/d. played his long string endless music goes zen bambus installation to accompany his actressitudes. 
in the heritage of albrecht/d. we found a tape (c120, two hours!) with some recordings of the event, eventually recorded on some occasions between the 21st an the 28th june of 1975. the long string experionces are scattered all throughout this tape featuring some steel bands and gypsy jazz elsewise. i performed some magic surgery to save at least some 22 fragments of the performances albrecht/d. executed, and nobody knows if crystal p-orridge was there performing the same time. butt anywhay: the music is absoulutelay annoying, and you will hate it, so that's okay.
so you'll get one hour of of unmediative long one string noise split up into 22 fragments; and may be coum were there when this happened, and may be they were not. 
as a bonus i include some twenty minute of the performance 'endless music goes zen' that albrecht/d. performed in berlin at the akademie der künste in the early spring of 1980. more of thisthat performance will follow; watch this-here blog for more information.

(mp3 / scans included / direct download)


sun ra live in stuttgart at jugendhaus mitte on the 19th of june 1984

gooooood. when i found this tape in the heritage of the stuttgart postfluxus artist albrecht/d. i instantly knew that you would want and need to hear it. in 1984 the stuttgart jugendhaus mitte (central youth centre) was closed to be re-built and re-constructed; as a substituting replacement a biglarge circus tent was set up on an empty ground/space/place rather close to the original venue, and this was the place the sun ra arkestra occupied on the 19th of june 1984 and every body who counted themselves as being a part of the stuttgart avantguarde was there: i saw most of the members of zimt, heute, frauenklinik, x-cezz, die mütter and no sports; i saw wendelion niedlich and buch-julius; and i saw albrecht/d. of course, who recorded the complete concert on one of his many portable tape recorders. and this is what you are going to hear right now: 90 minutes of sun ra live in stuttgart.
the wholy would wise web does not know all too much about this concert, but iat least i found a rather questionable tracklist somewhere in there. the order of the tracks seems to be correct, but they omitted some twenty minutes of free improvisation split over throughout inbetween the tracks. but nevermind; as a provisionaric framework the setlist is absolutely bearable and liveable. i split the 90-minutes-tape into two tracks with some 45 minutes each to leave the decision for the appropriate sound storage medium up to you.

set 1:
1. children of the sun
2. nuclear war
3. mack the knife
4. east of the sun
5. yeah man!
6. prelude to a kiss

set 2:
1. love in outer space
2. blue lou
3. if you come from nowhere here
4. space is the place
5. we travel the spaceways
6. second stop is jupiter
7. christopher columbus

(90 minutes, two long tracks, scans included, direct download)


john cage, robert schumann, john coltrane, francis poulenc, duke ellington, sergej prokofjew, dave frishberg, philipp jarnach, peter herbolzheimer and pjotr iljitsch tschaikowsky: die staatliche hochschule für musik und darstellende kunst stuttgart 2007

in 2007 the state college of music and the performing arts stuttgart celebrated 150 years of its own existence: die staatliche hochschule für musik und darstellende kunst stuttgart feierte 2007 die ersten 150 jahre ihres eigenen daseins: die diversen bands, combos, gruppen und orchester gaben je eins ihrer anschauungsstücke zum besten: john cage verwies schumann und tschaikowsky auf ihre plätze, peter herbolzheimer holte sich fleisspunkte von seinen vorgildern john coltrane und duke ellington: a weird bunte mixture, only available for friends and promoting sponsors of the state college. 
i found this all in a tumble collection of mostly rather weird interpretations in the stuttgart oxfam shop and i thought you might like to know but may be not to like it. anyway: es ist interessant für die zweidrei archäologen der stuttgarter musickszene, und es ist durchhörbar für den rest von euch versagern. und es ist selten rare blabla. mir egal. wir hören also folgendes so ungefähr; der rest ist den bildern und scans zu entnehmen: 

01 - robert schumann (schumann ist wie sex: völlig überschätzt!)
02 - sergej prokofjew (don't cry wolf; und wenn dann mit brian eno, whattsafnuck!)
03 - john cage (irgendwas mit walen: don't buy it for this one!)
04 - philipp jarnach (kann man googeln, muss man nicht)
05 - dave frishberg (egal!)
06 - peter herbolzheimer (der jazz-dirigent mit dem bart wird gemeinhin überschätzt: aber viele der späteren wirsindtrendsetter haben bei ihm gelernt: und so lahm klingen die denn auch: avantgarde war damals schon was anderes, gute güte!)
07 - duke ellington (ein gottesdienst ist immer auch die cheap imitation of god)
08 - john coltrane (siehe duke ellington)
09 - francis poulenc (issjetzauchnichsodermassenintersessant)
10 - francis poulenc (siehe farancis poulenc)
11 - pjotr iljitsch tschaikowsky (don't cry wolf! hahaha! killerwitz!)

