hugh hopper / 1984 miniplusluv / the expanded japanese version expanded / and don't the kids just hate it??!!

by the turn of the years 1972 and 1973 the last album hugh hopper recorded with soft machine was 'SIX'. of course. the only composition he adjoined the band with was '1983', a long loop improvisation that layered the basis for his humongous huge work '1984' that he recorded in 1972 with some of his friends and that was released in 1973 after all. in 2007 '1984' saw a rerelease in japan with some bonus tracks: alternative versions that were unheard before and nobody knows where they got them from. and for your listening pleasure i added an alternate alternate version of 'minipax I' and a version of '1983' that hugh hopper recorded with the 'new' soft machine in hamburg in 1973.
okay. some of these sound have been created by hugh hopper and his bass guitar and some looops he prepared and arranged, and some of these sounds have been created by a 'band' built up in various combinations and co-figuration: hugh hopper on bass played halfways spontaneaous instant compositions with john marshall (drums), lol coxhill (sopransax), pye hastings (guitar), gary windo (tenorsax), and malcolm griffiths and nick evans on trombones. (please note the oxford comma!)
the original album was released in 1973 with tracks 01 to 06. track 07 was a bonus track added to the first cd release of the album, tracks 08 to 13 came out with the japanese version of the cuneiform cd in 2007. track 14 is an alternate version of the alternate version of 'minipax I' that was released on the gary windo compilation 'his master's bones' in 1996 and track 15 was recorded live in hamburg in 1973 with hugh hopper on bass and prepared tape loops, john marshall on drums, karl jenkins on keyboards and woodwinds and mike ratledge on keyboards. 
most of you of course will know most or all of the tracks, but this is a compilation i tinkered for my own listening pleasure, it clocks in at 79 minutes and a half, and i thought it could be fun to share it with you.

download 1984 miniplusplus


jefferson airplane / the rehearsal disc / live at winterland 1967

this is funny: i always thought that everybody knows and owns this record, but today i found out it is rather rare. jefferson airplane live in a rehearsal jam at the winterland in 1967, one long seamless track capturing the band in exactly what the title says, a rehearsal situation, fragments and free flight.
in 1967 jefferson airplane of course were grace slick (vocals), marty balin (guitar and vocals), paul kantner (guitar and vocals), jorma kaukonen (guitar and vocals), jack casady on bass and spencer dryden on drums, though i can not tell if they were all present at these rehearsal jams.
this cd probably was released in 1988 on the luxembourg document label as DR 020 CD and is missing in their discography on discogs, fuck yeah! the recordings are mentioned on the jefferson airplane discussion board and at guitars101, but the cover can be found here for the first time ever; except for an obscure page on amazon, that is.

so this is what you get: a 45 minutes track including rehearsal versions of
  • it's allright
  • won't you try / saturday afternoon
  • jam
  • won't you try
  • jam
  • martha 
gopher it!
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


kraut angst yeti / amon düül II / angel dust / live in berlin 1972

there is a lot of amon düül II recordings gathering (dust) somewhere around the web and if you look close enough you will find these-here somewhere else as well; but this is my copy of that particular cd and i thought you might like to hear it: amon düül II live on whitsunday the 20th of may 1972 at the berlin sportpalast.
amon düül II in these times most probably were renate knaupp (henriette krötenschwanz) on vocals and percussion, chris karrer (guitars, violin, vocals), john weinzierl (guitars), lothar meid (bass and vocals), falk uwe rogner (synthesizer, mellowtrone and other keyboards) and peter leopold on drums; the organ, though, sometimes sounds as if karl-heinz hausmann was on stage, too.
it is a lot of fun (though the recording quality is rather lo-fi) to hear them stumble and fall through their regular setlist fighting with the stolen or lent public address system and to hear them succeed and overpower everything that had bean heard before. yeah. the editors of this-here cd muddled and messed up the tracks, but that doesn't mince or matter: what you get is something like this:

01 - archangels thunderbird
02 - soap shop rock
03 - improvisation
04 - syntelman's march of the roaring seventies
05 - zugabe

please enyoy and download:

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

(and for more music of amon düül and amon düül II please follow the label/tag on the right/ride sight/side of this-here blog, come on!)


hawkwind live in space 1990 / 30 minutes of sheer sonic attack / released on stampa alternativa in italy 1991

these recordings were released on a free cd accompanying the book "hawkwind - the never ending story of the psychedelic warlords" that came out in italy in 1991 and is now almost 25 years later rather hard to find. the book contained a short history of hawkwind, some of their lyrics transferlated to the italian language, an abbreviated version of their family tree, some photos and graphical reminders and a very short and not all too elaborated discography. i bought the book for the cd, of course.
the cd contains only one file, 30 minutes long, with six tracks played seamlessly. there is no hint where and when it was recorded (somewhere somehow in 1990, of course), but most likely discogs seems to be right: you will hear dave brock (aka dr. technical), alan davey, richard chadwick, harvey bainbridge and the wonderful bridget wishart on vocals, the bridgehead to the sound of amon düül 2 as far out as my ears can go. i really love this very special line-up of hawkwind and i especially love the song 'images', all five versions i own on repeat 24 hours a day.
so here we go:

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


jean-jacques burnel / euroman cometh / the experimental 1979 album / plus a 35 minutes live recording from 1979 / the eutopia that never happened / but should have for the sake of us all / deutschland nicht über alles!

in 1979 jean-jacques burnel realeased this wounderful gruntbreaking album: a cordialistick vision of an unbordered and friendly europe, surmounting and negotiating the concept of narrowminded nations, open for every body and still laughing about preponderancejackulation. the picayunish punks of course stood by to hail to an other stranglers album and all they got was a slow moving slow mourning slowowowly melting cup kap of punk (and punk the fuck is not not not punkrock!) in a nevermind.
"warum waren soviele deutsche frauen baader meinhof mitglieder?" fuckyeah exploiting the verying differentering aspects of the lyrics is coumpleteley asshole underless you lived and survived the europe/ean tseffenties and i did four fives sax. the textes are layers own layers own layers and always different and always the same semen.
moist of the amusick was built by jean-jacques burnel himself; on the live-tracks he was supperorted by john ellis on guitars, peter howells on drums and the wonderful penny tobin on keyboards. all this is the stranglers, but you were not.

(mp3 / more scans included / direct download)


yoko ono no chance operation on a john cage tribute and some more re: yoko ono

in 1993 yoko ono was invited to add some noise to a john cage tribute sampler and she did, of course. the john cage tribute 'a chance operation' included 20 exclusive minutes of sounds yoko ono had recorded and produced in 1986 and 1987.

these those sounds are included here in two very different versions: you will get to hear her contributions split into 29 very short tracks to fit into the randomrepeat-concept of the double cd released on schwann in 1993 and the complete version as one track for your listening pleasure. i recommand to set these files on random and repeat!
and there is some more, of course: some rare yoko ono sounds that have been scattered and screwn aroundabout all over some plastic lennonono band records all throughout the years. so here we are:

01 - intro (toilet peace telephone peace unidentified noise)
02 - her blues (1968-12-11: ivory gitlis on violin, john lennon on guitar, eric clapton on guitar, keith richards on bass, mitch mitchell on drums; bootleg version)
03 - revolution session 1968
04 - peace message 1969
05 - midsummer new york, live 1972
06 - georgia stone, complete version: recorded and produced by yoko ono in 1986, 1987 and 1993 with rob stevens, wes naprstok and gary clugston.
07 - as time goes by, 1969 radio impromptu
08 - revolution session 1968
09 - sakura (live on us tv february 1972)
10 - revolution session 1968
11 - montreal 1969: bed peace: if i get shot
12 - her blues (1968-12-11: ivory gitlis on violin, john lennon on guitar, eric clapton on guitar, keith richards on bass, mitch mitchell on drums; official version)
13 - revolution session 1968
14 - one to one radio spot outtake 1972
15 - revolution session 1968
16 - touch me (from the alternate toronto bootleg)
17 - radio peace 1969
18 - revolution session 1968
19 - 47 georgia stone, split version: recorded and produced by yoko ono in 1986, 1987 and 1993 with rob stevens, wes naprstok and gary clugston

