hallogallosuperneuschnee: a homage to NEU! featuring michael rother, download, autechre, dead voices on air, khan, sunroof, system 7, the legendary pink dots, james plotkin, jeff greinke and sturclub

released in 1998 this tribute to NEU! is a lot of fun. and what more can i say? you will find the likes of autechre, jeff greinke or the legendary pink dots proving for sure that they can't do any better than NEU! did in 1972. additionally the album includes an exclusive track by michael rother - who of course was one half of NEU! - deadicated to conny plank, the underrated producer of NEU!-music, and as a bonus you can take or leave there is a track i found on a 2004 rehearsal tape of my own band sturclub, which is coumpletely different from all of the rest and so of course fits perfectly well.

the rather comprehensive liner notes to the album are included in the rar-file you are invited to download at the bottom of this post, and of course the discogs entry will provide you with a lot of continuative information and some further reading.

so listen to this:

01 - michael rother - neutronics 98 (a tribute to conny plank)
02 - download - hallo gallo (listen directly)
03 - autechre - weissensee against im glück
04 - dead voices on air - fünfundsiebzig (based on e-musik)
05 - khan - für immer
06 - sunroof - hero (listen directly)
07 - system 7 - interstate (using a sample from hallo gallo)
08 - the legendary pink dots - super (listen directly)
09 - james plotkin - lila engel
10 - jeff greinke - im glück (listen directly)

as i mentioned before i found the bonus track by the stuttgart band sturclub on one of our rehearsal room recordings and processed it exclusively for this=here coumpilation. sturclub in 2004 were wenne voran, uwe büchele, david dufour and ralf siemers, and nobody knows if it really happened.

11 - sturclub - you NEU! my name (look at the numberer)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


eclectrionic renosovolution: a 1982 dissassemblage featuring can, hitler, john cale, the sugarhill gang, arthur brown, pere ubu and a lot of anonymious stiffstoffstaff plus some can and amon düül

this is a veryvery strange tape i found in the black holes of my collection: in 1982 the munich=based free and self=elected discordian pope molto menz sent out some blank tapes to aleatoric=chosen people asking them to record whatever they wanted and to send it back to him to be used and played isochronical with other tapes during a performance on the 30th of july 1982 in munich to create the effect william s. burroughs described in electronic revolution as the ultimate release of the most dangerous virus from outer of space. if this ever ever happened is beyond my memory, but some time later molto gave me this tape to take care of it in any way i wanted to.

the author or editor of this tape unfortunately decided to remain coumpletely anonymous, he or she or it just send back the unlabelled tape with some noise on it: side one is a 35-minute-collage of found and selected sounds by the likes of pere ubu, john cale, the sugarhill gang, joseph goebbels, arthur brown and a lot of sounds that for a moment you might be sure you know by heart but can not tell who it is for the whole offit. following seamlessly is side two of the tape starting with some 30 minutes of can that sound like they are some bootleg=demo=recordings but most probably they are not, followed by some ten minutes of amon düül 2 with an obscure live=recording of archangel's thunderbyrd and an impromptu=jam and closing upallout with some minutes of amon düül that you all know but you can never hear too much amon düül, can you?

you are supposed to listen to all of this stuff in one sittingandseting; there is no rar-file with separated tracks et cetera. if you really want to save this noise to your hard drive please be sure to save the pictures as well. this post and the music in=here is an impertinent imposition, and i love it.

(76 minutes / leftclick to listen / rightclick to download)


the schneesturm post-kraut blitzart tape from 1983 featuring checkpoint charlie, captain sperrmüll, munju, embryo, dissidenten, schäggi bädsch, argile, nikel's spuk, kling klong and julius schittenhelm

this tape was released in 1983 on the german schneeball label to promote some new releases and the chaotic wisdom of the postkraut-postpunk-posthippie noise they tried and succee=did to conquer the world with. you'll get some tracks fromwaybackthen=fourthcoming albums, some exclusive tracks that never were released anywhere else, and a lot of funny and weird interluding noise.

for a lot of reasons i decided not to cut up in and out the thirty minutes each of both sides of the tape, but to let you experience the de=collage as it was meant to be heard, and additionally i separated four tracks that you can listen to directly right=here=and=now and will find in the rar-file at the bottom of this post.

you can find out more about the schneesturm and the schneeball on discogs, and that's how it goes and goose and every=one knows. the rar-file includes both sides of the tape uninterruptately plus the four tracks i extruncated for your listening pleasure. so there.

