classical punk! the london punkharmonic orchestra playing punk classics: pretty vacant, white riot, teenage kicks, hersham boys, sheena is a punk rocker and whatever you love to singalong with!

yeah, that's it. punk classix to be enjoyced themselfishs on an idleastick sundaisy arfarfternoon; hearwegoal! the london punkharmonic orkestra ripped them all orff in 1995; twenty years after all they were dead and gone: the buzzcocks, the sex pistols, the only ones, the damned, the stranglers and all the others, extcepteraring alternative t'television, blondie, the lurkers, wire, the germs and some more; but you can't fnord them all in one place the same time with the same concept, can you?
hornyway, honey. the corencept iss juist wot it says: songs you owl know ant ken sink-a-long with playgued for pair-rents and grainchilderen: poe and go, my litter follovers!
and eye murst say its funfunfun auf der autobahn; and fouryour pleasure i addit twotracks that jonathan king realized in 1977 undread the assname ass elizabeth; satts track 19 chorelled 'god save the sex pistols' ant trace 20 is 'silver story' buy elizabeth; and they booze fit in as whell. and thats itfoulnow andiscocks.

(allmp3, scanz inclouded, direct donlord)

listen to the best sunk in the wood, listen2 'anyother grrrl, anoza playnet' diröctly in your braunsir; you weisswurst how it goose, donnert you!! orrr lissen to the stranglerettes and the dread kennedys simultaneaousley (ger-man vers-ion) foreign instandtly satorisfying satori.


kickbit information / bitkicks / hi_nrg kraut improvisation 1975

this was a bloody hippie attitude with a punk impact, very loud, untoward and absolutely improperly: these kraut-hooligans occupied an old schoolhouse in the backwoods of northwestgermany (though they paid the rent dead on time) rather close to where i was living back in those days in 1975, and i saw them twice when i was seventeen. their music fit perfectly with all the other strange music we were listening to, like gong, soft machine, kevin ayers, NEU! and the new york dolls.
kickbit information were uli trepte (ex-guru-guru), carsten bohn (ex-frumpy), willi pape (ex-thirsty-moon) with otto richter and fritz hegi, who came from nowhere and went straight back there. in this old schoolhouse in graue near asendorf they lived together like proto-hippies and they beat out some loud i-don't-care-noise like proto-punks; they were oh so wonderful and they couldn't even care less.
they recorded these three tracks (and as far as we know these recordings are the only recordings that have survived) on the 22nd of february in 1975 in their rehearsal room in graue. and only a few weeks later and then again on friday the 13th of june i saw them playing in the federal state theatre in verden/aller, in a crowd that included all the northwestgerman avantgarde kids who later on were seen in bands like kastrierte philosophen, headbangers, liquidipur, zimt and the 39 clocks. yes, they we were all there in 1975.
so there. three tracks, 52 minutes, that is all that survived. and it is great. go!
(by the way: you can find some additional information on discogs; and i added all of my scans to their library, of course)

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the flamin' groovies (featuring chris wilson) / a collection of rare demos and live recordings / released in 1993

and this is exactly what it says; a collection of rare demos and live recordings by one of the best - if not THE BEST - rock and roll bands in the world, the flamin' groovies; licenced from and fully approved and wisely annotated by chris wilson; eighteen tracks of pure and raw power, released in the usa in 1993 and raising a new mod riot right now. start!
this is what you want, and this what you get:

01 - house of blue light
02 - i'm a lover not a fighter
03 - please please girl (listen directly)
04 - i wanna be your man
05 - don't lie to me
(live in los angeles at the roxy, 1976)

06 - under my thumb
(live in london at the roundhouse, 1976)

07 - sweet little 16
(live in paris at the olympia, 1975)

08 - let me rock
09 - dog meat (dog meal on the cover)
10 - sweet little rock and roller
11 - jumpin' jack flash
12 - blues for phillys (listen directly)
(rehearsal room in san francisco, 1971)

13 - roll over beethoven
(french tv, 1972)

14 - between the lines
(live in san francisco, 1979)

15 - dizzy miss lizzy
16 - day tripper
17 - river deep mountain high
18 - from me to you
 (live at the berlin sportpalast, 1980)

so so so so so so great! the sharpenest heart reaping sound around, no noise attached, just rogue and rawk and reddy. be the in-crowd and listen to chris wilson (vocals and guitar on all trcks), cyril jordan (guitar and vocals on all tracks), dave 'george' alexander (bass and vocals on all tracks), david wright (drums on 1-7 and 13-18), danny mihm (drums on 8-12), tim lynch (guitar 8-12), mike wilhelm (guitar 14-18) and james ferrell (guitar 1-7 and 13); and yes, it's mike wilhelm, yes.

