popol vuh / florian fricke spielt plays mozart / plus some more

popol vuh always were strictly second class of kraut with a few slip-ups touching down the premier league. i always loved them, but my collection of their works only grew up by chance, not by intention. but as their first two albums were absolutely outstanding and as florian fricke was a member of the zeit- and phallus dei-posses that valuation was very much my own fault. they were kosmische musik as hell and i am feeling awful for underestimating them all throughout those years. the wonderful website that dolf mulder runs in the netherlands humiliated my lame opinions quite a lot.
in 1991 florian fricke decided it was about time to pay tribute to one of the ancestors of the dinky-cute aspects of german cosmic music. he recorded an album of rather straight mozart compositions, very digital and with a loving distance. this was irritating, and i never got to love these tracks. burt, anyway, i thought you might like to hear what he did to mozart; and as this album changes hands for some 40 or 50 euro on discogs i thought you might also like to hear what you will get when you are going to spend such a lot of money.
there is a lot of fricke music rather close to my heart, but this one is not, unfortunately. i would like you to listen to it and decide for your selves.
for your listening pleasure i added some semirare popol vuh tracks that might outweigh mister fricke's rather unemotionatival inerreterprations of mozart: you will get three mixes of city raga they released in 1994 as a maxi-cd, their 1971 version of bettina live at the german beat-club that turned up on a tangerine dream bootleg, and a short excerpt of a 1975 live concert in milano.
so this is what you get:

florian fricke spielt plays mozart:

sonate c-dur kv 330
01 - allegro moderato
02 - andante cantabile
03 - allegreto

04 - rondo f-dur kv 494
05 - adagio h-moll kv 570

sonate b-dur kv 570
06 - allegro
07 - adagio
08 - allegretto

09 - city raga (inside joy radio mix) 1994
10 - city raga (inside joy mix)
11 - city raga (mystic house mix)

12 - bettina (beat-club 1971)
13 - improvisation (1975, live in mailand)

so there.

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grateful dead / the aoaxomoxoa outtakes / yes, that's right: aoaxomoxoa

everybody is doing the grateful dead and they love it: they love to be bootlegged, so why don't you? i won't keep you hanging on: so i do. here is my 49 cents of barbed wire, my delayered fuelhateboredlake: the aoaxomoxoa outtakes as the italian bootgrabbers coined it; not the aoxomoxoa outtakes as you might know them; just look at the cover, horneydeer!
so this is just what it says or literally doesn't: outtakes from the aoxomoxa sessions plus some demo tracks et cetera: i have not the slightest idea if any of this is true: i'm not a deadhead at all, i just love them, but i can't recite the content of their bootlegs at all. i love this one because the bootleggers got the name of their most famous records wrong and because discogs doesn't list or mention it at all and because anyway.
anyway, amazon is offering this record for 250 dollar, and on ebay you may find it for something like 100 dollar. of course you might care for the misprint, but here is your chance to listen to what you will get for the money you like to spend. up to you, up yours!

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arch duo / derek bailey and evan parker / live in california on the 17th of october 1980

and yes, it is exactly what it says in the headline: derek bailey on electric and acoustic guitars and evan parker on tenor and soprano saxophones, live on the 17th of october in 1980 at 1750 arch street in berkeley, caliphonia, usa. a very fine example of european free improvisation for your pleasure.
this wonderful cd has been released by the evan more wonderful rastascan records label in 1999 and has rightly been sold out ever since. i would like to advise you to buy all the records rastascan released, as i did, before they fade out and sink away and vanish in the deeper black in the space between the stars. go ahead and grab what ever you can afford!
do i really have to deadicate these recordings to the adepted and can anyone uninitiated really understand what you are going to be listening to? no.

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albrecht/d. und die abartigen sprechen einen text von hans neuendorf / etwa 1973 / vostell, kaprow, paik, toche, hendricks, sarée and albrecht/d.

the german word abartig refers to entartet and to art of course refering to entartete kunst refering to auschwitz. the stuttgart post-fluxus artist albrecht/d. cited a quote hans neuendorf used in an article about german avantgarde art and especially about wolf vostell and turned it into art.  hans neuendorf was a german (probadly hamburg) art dealer who in 1973 said some bizarre things about art and german artists. one of his sentences was read, recited or performed by kaprow, paik, vostell, hendricks, toche, sarée and albrecht/d. - the very raw reworkings were released on the tape/cassette "die abartigen" as reflection press # 25.
and this is what herr neuendorf said:
"zu diesem zweck hat sich eine abart von künstlern herausgebildet, die nur noch den medien dient. zum beispiel vostell. er gibt ständig pressekonferenzen, oder er gibt 'erklärungen' ab, aber eine künstlerische leistung liegt nicht vor." - "for this purpose (something like art as spectaculum and sensation... rvd) a de-generation of artists has formed itself to only serve the media. vostell as an example. he is always found in press-conferences or he is providing some declaration: but no artistic work is done (no artistic achievement is on hand)." (a very rough late-night translation)

die beteiligten abartigen künstler haben den text zumeist per telelefon performiert: die klangqualität ist durchaus entsprechend. most of the the kinky/abnormal artists involved were performing directly through their telephone and it sounds just like. paik is calling the operator to ask for vostell's telephone number in manhattan without success and so he continues listening to the radio. albrecht/d. as well added some sounds to his performance but the others did interestingly exactly what they were supposed to do. well.

