one track mindless innerjeep and distroytiones: marc bolan's elemental child

this is the real raw power, the pure stuff, the healthyhealthy monster sound and the heavy shit: sheerchique violencia premainente and ultraharsh elegance under will: eleven versions of elemental child, recorded between 1969 and 1971: löud and sharmless and wylde. and the whole thing starts with a diglitchickal klick, as you will ultimateley not=ice, but bug and or borg me, this is initentialleyed on the orriginald cd and it's nored my fault. coumpeteredlay wunderbra. boeing boeing your dad!

and here we go-go!

01 - tyrannosaurus rex - elemental child part one; 1969 (bonustrack from the 2014 edition of a beard of stars) (listen directly)
02 - t.rex - elemental child on top gear, bbc, 26th of october 1970
03 - t.rex - elemental child live on WBAI radio, new york, on the 8th of april 1970 (listen directly)
04 - tyrannosaurus rex - elemental child 1969 (from the 2004 edition of a beard of stars)
05 - t.rex - elemental child live at john peel's sunday concert on the 10th of december 1970
06 - tyrannosaurus rex - elemental child part one and two; 1969 (bonustrack from the 2004 edition of a beard of stars)
07 - t.rex - elemental child live at wolverhampton on the 19th of may 1971 (listen directly)
08 - tyrannosaurus rex - elemental child demo recordings, december 1969 at trident studios
09 - tyrannosaurus rex - elemental child part two; 1969 (bonustrack from the 2014 edition of a beard of stars)
10 - t.rex - elemental child live on thursday the 28th of january 1971 at the taverne de l'olympia in paris
11 - t.rex - elemental child live on the bbc sunday show on the first of january 1970 (listen directly)
and that was a dark star. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and good night, boys and girls.
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enjoy a throbbing gristle with your pets and children: chris carter in the space between

and though this is the man from throbbing gristle (though not THE man nor the NOman nor the woMAN from throbbing gristle but at least the man married to the WOman of throbbing gristle) when this tape was released on industrial records in 1980 no=body seamed to rely=care aboutitt. it is beautiful and wonderbra and a real shock away from the shockshock of throbbing gristle.
in the meanmeantime and just because noboreday really cared or even bought the tape the original c-90 has become incredival rare; in 1991 chris carter revisited thee/hiss recordings to shrink them to fit on a 76-minute-cd to be released on the grey area, and ass nobbody again did not care alltoomuch even this rerelease got lost and expenisive in the process of growing old.

unfourtunalately you won't get to hear the recordings lost on the c-90 tape unless you sell your car, your house and your fistborne son you may at least listen to my copy of thee revisited version in this=hear=my=blog and you will download and enjoy it or die.

so here we go=go!

01 - BEAT (listen directly)
07 - POPTONE (listen directly)
08 - SLOMO
12 - MAYBE (listen directly)
13 - SNAP
14 - INTERLOOP (listen directly)
and that's it for now.

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

addendum et postscriptum:

as mentioned above chris carter revisited the 1980 c-90-tape in 1991 to remix, remodel and rename the original tracks; in this process he omitted at least two tracks to create a coumpletely new 76-minute-cd. only a few days after this=here post was published our fellow blogger rex sent me two tracks he found on his version of the tape, as you can read in the comments below. he named them track 01 (3:14) and track 03 (13:33), and confusingly they do not seem to fit into any of the tracklists i found on discogs, but anyway, they are a very welcome addition to the material found on the cd. thank you so much, rex.



link wray within or without the ray-men or his wraymen executing 24 versions of raw hide, raw-hide, rawhide, rumble, ramble and the oddball mambo from 1958 to 1996