(mp3 / direct download)


der favorit / germany 1981 / pope john paul II / mark chung just before he joined einstürzende neubauten

this is mostly what the headline says: der favorit was a german not-all-too-harsh-noise unit in 1981 that for these-here recordings featured mark chung on bass and karel wojtyla aka the pope on vocals. the drummer axel dill had been part of blender, a bremen/hamburg punk band, and bodo dretzke was later on better known as the photographer for the covers of some records by ideal, zatopek and the lassie singers. mark chung, of course, played the bass for abwärts and einstürzende neubauten.
die bundesrepublik deutschland was the federal republic of germany, eight years before the german reunification. mostly harmless, as you might remember.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)


RLW aka ralf wehowsky aka eaRLy W / four exclusive tracks commissioned and submitted for the KLÄNG-compilations in 2000 / very hard to find, one of these tracks is released here for the first time ever / experiments in noise and (t)error

in 1999 i asked RLW aka ralf wehowsky aka eaRLy W to contribute some unreleased sounds to KLÄNG, a short lived series of compilations featuring rarely heard music from all over the world. in march 2000 he sent in four short tracks and encouraged me to release them in any way that i wanted to. for KLÄNG #2 and #3 i used three of his tracks, the fourth (digital errors 91027) remained unreleased until now.

in march 2000 ralf sent in an unlabelled cd-r with a handwritten cover, the accompanying letter was printed on telefax paper and has become almost unreadable throughout the years, some catchwords and some padding creating some metatextual newsense and in/no/sense, the kind of sin/is/there that we both like a lot.
this is what you want, this is what you get:

01 - eaRLy W - Nachtgebet (1980)
02 - RLW - Digital Errors 91027 (1991)
03 - RLW - Digital Errors 94019 (1994)
04 - RLW - Schöner # 3 (1999)

(please note that i desisted from radically using only small letters, as you might be used to in this-here blog, in favour of providing an insight into the original source)
(320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)


flipper live at cbgb's on the 14th of may 1983: almost an hour of raw mayhem endearing punk if you still may chole orrrr alckocall it punk.

it's a noise meditation: 54 minutes of cathartic catharrhailious punk: live, annalisiated, maelesteemed, brouhtgentitied: flipper live at the cbgb's on the fourteenth of may 1983. live, unreheared and unrehearsed, with the audience interpositioning to the performance: a wall whale wail of sound. and you cunt bye the cd at the flipperstorewaytoheaven!
flipper in these days of corpse were bruce loose (bass/vocals), steve depace (drums), steve demartis (bass/guitars) and ted falconi on guitars and feedback. for their 1983 concerts flipper were known as 'billy sacrifice and the little italians' and they served pizza and espresso on the event. the audience was prompted to join in the event and hell they did.
meanwhile this cd is offered at ridicilousily high prices on discogs and amazon, so i thought it would ounly bee fayre to let you hear what you might want to be going to buy, aren't we?
fuck yeah, let's go!

(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)


1969 deutschland: aschaffenburg: the people: the difference between folk and volk is that we got brains: and we're gonna use them!

the people: what a bloody bescheuerter name und was für ein genialer name im nachhinein (nicht im hinblick auf die internet-suchmaschinen: wie ihr wisst war ich 1980 in einer band namens 'attraktiv und preiswert' und es ist die hölle danach zu googeln!) the people the folk das volk die bevölkerung: zerrissen uneindeutlich in widersprüchen: the people.
the people from aschaffenburg were bernd heyder, angelika find and frank eberhardt, all three of them singing, playing guitars and soundeffecting some very (not: rather) soundeffects. this 1969 recording does not sound all too far from current 93 and the folk (!) who came out to imitate their music.

and when i thought nobody would know anything about the people: along came the german rock pages and turned my head on backwards: all and everything you should might want and get to know about the people had been collected in there. and butt heyhey that's me: they know that this single had been released on the fifteenth of february 1969, but they ain't got no picture of it but i have!!!! fuck, yeah, so listen to it!

the people / aschaffenburg  / germany 1969

01 - the ballad of springhill
03 - walk me (morning dew)

(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included /direct download)