what we do is secret:

01 - tele(fon/phone)
02 - drums?
03 - allan kaprow
04 - albrecht/d. am telefon
05 - günter sarée
06 - wolf vostell
07 - albrecht/d. with strings
08 - nam june paik
09 - jon hendricks / jean toche

all tracks can be listened to or downloaded individually. and then there is a rar-file to make things easier.


don camillo und die schildbürger / punk-inspired slum-poetry noise / germany 1981 / rareallyveryrare

one of the most rare or even most rarest german diy-punk-records of the early eighties, a white-label 7"-vinyl-record in a rankxeroxed handfolded cover: don camillo und die schildbürger dissplaying einmal ist keinmal. this is mike just in 1981 deconstructing his very own noise long before he became the head of schrott or starving missile, his labels that released hundreds of records by the likes of der künftige musikant or the dead kennedys. 
einmal ist keinmal is pure/itanely mike just, his voice, his radio and his tape machine; the record was released in edition of 200 copies in 1981 and is long gone since and almost impossible to find, though you may buy it on discogs for 251,67 euro or about 251,67 dollar. but before you do so, please take the opportunity to listen to it right here and take your chance to ask mike if he has got a spare copy in his archives.
side a of the record has all the music, six or eight tracks in total, and side b is a blank groove that i added for your pleasure anyway. so here is nine and a half minutes of a 1981 postpunkraut-expearamint that you can't enjoy.

(mp3 / download or listen directly / don't forget to save the pictures)


my baby does good sculptures: a cd compilation that came free with the us-magazine bananafish #12 in 1997: featuring the nihilist spasm band, iancu dumitrescu, crank sturgeon, justice yeldham and some more

tonight i needed noise: harsh noise, tender noise, reluctant noise, obtrusive noise, unamenable noise, noisenoisenoise. so there we go. this cd coumpilation came free with the us-magazine bananafish #12 in 1997, being out of print by the time being and featured some very fine noise execusions by the climax golden twins, the nihilist spasm band, justice yeldham and the dynamic ribbon device, (in spite of flaming creatures) and deepkiss, monde bruits, stilluppsteypa, iancu dumitrescu, sufi mind game, witcyst, crank sturgeon, mike boner, and neil hamburger as neil hamburger in neil hamburger.
the discogs entry for this record is giving you a very good starting point for exploring and extrapoolatering the lifes and thymes of the featured artists, but i would like to add two additional complements to illuminate some aspects of the sprawling roots and traces of the rhizomatick excrescencering context concierning this very special art of noise.
in 2003 the belgian RRs.R label released a three-split-cd-r featuring crank sturgeon, ripit from france and yours truelie siemers from hell-yes-twotonia. it was cheap, it was easy, so we did it. you can download free with an elephant right here on this-here blog for free.
on the 20th of october 2009 justice yeldham executed one of his ensanguineesing performances in stuttgart in front of an audience of five or six people late at night. it was very loud and very lovely. the evening started with a 20-minute-session of the metapostkraut band sturclub featuring once again yours trowley, wenne, some members of the audience, reverend man manly and lucas abela better known as justice yeldham in an im/in/promptoo situation. the results of that evening can be seen and heard next door on my blog bewegnungen.

brut back to the noise you can find in here: you can find it in here.

download bananafish #12
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falstaff from chicagoillinoise: post-experimental postpost-punk, handcrafted in 1994

i found this cd in a stuttgart junk shop for some 50 cent and i loved it without having heard a single note: the cover is a rubberstamped beer coaster with the name of the band on one side and the tracklist on the other. no additional information is given, except for the fact that the cd was released by specimen products in chicago, though on their current website they don't give a clue or a damn. 
the name of the band of course is falstaff (that's why they are using a beer mat as a cover) and according to discogs it was recorded and released in 1994 by ian schneller (guitar, vocals), mitch straeffer (bass, vocals) and tom jurek on drums. and once again according to discogs this cd is 'long out-of-print and near impossible to find'; so there you go.
and as the headline betokens, the music is some post-experimental, postpost-punk, postpostpost-country illinoise, very relaxed deadheads on canned beer who hEaRd it all and are appsoulutely not in need to prove annythink, my i-deer lumploads. so just addventure counterinsunkoumeley allonegh wirth there plumderrick sounderings.