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chris spedding, mike batt und michael kunze: the deutsche wombles 1974

and now for something completely different: is it all fools' day yet? (nobody expected the wombles, but here they are!)

die wombles sind im kommen!
( leftclick to listen; don't forget to save the pictures)


requiem / a lost kraut obscurity / an undermoulderated overestimafittation released in1978

no, nothing: the punks don't know nothing, the krauts don't know nothing, and discogs don't know nothing, and we all don't bloody care. recorded in bad homburg in 1978 this latelaid kraut-gem does not show up anywhere on the net or else. these five longhaired young people must have been totally immune to the up and coming punk experimentations that happened nearby the same year; their music collapses rather close to an overestimation of their own capability of being more than able to being able to impersonate an impersonification of amon düül 2 dead ahead. they are shipwrecking in a very obscure lane of shipwreckers and it's all too beautiful.
the lolly pope and i always loved this record and had it an the shortlist for our kraut and prae-kraut compilations (they can be found in this-here blog by following the tags) for years, but we or they never really made it. by the way, the lolly pope added a short note to this record:
four know pertercular reamsound nor rhyne you may lisssen to this longlocustlittle idgem right now, bothides served ass one, and if you lie kid, don't forget to safe the pictures as they are here. lalala, go!

(click left, click right, you know it, don't you!)



trümmerfrauen / berlin 1982 / all girl independetritus apophysical p(r)unk

besides an mc in an edition of 40 copies this 7''-record is the only relic of the berlin all girl postdiypunk band trümmerfrauen, released on the rather famous zensor label in 1982. as it changes hands for a rather high price on discogs i thought you would like to hear what you are going to spend your money on.
almost nothing is known about the whereandwhenabouts of the artists involved, they all seem to have vanished in the haze. the music is simple and simply wonderful, a stomping dilletantastic noise with pink and black flashes, the singer is wonderful in the all too few moments she is not artificially affected in a completely excruciating emphasis. so at least four out of nine minutes are great, the rest should be heard as a contemporary witness of the underestimation of one's own capabilities and the assimilation of rather boring anglo-american post-punk. so they are good when they are searching for their own kind of art-iculation, and they are excruciating when they try to out-banshee the banshees. 
their dilletantioism unfourtunately did not end as an in itself, and so their aiming and even shooting at higher grounds failed and shipwrecked in the dogyard. as they remind me a lot of the stuttgart all girl band frauenklinik i must say the stuttgart version of dilletantism collapsed on a plateaux way beyond the berlin version, more inhabited in itself than learing at the record industry. but guess for your beautiful selfishies:

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dieter roth: this is schrott not trash, this is fluxus not art, this is quatsch against nam june paik in 1979

in 1977 the korean-bourne american artist nam june paik released 'my jubilee ist unverhemmet', a onesided 12''-record  in a limited one-off edition of 100 copies, handnumbered and signed by the artist, including his fluxus-version of some arnold schoenberg music that he had longed for so long and that he hated immediately the very moment he listened to it the first time as 'wagnerian quatsch'. at least he says so in the linernotes. the german fluxus-artist dieter roth, a great fan of both schoenberg and wagner, longed a long time to hear paik's version of the music he loved and instantely hated it the very first moment he go to hear it. this here record is an anomailious skit of paik's record, paradoing the cover as well ass the liners and the music. 
'thy quatsch est min castello' (your quatsch is my home) is a onesided 7''-record that dieter roth released in his own publishing house in stuttgart in 1979 as a limited one-off edition of 300 copies, handnumbered and unsigned by the artist. my copy is #290, i found it in the heritage of the stuttgart fluxus-artist albrecht/d. who was a good friend of both of the coumbattants. 
so paik was disappointed by schoenberg, roth was disappointed by paik, and i was aiwass dissappointed by roth: the music is absolutely pointless (haha!), though i like it as the result of a cheap thrilling dialectical kindergarten countrarinass. the music, by the way, sounds as good or ugly or not both on 45 or 33 rounds per minute, so you can listen to both versions in one file directly.