a1 - captain sperrmüll - wild und unersättlich
a2 - embryo's dissidenten & karnataka college of percussion - ein abend mit akaaboune
a3 - schäggi bädsch - plunkton (listen directly)
a4 - julius schittenhelm - schwindelwelt (erster teil)
a5 - argile - bahnhofstraße (listen directly)
a6 - nikel's spuk - der siebte engel

b1 - checkpoint charlie - als mein sohn geboren wurde
b2 - embryo - cimbalero (listen directly)
b3 - julius schittenhelm & cordyline - blechwelt (zweiter teil)
b4 - munju - kannst du dir vorstell'n
b5a - julius schittenhelm - scheinwelt (dritter teil)
b5b - julius schittenhelm - staatenwelt (vierter teil) (listen directly)
b6 - kling klong - stoned cops 

(mp3 / all scans and more included / direct download) 


the first lot of supplementary files coumplementing the next dimension transfer box by the german psychobeat legends the 39 clocks the 39 clocks

the next next next dimension transfer by the 39 clocks, laydeedeedies and gentilenderends! the new five-cd/lp-box by the spearheads of the northwestgerman psychobeat-movement re-modelling the early eighties is as wonderful as it sounds as it seems as you are as it was acid is and forever will be, and still you can buy this collectors' item for a reasonable price if you are looking long enough into the abyss. but here is more and more and even more to come.

for your pleasure, and for mine of course, i dug deeper and deeper and down into my collection of sound files and found a lot of stuff that is not even mentioned insight the box. so here is a compilation of live tracks, rehearsal room recordings and hitherto lost sounds the 39 clocks executed some time and times between 1978 and 1983 with JG39 and CH39 on most instruments, and you better listen to this: 

01 - the intro (using sounds found on sugarmegs and BANDIT) (listen directly)

02 - look into you (live in bremen on the ninth of february 1983 with rüdiger klose on drums) (listen directly)

03 - aspetando godot (live in würzburg 1981; just JG and CH and the machine)

04 - call of war (the 39 clocks badly disguised as alice dee, from the tape sampler "...von mir aus", compiled by emilio winschetti in 1984)

05 - past tense hopes & instant fears on 42nd street (live at the markthalle in hamburg, 1983. this was the bonus track for the rerelease of their second album subnarcotic; the bonus track for the rerelease of pain it dark will follow later on) (listen directly)

06 - summer of 79 (some 48 minutes of rehearsal room recordings with emilio winschetti on korg ms-20; uncut with a veryveryvery tentative post-production: just the volume level was slightly adjusted)

07 - no town brain (live at the hannover altstadtfest on the 26th of august 1979; with hempelmann on drums and chaotic czak on vocals and bass. and believe me or not: i was there in the audience. you can find the whole story on brotbeutel, of course)

(mp3 / all scans and more included / direct download)


stuttgART: hindemith, klangstabil, mama lou, frauenklinik, chaos z, albrecht/d., sturclub, angela merkel, metabolismus, richard wagner and many others - gemütliche avantgarde and serendipitous nebensächlichkeiten (rare, obscure and megalomaniacally bumptious)

stuttgart. the first word in this paragraph is stuttgart. it means to leave your mind. haha, sorry no: the music of the stuttgart avantgarde is quiet cozy and though some of the following sounds may seem to be annoying and uncomfortable: for the stuttgart avavantguardian they are not: we know it all. für die/den stuttgarter/in bleibt es ein zerrissenes, zerrupftes hören: natürlich kennen wir das alles und wir wollen es nicht ganz so laut; das ist doch peinlich, was sollen denn die nachbarn denken?

this-here (hear, haha!) compilation will give you an aural harmonic point of view (!) of what happened to the non biassed (my ass!) ears of the unbegoted lisssssener that cared for the sound of the city: punk, tekkkkNO, noise and the very conventional new music klassische avantgarde approach and impact can all be found in thee following fragments: it is your choice what you will do with my choice: the hiss and her story of the sound of stuttgart might bla-bla-blow your mind.

listen to this:

01 - albrecht/d. - hello (listen directly)
02 - frank martin - full fathom five
03 - mama lou - zangengeburt
04 - chaos Z - rational mensch (listen directly)
05 - achim braun - atemlos IV
06 - albrecht/d. - next (listen directly)
07 - paul hindemith - der erste satz der sinfonia serena
08 - bleib clean - na klar
09 - TÔLE ACHE - mon coeur bât une derniere fois
10 - die stäffelesgeiger - schottisch aus wollmetshofen (listen directly)
11 - ensemble v.act - litany for the whale (john cage)
12 - albrecht/d. - next
13 - checksum - ascension island
14 - siemers - zelenkut (listen directly)
15 - frauenklink - euglena (listen directly)
16 - gerhard braun - ARU
17 - klangstabil - germa (listen directly)
18 - metabolismus - arctix
19 - richard wagner - aufmarsch der friedensboten (listen directly)
20 - albrecht/d. - next
21 - sturclub - 4'33''
22 - angela merkel - die bundeskanzlerinnenhymne


01 - aus der tonkassette und online-veröffentlichung albrecht/d. und die abartigen von 1973; in the meanmean time re-released on vinyl as a bootleg somewhere in the netherlands using my post-production of the original tape. more information about the stuttgart postfluxus artist albrecht/d. can be found on wikipedia and on a very detailed page reflecting his life, art, music, and work.
02 - aus den ariel-chören nach shakespeares sturm the tempest. frank martin (1890-1974) wird am 14.07.2012 in der evangelischen kirche stuttgart-gaisburg vom swr-vokalensemble interpretiert; chefdirigent war markus creed.
03 - 1996: daniel benavente, frank yentner, nikolas deiker: aus der cd city sounds of stuttgart.
04 - recorded and released in 1981 aufgenommen und veröffentlicht: chaos Z wurden später later on to become the well-known stuttgart emo-punk band die fliehenden stürme; das kann man alles nachlesen.
05 - 1999 in der stuttgarter edition musikat erschienen. doch: musikat. vom buch-julius.
06 - one of many ways.
07 - aufgenommen recorded at in der stuttgarter liederhalle am 08.02.1963, es spielt das radio-sinfonieorchester stuttgart unter der leitung von paul hindemith himself. aus diesem stück haben iron butterfly später das thema von in-a-gadda-da-vida entliehen.
08 - das glaubt mir doch wieder keiner: eine single der bleib-clean-band der polizei baden-württemberg unterstützt von schülerinnen und schülern des remstalgymnasiums weinstadt, herausgegeben vom innenministerium baden-württemberg in zusammenarbeit mit dem landeskriminalamt stuttgart. so geht popmusik!
09 - recorded circa 1997 etwa in fellbach aufgenommen. david dufour ist deuf und spielt die musik von tôle ache.
10 - aufgenommen 1999 beim tag der volksmusik in stuttgart.
11 - aus der cd 150 jahre staatliche hochschule für musik und darstellende kunst stuttgart von 2006. wir hören bernadette glöckler, hannelore hack, annelie sophie müller, maria pizzuto, rebecca rentner, teresa schuh, eva-maria tralle und lisa weitz unter der anleitung und in einer bearbeitung von angelika luz.
12 - (---)
13 - 2000. die sind mit dabei weil sie damals in meiner nachbarschaft gewohnt und gearbeitet haben they were part of my neighbourhood.
14 - composed and recorded on the 23rd of august 2013 exclusively for this compilation using a short sample of the barockorchester stuttgart and the kammerchor stuttgart playing missa dei patris by jan dismas zelenka. and yes: that's me.
15 - recorded in 1981. frauenklinik were an all-girl-punk-band that made a lot of noise in stuttgart. revolt into style!
16 - 2003 für vier bass- oder auch sopranino-flöten und schlagwerk. aus der cd traumwelt, die irgendwann den verwandlungen folgen wird.
17 - found somewhere on the internet in ungefähr 1999 irgendwo im netz gefunden, don't know keine ahnung ob selten rare oder known to all und also allen bekannt.
18 - found somewhere on the internet in ungefähr 1999 irgendwo im netz gefunden, don't know keine ahnung ob selten rare oder known to all und also allen bekannt.
19 - aus rienzi, aufgenommen recorded am 03.11.1957 vom staatsopernchor und vom staatsorchester stuttgart directed by lovro von matacic; da war ich gerade mal fast zwei wochen alt when i was about two weeks old und sputnik was in orbit for four weeks war seit einem monat im all.
20 - ...and on...
21 - recorded on the 2nd of may 2008: sturclub for this action were wenne the lolly pope and siemers. john cage goes into gaye advert.
22 - recorded on the 12th of october 2012 auf dem marktplatz in stuttgart with chanceloretta merkel.