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albrecht/d. and angelika schmidt: music for the nirvana live 1979 (german postpunkpostfluxus endlessimprov)

später fragen: punk in germany never happened: punk in stuttgart never happened again: in 1979 the postfluxus-endlessviolence-nirvana artist albrecht/d. was one of the elder gods of the suttgart unpunk-happening happening: no noise was harsh enough to match (!) our disconzentrationsfeeling waybackzen: and albrecht/d. laughed his belly away: we were naive: he was not: but he was: and all the fun we had was no fun but funny. stuttgart was our centre of the universe (viva!) and it all happened in spurs: the leoblooming of the kehrwoche became aloud and athrobbing: and we didn't care: too much: and that was that was these were these times when i first met him: hanging out withe punks teaching them to really change and revolt all the(ir) values they had as they said: sad the punks didn't obeye but obeyed emperioialyzing softer drinkaways of the brainwashing class class unright untill knows whattsuppsoever: the resistatanz did not react (i-o-n) with all its power completely subconsciously violently and that was right and that was wrong: i love simple confclusions: destroy! und gleich wieder aufräumen! aber so simpel war es nicht und die widersprüche harren ihrer erlösung bis heute. egal: albrecht/d. war nicht so simpel zu lösen; immerhin war er unerträglich.
doch zurück zum thema back to the puported pondnoage: albrecht/d. hat aus den alten widersprüchlichkeiten kommend die neuen widersprüchlichkeiten als auswüchse der alten widersprüchlichkeiten analysiert und ganz neue elder-gods-widersprüchlichkeiten ohne die bei den in den widersprüchlichkeiten verhafteten vorhandenen restriktionen mit hirnblick auf vergangene und gelöste widersprüchlichkeiten aufgelöst hin zu hirn zu neuen widersprüchlichkeiten die 1979 schmerzen erzeugten und die heute noch schmerzen erzeugen erzeugt: der schmerz ist die unauflösbarkeit wider besseres wissen. so simpel ist das.
and the dissolving defibration of the disconception ist der bewaffnete arm der experimentellen musik: loud in opposition zu laut, und laut im gegensatz zu LOUD! vierzehn ways to leave your hunterbewusstsein, keulenmensch! das ist das ist das ist kein kunsteingriffsbeobachtungszeitraum: das ist kunst an sich, als unverständlich in der nähe von kunst und kunstbegrifflichkeiten. das! ist! es!
angelika schmidt hingegen ist (weil die kundstwelt ein arschloch ist!) seltener wahrnehmbar: warum das so ist und warum das falsch und eurer wahrnehmung von kunst entsprechend ist: das müsst ihr euch könnt ihr euch selber erklären. vielleicht hättet ihr ihr werk gefolgt haben können wenn ihr ihr werk hättet gekannt haben können und es ist euer problem und es ist ein wenig wenig nicht euer problem dass ihr ihr werk nur hier als andeutung kennt: die kunstwelkt ist ein idiot die kunstwelt ist ein ein idiot und die kunstwelt folgt führern: führer vereinfachen das einfache and the führer makes it easy to follow the führer: butt is it really so simple? the answer in this case is: yes. you all forgot or ignored angelika schmidt because the artartartworld did not know and forgot to tell her about her: but is it really so simple? the answer in this case is: yes. and yes again. you are too blame and i am to blaame. but never the mind. (ha-haa! ha-haa!-hahaa!)
tough: and though this seems complicated it is: what we got in mind is this: angelika schmidt and albrecht/d. executed an improvised and conceptually analyzed condiscert on the 20th of april 1979 somewhere in this world goethe knows where (london, that is): these recordings originally were released on a very limited edition of recordable compact discs in 2004 (questionably?) (on the now defunct break-the-line! Label as BTL 018) and have vanished, gone missing and cleared away ever since. now you can listen again for the first time; but you won't. (noone is no one)

download albrecht/d. and angelika schmidt: live on the 20th of april 1979


the andy warhol museum: the sounds of john giorno, edie sedgwick, man ray, mick jagger, the velvet underground and andy warhol

the book 'the andy warhol museum' was released in 1994 by the stuttgart publishing company hatje cantz to force and accompany the opening of the andy warhol museum in pittsburgh. besides some information on the architecture and the contents and the intentions of the museum, the book is heavenily featuring a cd with some words and sounds and noise herr warhol and his companions have produced throughout the years from 1965 to 1985. the narrator john giorno will lead you through the programme and is present in every second of these tracks; you will get to know what that means.
there are some instantaural snapshots by monsieur warhol himself, off course, by mick jagger, edie sedgwick, man ray, sam green, holly woodlawn, the velvet underground and many others. it is a lot of fun to listen to these sketches of fame, but listening to the 200+ pages of the book is even more fun. so go out and buy the book, if you can.

(mp3 / scans included / direct download)


iggy pop / live in detroit on the 26th of september 1980 / lust for life

in 1980 the iggy pop band included glen matlock on bass (sex pistols, rich kids), ivan kral on guitar and keyboards (patti smith, genya ravan) and klaus krüger on drums (tangerine dream, angelika maisch, frieder butzmann), with help from barry andrews and steve new; so on the paper this sounds like a great band, but live their music was under-rehearsed and smeared up with slimy keybored sounds. and yes, you guess, they were appsoulately great. 
what you are going to be listening to is a live concert they executed in detroit at the bookie's club 870 on the 26th of september in 1980: some tracks from the album soldier, some looney stooges tunes and some fun. the album was a half-official release on the luxembourg flashback label in 1991 and seems to be rather rare these days. so, there.

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