the new riders of the purple sage: the first studio demo from 1969, embryonic riders from 1968, the backwards recordings, and some bonus tracks featuring marmaduke, jerry garcia, dave nelson and all the others

recorded way back in 1968 and 1969 these recordings of some early line-ups of the new riders (of the purple sage with pink and yellow flashes) have been released on a relix cd in 1986, and though there was a second edition of that cd at some time in the nineties these performances are rather hard to find.

the new riders for their first demo session in november 1969 were john "marmaduke" dawson (guitars and lead vocals), david nelson (guitars and vocals), jerry garcia (pedal steel and vocals), phil lesh (bass), mickey hart (drums), and bob matthews sat in as the engineer. additionally included are two tracks that marmaduke recorded with garcia and members of the doug sahm band in 1968, and "the backwards tapes", some experimental noise david nelson produced using and processing rehearsal room recordings and other relics of the new riders. some more information on before time began can be found on discogs.

for your listening pleasure i took those backwards tapes and played them backwards again.

so here we go:

the first studio demo of the new riders, recorded in san francisco in november 1969:
01 - henry (listen directly)
02 - all i ever wanted
03 - last lonely eagle
04 - cecilia

marmaduke and friends, recorded in san mateo on the 31st of july 1968:
05 - garden of eden
06 - superman (listen directly)

the backwards tapes by dave nelson:
07 - deh rominap
08 - a handful of brains (listen directly)
09 - i'm through with the fish, harve
10 - och tamale (listen directly)
11 - a handful of brains part 2
12 - where discipline comes in

bonus tracks: 

the backwards tapes played backwards:
13 - deh rominap (listen directly)
14 - a handful of brains
15 - i'm through with the fish, harve
16 - och tamale (listen directly)
17 - a handful of brains part 2
18 - where discipline comes in


19 - the grateful dead - dark star (live at fillmore west, 01.03.1969) 
20 - the new riders of the purple sage - henry (live at fillmore west, july 1971) (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

download a rough and ready version as flac
(tracks 01-12 and 20 as flac; tracks 13-18 as mp3 due to technical reasons; omitting track 19 to reduce the filesize)



SMASHITS! 31 very different demo-tracks found on 30 very different demo-cds provided to the stuttgart employment agency by 30 very different german bands

hits! hits! hits! sing along with every song! i found all of these cds in the trash can of the stuttgart employment agency and saved their/my/your lives. they are aw- and wonderfuel, ridi- and radicoulessly loud and shmaltz- and shmattering. underhearded and unnoearthed demo-recordings by coumpletelay obscenescure germain bands lurking for engagermints and a contract wayback in the 2010ial years of our last century.

there is a lot of missheard lyrics, a lot of dilletantraism, and a lot of no fun, my baby, no fun. you will love to hate these guys and dolls, and you will sing along to any of their songs. these krauts are made for working.

in the rar-file waydownbelow you will find some pictures of eachandavery cd involved plus some more. some of the songs are just edited fragments, but most of them are long enough. and now get ready to sing out loud!

01 - pumping special - let's have a party
02 - acoustic fun orchestra - mission impossible (listen directly)
03 - olav w. elvis - blue suede shoes (listen directly)
04 - shazam - kon-tiki (originally by the shadows; just in case you were wondering)
05 - die phantastischen fünf - american pie
06 - karin & soul train - river deep mountain high
07 - phoenix string band - looking out my back door (listen directly)
08 - avantgarde - smoke on the water
09 - the diamonds - wipe out
10 - slapjack - twenty flight rock (listen directly)
11 - oldies but goldies - sea cruise
12 - slapshot - nur geträumt
13 - tattoo59 - rock and roll music (listen directly)
14 - die drahtzieher - tainted love
15 - the swinging guitars - how high the moon
16 - the shadoxx - i'll be back (listen directly)
17 - transatlantic trio - skandal um rosi
18 - acoustic swing orchestra - proud mary (listen directly)
19 - billy's oldies but goldies - johnny b. goode (might be the same band as number eleven, but probably it's not)
20 - elvis and shawn vegvary - great balls of fire
21 - boogaloo - secret agent man
22 - devils & soehne - 16 tons (listen directly)
23 - olav w. elvis - teddybear
24 - hot four - 99 luftballons (listen directly)
25 - juke joint ramblers - born in chicago (written by nick gravenites and made popular by the paul butterfield blues band, of course)
26 - so nice boys - evil ways
27 - the beatboys - poor boy (the german beat band die the lords learned them this song in 1965; yes i mean it so as i say it) (listen directly)
28 - jefferson's club - voodoo chile
29 - the new shatters - the night before (listen directly)
30 - kirnberger - life is life (listen directly)
31 - round midnight - ymca

and that's it for now.

(mp3 / lots of pictures included / direct download)


under my thumb: the flamin' groovies live at the roxy club in los angeles 1976

is it the 8th of december? or is it the 12th of august? no, it's 1976! and it's the flamin' groovies! live at the roxy club in los angeles! they are what's happening! hey hey hey! sheik some action!

unfourtunaughtlay i do not own this record myserif, but my bromther sent me a tape copy sum thyme wayback in the eerlie eighties and this what you want and this is what you get! the flamin' groovies live in 1976! 40 seamless minutes! no separation at all! (shake some action by the way is faded out for one reasong or annie other; i can't tell if it's just my copy or a wilful feature of the oreginald record; please furgive me)

here we go-go!