(mp3; click left to listen directly, click right to download; and don't forget to save the pictures as they are not included)


ornette coleman prime time / live in east-berlin 1988 / un-bricking the wall

one year before the bricks in the berlin wall crickled and crackled, an one and a half year before the berlin wall fall: ornette coleman and his prime time live at the friedrichstadtpalast in east-berlin on the 5th of june 1988. two electric guitars, two electric bass guitars, two drum sets and one horn: the wall wobbled, waggled and wiggled: it was fun (hey, baby, we like your lips) and it all swung, swung, swung.
eversince jazz music and avantgarde noise have been two of a very few evacuation routes for the unsupportive intellectuals of the german democratic republic; the non-imperialistic and anti-fascist impact of experimental music has most of the time been accepted by the authorities of the gdr, because they did not realize or accept that free-minded anti-capitalistic music could be turned as well against a sanctimonious socialist state. so they fell, and we are still standing.
in the moon of june 1988 prime time were ornette coleman (altosax, trumpet, vocals, everyanything), charles ellerbee and bern nix on guitars, al mcdowell and chris wilker on bass guitars, and denardo coleman and calvin weston on drums. they ran through a set of lightminded heaviness like the free jazz version of the grateful dead turning off the screws and going off the rails: wondadaderawful chainsewswinckinck liveration of jezztering grimsmirkiness inner cloughsiness in and out of timendspace. wonderful.

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popol vuh / florian fricke spielt plays mozart / plus some more

popol vuh always were strictly second class of kraut with a few slip-ups touching down the premier league. i always loved them, but my collection of their works only grew up by chance, not by intention. but as their first two albums were absolutely outstanding and as florian fricke was a member of the zeit- and phallus dei-posses that valuation was very much my own fault. they were kosmische musik as hell and i am feeling awful for underestimating them all throughout those years. the wonderful website that dolf mulder runs in the netherlands humiliated my lame opinions quite a lot.
in 1991 florian fricke decided it was about time to pay tribute to one of the ancestors of the dinky-cute aspects of german cosmic music. he recorded an album of rather straight mozart compositions, very digital and with a loving distance. this was irritating, and i never got to love these tracks. burt, anyway, i thought you might like to hear what he did to mozart; and as this album changes hands for some 40 or 50 euro on discogs i thought you might also like to hear what you will get when you are going to spend such a lot of money.
there is a lot of fricke music rather close to my heart, but this one is not, unfortunately. i would like you to listen to it and decide for your selves.
for your listening pleasure i added some semirare popol vuh tracks that might outweigh mister fricke's rather unemotionatival inerreterprations of mozart: you will get three mixes of city raga they released in 1994 as a maxi-cd, their 1971 version of bettina live at the german beat-club that turned up on a tangerine dream bootleg, and a short excerpt of a 1975 live concert in milano.
so this is what you get:

florian fricke spielt plays mozart:

sonate c-dur kv 330
01 - allegro moderato
02 - andante cantabile
03 - allegreto

04 - rondo f-dur kv 494
05 - adagio h-moll kv 570

sonate b-dur kv 570
06 - allegro
07 - adagio
08 - allegretto

09 - city raga (inside joy radio mix) 1994
10 - city raga (inside joy mix)
11 - city raga (mystic house mix)

12 - bettina (beat-club 1971)
13 - improvisation (1975, live in mailand)

so there.

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grateful dead / the aoaxomoxoa outtakes / yes, that's right: aoaxomoxoa

everybody is doing the grateful dead and they love it: they love to be bootlegged, so why don't you? i won't keep you hanging on: so i do. here is my 49 cents of barbed wire, my delayered fuelhateboredlake: the aoaxomoxoa outtakes as the italian bootgrabbers coined it; not the aoxomoxoa outtakes as you might know them; just look at the cover, horneydeer!
so this is just what it says or literally doesn't: outtakes from the aoxomoxa sessions plus some demo tracks et cetera: i have not the slightest idea if any of this is true: i'm not a deadhead at all, i just love them, but i can't recite the content of their bootlegs at all. i love this one because the bootleggers got the name of their most famous records wrong and because discogs doesn't list or mention it at all and because anyway.
anyway, amazon is offering this record for 250 dollar, and on ebay you may find it for something like 100 dollar. of course you might care for the misprint, but here is your chance to listen to what you will get for the money you like to spend. up to you, up yours!

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