insgesamt also unbeholfen und interessant; eine bereicherung seltsamster spezialsammlungen und trotzdem alles in all durchgehend anhörbar. das und meins muss ja auch niemand: go away! also: ihr wisst schon. es gibt schlimmeres. ladet euch das zeug runter!

(mp3 / 180 mb / all scans included / direct download)


when we were young: roxy music live in london 1972 and in bremen 1973

it was very late one summer night in 1972 when i first heard 'virginia plain' on radio luxembourg 208 metres medium wave, and it completely changed my life. finealley this was the aggregation of karlheinz stockhausen, the troggs, revolution #9, amon düül 2 and david bowie that i had dreamt of the whole summer long; and it arouse outoff the knowledge of all these components and was radically new and overwhelming the same time, the trancevaluation of all values. and no-one older than 25 could even imagine to halfways understand what was happening. so for the next four years my life was all hawkwind and faust, king crimson and kevin ayers and gong and velvet underground, and when punk broke loose in 1976 it was still roxy music who had started and invented it all; my life was saved by rock and roll and bryan eno; never mind the frying pun when you are the oven.
here you can hear how it all began: bryan ferry, brian eno, andy mackay, phil manzanera and paul thompson with a little help from graham simpson, rik kenton or john gustafson on bass captured live in session for the bbc 'sounds of the seventies' show in 1972 and 1973 and live on german tv at the radio bremen musikladen in 1973. some more information can be found on discogs; would you believe. (by the way: next door in my highdeeply recommanded blog bewegnungen i am shareing some roxy music live recordings that were broadcasted on german tv in 1973 and 1974; just take a look)

so listen to

01 - the bob
02 - would you believe
03 - sea breezes
04 - re-make / re-model
(4th of january 1972, sounds of the seventies)

05 - pyjamerama
06 - editions of you
(5th of march 1973, sounds of the seventies)
07 - virginia plain (the bob (reprise) on the cover)
08 - if there is something (secret song on the cover)
(18th of july 1972, sounds of the seventies)
09 - in every dream home a heartache
10 - do the strand
(musikladen, german tv, february 1973)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


slow entertainment: the stuttgart postfluxus artist albrecht/d. live in göppingen 1991 with steffen bremer and jochen zunker

slow entertainment was a working group that included the stuttgart postfluxus performance artist albrecht/d. on drums and selfmade instruments, mark-steffen bremer on saxophones and jochen zunker on bass. this line-up was the constant nucleus of an open concept for live sound actions from sometime-around 1989 up to albrecht's untimely death in 2013 and introduced on&andoffcollaborations with a lot of artists and musicians, including the likes of franz dreyer, carsten fänger, ben presto, reverend man manly, der mußikant, fognin, my beautiful self, kristjan klasinc, thomas renkenberger and many others.
while administering the estate of albrecht/d. a lot of tapes and videos came to see the light of daisies; hours on end of unreleased and coumpletely unknown performances were unearthed. little by little, step by step we will index and register these finds, and from time to time we will edit and publish some of the music and performances we found in this here blog, on youtube and vimeo, on the albrecht/d. homepage or whatever we find appropriate. 
today you can listen to the core slow entertainment group including as mentioned before jochen zunker, steffen bremer and albrecht/d. in a live performance in the now defunct kunstraum in göppingen, executed on the fifth of may 1991 during an exhibition of the works of kari bauer. you can hear the complete performance (64 minutes), seamless and without any corrections or overdubs as it was found on a dvd-copy of a lost dvd-master. additionally we uploaded a video of the first set (33 minutes) to vimeo and you may enjoy it right there.
we hope you will enjoy the show: please note: as we decided not to include a .rar- or .zip-file you can listen to the 64-minutes-performance directly, but if you want to keep the pictures you must download them separately. so sit back and let the evening go-go!

(these flyers, as you will have noticed, are not part of the göppingen performance and are included only for your information and some further research)