raw power: hide and rumble! and this is just what the headline says: 24 versions of rumble and rawhide found in the abysses abyssi abyssoi of my collection. no cover versions, just pure link wray. enjoy or die!
here we go-go!
01 - rumble / 1962 / from the 2016 cd great guitar hits / listen directly
02 - raw hide / 1958 / alternate take / see #20 / from the 2004 cd they're outta here / listen directly
03 - rumble / 1963 / from the 2002 cd law of the jungle
04-  rawhide / 1979 / from the 2017 cd live at my father's place 
05 - ramble / 16th of september 1959 / take 7 / from the 2002 cd epic sessions
06 - rumble / march 1958 / from the 2017 cd jack the ripper
07 - rawhide / 25th of march 1978 / from the 2014 cd cleveland '78 with robert gordon
08 - rumble / january or february 1985 / from the 1991 cd live in '85 / listen directly
09 - rawhide '87 / usa 1987 / from the 1989 cd born to be wild / listen directly
10 - rumble / march 1996 / from the 2017 cd the rumble man
11 - raw-hide / december 1958 / see #5
12 - ramble / 1960 / see #6 / listen directly
13 - rawhide / 1985 / see #8
14 - rumble / 1979 / see #4 / listen directly
15 - raw-hide / 1962 / see #1 / listen directly
16 - rumble / 25th of march 1978 / from the 2014 cd cleveland '78 with robert gordon / see #7
17 - rawhide / march 1996 / from the 2017 cd the rumble man / see #10
18 - ramble / 16th of september 1959 / take 4 / see #5 / listen directly
19 - rumble man '87 / 1987 / see #9 / listen directly
20 - raw hide / 1958 / see #2 / listen directly
21 - rumble on the docks / october 1995 / from the cd shadowman
22 - rumble mambo / 23rd of march 1961 / see #5 / listen directly
23 - raw-hide / january 1959 / see #06
24 - oddball take 2 / see #2 / listen directly
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the wilde flowers featuring brian hopper, hugh hopper, robert wyatt and kevin ayers, and even mike ratledge, richard sinclair and zobe: everything they recorded between 1965 and 1969; plus a little bit more

the wilde flowers throughout the years 1965 to 1969 of course were brian hopper, hugh hopper, robert wyatt, richard coughlan, richard sinclair and kevin ayers, plus assorted friends and relatives like mike ratledege and the people of zobe: the prototype and the nucleus of the canterbury sound and scene. here you can see, hear and download the 1994 compilation of their work, plus some bonustracks i found in my collection.

both the original 1994 voiceprint version and the 2015 floating world release (including a bonus cd with twelve tracks of sessions and sketches falsely credited to the wilde flowers) do for one reason or any other not mention the three veryvery wonderful tracks that were hidden waydowndeep in the canterburied sounds collection from 1998, but of course they are included here, as well as a jimi hendrix version of a wilde flowers tune (well; almost a hendrix tune, but no, but then again, yes, but) and a precursering track by the hopper brothers. i hope you will enjoy this alternative alternative version.

so let's go-go!

01 - impotence    
02 - those words they say    
03 - memories (listen directly)
04 - don't try to change me    
05 - parchman farm    
06 - almost grown (listen directly)   
07 - she's gone    
08 - slow walkin' talk (listen directly
09 - he's bad for you    
10 - it's what i feel (a certain kind)    
11 - memories (instrumental)    
12 - never leave me    
13 - time after time (listen directly)   
14 - just where i want    
15 - no game when you lose    
16 - impotence (listen directly)
17 - why do you care (with zobe)   
18 - the pieman cometh (with zobe)   
19 - summer spirit (with zobe)   
20 - she loves to hurt (listen directly)   
21 - the big show    
22 - memories

the bonustracks:

23 - slow walkin' talk (jimi hendrix on bass, and robert wyatt all other instruments; recorded in 1968)
24 - johnny b. goode (listen directly)
25 - thinking of you, baby
26 - you really got me (listen directly)
(24-26: the wilde flowers 1964; with kevin ayers of course)

27 - kansas city / rip it up (brian and hugh hopper, summer of 1962)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


more than two and a half hours of ultrarare german kraut from 1969 and way beyond: amon düül 2: the phallus dei files

phallus dei of course is the dark star hidden in the amon düül 2 gesamtkunstwerk. and though the epic track on their homonymously named 1969 album is commonly known, there is much more to say. for your listening pleasure i compiled two cds worth of live versions, mixes and related euphemera i found in my collection that you might not be aware of. take care of your favourite drug and listen or download or die.
in the download file way down below you will find two folders, both filled with some 70 minutes of music ready to be burned as roms plus some scans and photos. the very short intros and interludes by the way are some sketches i produced along the way.
so here we go-go:

the green folder:
01 - intro (01:00) (listen directly)
02 - jam into phallus dei (38:24) (munich 1969 / location unknown)
03 - interplay (01:00)
04 - phallus dei (09:29) remix from the compilation once upon a time (listen directly)
05 - intermission (01:04)
06 - amon düül 2 play (sic!) phallus dei (23:59) from the dvd amon düül 2 play (sic!) phallus dei

the orange folder:

01 - intro (01:00) (listen directly)
02 - phallus dei live 1969 (24:46) / blow up club / munich
03 - phallus dei (09:04) found on the compilation drei jahrzehnte (listen directly)
04 - intermission (00:58)
05 - phallus dei (20:49) remastered version from the 2006 release of phallus dei; some five seconds longer than any other official release
06 - interplay (01:04)
07 - touch my phal (10:17) bonustrack from the 2006 version of phallus dei on revisited records

(mp3 / all scans includered / direct download)


amon düül 2 - an incoherent compilation of bonustracks, rare mixes and missing links


yes, there is a lot of amon-düül-related stuff in this=here blog, and here comes some more. for today i unearthed some 76 minutes of rare recordings by the german proto-post-punk-kraut legend amon düül 2 or amon düül II (and that is not amon dyn or amon düül 3 or amen dull or harm no doll or even amon düül, of course) for your listening pleasure. all of these tracks found their very own=obscure ways out of the düül-archives or were especially recorded by later line=ups of the band for the inclusion either on legal or semilegal or illegal re-releases of their classic albums or are remixes and rerecordings for the sake of some budget-compilations for the sake of it. strange stuff, indeed.
so here we go=go:
01 - jam hai (live in tokyo on the 12th of april 1996; remix for the compilation drei jahrzehnte)  (listen directly)
02 - freak out requiem #2 (taken from the 2000 rerelease of phallus dei on gammarock; probably recorded in 1969)
03 - cosmic insects (taken from the 2005 rerelease of almost alive) (listen directly)
04 - kitchen jam (taken from the 2005 rerelease of almost alive)
05 - goldrush (from the misscredited 2000 version of the utopia album) (listen directly)
06 - müller's frau - jam (found on the 2000 rerelease of wolf city)
07 - i want the sun to shine (taken from the 2006 release of phallus dei on revisited)
08 - touchmaphal (taken from the 2006 release of phallus dei on revisited)
09 - freak out requiem #1 (taken from the 2000 rerelease of phallus dei on gammarock) (listen directly)
10 - eistanz in timbuktu (from the 2005 rererelease of only human. reportedly originally released in 1978, but it was not)
11 - live in obergurgl (taken from the 2005 rerelease of almost alive) (listen directly)
12 - la paloma (unreleased mix from the 1997 compilation flawless) (listen directly)
13 - improvisation on a gulp sonata (taken from the 1998 rerelease of live in london; recorded somewhere in bavaria 1972)
14 -  cymbals in the end (taken from the 2000 rerelease of phallus dei on gammarock)
and that's it for now.
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minhinihalism going to the maximistress: the 1965 execution of the day of niagara by john cale, tony conrad, angus maclise, la monte young and marian zazeela plus some bonustracks you might not be aware of

released some twenty years ago this cd of the real dream syndicate has become a rather rare item, and i thought you might like to hear it again or eventually at long least last lost lust et cetera. for your listening pleasure i added some bounustracks i found in the dark holes of my collection, and so it's allha great minimaniacinihihilism wartsoever.

the real dream syndicate in 1965 of course were john cale, tony conrad, angus maclise, la monte young, and marian zazeela: they were very young artists following a new vision of how art might want to be: mod, punk, pop, proto-psych, avantgarde: you name it, and they took it and they got it and they interreversed it and they made it better or wurst. very nice; and of course you know all about them of course. i don't need to tell yer cuz eyema supafellord.

for your listening pleasure and for you to build and burn a nice cd you can lay back to relax and listen comfourtabely at home i added some faulty minuettes of bonustracks you might know or love or leave or no or not. burt lets start with the real stuff:

01 - day of niagara (recorded in 1965 et cetera et cetera)

and now for the bonustracks:

 here we go-go!


02 - angus maclise - cloud asylum (recorded in 1966; from the cd up from the archives by gerard malanga)

03 - john cale and tony conrad - after the locust (1968) (listen directly)
04 - john cale, angus maclise and terry jennings - terry's cha-cha (1967)


05 - john cale and angus maclise - hot scoria (1964 or 1965)

06 - john cale - wall (1969, from the cd-version of vintage violence) (listen directly)

07 - jon gibson - terry's g dorian blues (probably 1992; in good company with/of la monte young) (listen directly)

08 - la monte young - 89 VI 8 C. 1:42-1:52 AM Paris Encore (probably 1990; from the tape tellus #24)

09 - the ramones - judy is a punk (1976; from the soundtrack of the tenenbaums) (listen directly)

and that's it.

download the mininininmallestinderisterests!
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