(mp3 / 78 minutes / 180 mb / direct download)

(this post is a revised, remade and remodelled version of a post i wrote in 2013)


slapshot and the beatboys: ambitious german powderpop found in the refuse bin of the stuttgart employment agency


while rummaging through the garbage cans of the stuttgart employment agency (as i do rather often, of course) i stumbled over some thirteen baker's dozen of demo-cds that southwestgerman bands and artists ceded to the musicians and artists' department of the stuttgart employment agency hoping to get some jobs at some company celebrations, christmas parties, on a cruiser liner or in an amusement park. obviously for one reason or an other the demo recordings were not necessarily needed any longer, and i am very glad i saved them from becoming plastic waste in the ocean.

for today i choose the beatboys from ludwigsburg and slapshot from niddatal in the state of hesse. the beatboys at least left some traces on the internet and even on discogs, while slapshot did not. but anyway, i am giving you all the information the information the sound carriers are offering, and leave it up to you to find out more. i gathered both cds into one big file  that most cd-burn-programs should be able to stuff onto one cd-r clocking in at veryvery short under 80 minutes. have fun.

the attraction and charm of these recordings of course is their idiosyncratic use of the english language, radicilous and enlightering.

so let's start with the beatboys from 2007:

01 - great balls of fire
02 - don't be cruel
03 - wooly bully (listen directly)
04 - under the boardwalk
05 - don't ha!ha!
06 - bus stop
07 - california sun (listen directly)
08 - nights in white satin
09 - who put the bomp
10 - glad all over
11 - rock'n'roll is king
12 - do you love me (listen directly)
13 - my back pages
14 - papa oom mow mow
15 - you really got me (listen directly)
16 - hey jude


and second of all we got slapshot from 2001:

(01) 17 - staying alive
(02) 18 - what's love got to do with it
(03) 19 - mama told me not to come
(04) 20 - bad moon rising (listen directly)
(05) 21 - welcome to heartlight
(06) 22 - kung fu fighting
(07) 23 - nur geträumt (listen directly)
(08) 24 - volle lotte
(09) 25 - slapshot-opener

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)

26 - and as a web-only bonus track i included the beatboys version of wig-wam bam they recorded for the kreissparkasse ludwigsburg in 2013. (listen directly)


some rather rare or hitherto unreleased tracks by 21 southwestgerman neo-ska-bands: SKA 21 featuring the busters, nu sports, the juggins, ezzo, piracy, area 52, cubic circle and many others

there was a time when all the bands had pages on myspace and when the neo-neo-ska finally reunited with polka and schottische not kosmische. in 2003 the southwestgerman radio station freies radio für stuttgart (that's free radio for stuttgart; they were not allowed to call themselves just free radio stuttgart) started the programme file under ska, featuring nothing but oldvintage and neonew rocksteady, blue beat and ska. 

in 2008 they asked all those neoskatalighters in the surroundings of stuttgart to contribute to a benefit sampler for the free radio, and at least 21 of them did. the sampler has long since sold out and is almost completely unknown to most serious collectors of obscure neo-ska releases. so for your pleasure: here we go.

furthermore i contributed some information to the entry on discogs using my nom de guerre vandaale; all scans you may find there and a little bit more of course are also included in the .rar-file you can download way down below. and by the way: this cd was completely unknown to me until i found it this morning at the stuttgart zora for 35 cent.

01 - no sports - phoenix
02 - the mood - file under ska
03 - spicy roots - brilliant day (listen directly)
04 - lost banditoz - never again
05 - jagga-bites combo - drive
06 - los skalameros - seven seas
07 - area 52 - no reaction
08 - sensi simon & the studio nine band - saddam hussein
09 - skattle grid - what they fucking wanted (listen directly)
10 - cubic circle - the most important
11 - hohes c - schamlos
12 - soulfood international - something wrong
13 - the juggins - one for all (listen directly)
14 - dub voyagers - so oder so
15 - blue babies - king of coffee
16 - piracy - just dressed in sex
17 - the lodgers - murder
18 - ezzo - ska instead of hate
19 - phonkonfused - moskau
20 - the busters - my girl 2
21 - sensi simon feat. mad maxamom - sie ficken dein gehirn (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)