01 - she said yeah
02 - let the boy rock n roll
03 - house of blue light
04 - i'm a lover not a fighter
05 - please please me
06 - please please girl (listen directly)
07 - up and down
08 - shake some action
09 - i wanna be your man
10 - don't lie to me
11 - i can't hide (listen directly)
12 - miss amanda jones
13 - under my thumb
14 - hey hey hey

(mp3 / leftclick to listen / rightclick to download / don't forget to save the pictures!)


i got bad taste: the weird and funny world of re-recorded hits featuring the liverbirds, the dovells, carl perkins, joey dee, the sweet, lou christie and many more

a very funny cd for a sunny afternoon, with or not without a lot of beer. a compilation of re-recordings of songs originally recorded in the fifties, sixties or seventies using as many members of the original groups as possible, featuring the rattles, the angels, the crickets, the comets and even the flamin' groovies and link wray.

most of these songs obviously were re-recorded at some time in the nineties or later, but most often there is appsoloudelay no evidence when, where or why they were recorded. burst never mymind, this coumpilation is just for the fun in and out of it.

some versions are rather close to the original version, some are much better than their predecessor, and some are completeredley over the top. there is no chance to get bored, so please don't. most of these records, by the way, i found in the cut-out-section of the dust bins of long forgotten record shops somewhere in germany, and nobody cared for them except me.

and contradictating the cover i did not include any recordings by bill haley and dion dimucci because their cheapotrashrecords are including their original stuff and so did not fit in the concept of this post.

so here we go-go:

01 - the comets - rock around the clock (live ca. 1993)
02 - the crystals - da doo ran ran (live ca. 1993)
03 - carl perkins - matchbox (???)
04 - johnny and the hurricanes - crossfire (???) (listen directly)
05 - the crickets - that'll be the day (live ca. 1993)
06 - roger mcguinn - turn turn turn (live ca. 1993)
07 - the angels - my boyfriend's back  (???) (listen directly)
08 - the sweet - alexander graham bell (1986)
09 - ? and the mysterians - "8"teen (live 1998)
10 - joey dee - shout (live ca. 1993)
11 - the rattles - meddley 1997
12 - the conturs - do you love me? (live ca. 1993) (listen directly)
13 - the tokens - tonight i fell in love (live ca. 1993)
14 - the dixie cups - iko iko (live ca. 1993)
15 - the original juniors - at the hop (live ca. 1993) (listen directly)
16 - carl perkins - rock medley (???)
17 - the dovells - you can't sit down (live ca. 1993) (listen directly)
18 - link wray - jack the ripper (live 1996)
19 - lou christie - the gipsy cried (live ca. 1993)
20 - ? and the mysterians - 96 tears (1997) (listen directly)
21 - the liverbirds - medley (live 1997)
22 - the dovells - bristol stomp (live ca. 1993)
23 - the flamin' groovies - let me rock (2017)
24 - the starclub ensemble - born to be wild (1997) (listen directly)
25 - little richard - keep a knockin' (???)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


music for the new world: canadian free improvisation featuring michael keith and david sait, recorded in 2003 and 2004

a few weeks ago i told you all i know about some recordings that the toronto based band cracker and shoe - the underrated working duo of michael keith on guitars, david sait on guzheng, and both on tapes and electronics - released in 2006. today you can listen to some of their earlier recordings released in 2003 under the name mcf and a solo album by michael keith.

as you can read in the comments section of my post about the cracker and shoe recordings fom 2006 where i used some of the mcf recordings as bonus tracks, a friend from argentinia had asked for the complete version of mcf's music for the new world, and i am very glad to fulfil his request. as a bonus i added all of michael keith's solo record zetetic from 2004 as a bonus. 

both albums can not be found on discogs or anywhere else, so unfortunately i can not provide you with any additional information apart from what you can find on the covers and in the liners; and that's not all too much, i guess. michael keith though has a short entry on the pages of the toronto jazz festival and can be found on emanem, and some information about david sait at least can be found on discogs. all three links are good starting points for some further research.

here we go-go!

mcf - music for the new world

01 - 6:34
02 - 2:44 (listen directly)
03 - 3:19
04 - 3:47
05 - 3:52
06 - 4:11 (listen directly)
07 - 4:49
08 - 5:19
09 - 5:21

and more:

michael keith - zetetic

10 (01) - what is change
11 (02) - new (listen directly)
12 (03) - the determinate
13 (04) - with input
14 (05) - stability
15 (06) - the box (listen directly)
16 (07) - variety of quanity (sic!)
17 (08) - incessant systems
18 (09) - transmission biological
19 (10) - requisite (listen directly)
20 (11) - lament

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download) 


sediment and wax-work echoes: some frisky new zealand noise from 1994 and 1996: the rain and the shadow ring

this ain't no harsh noise, honey, this is the coulty and knitternish new zealand wave of experrymintall snoudexcapes from the mid-nineteeth of the last centurray, vary foundlay and benign. but it's not harshless, annieweigh.

the rain of course was one of many projects the great peter stapleton was involved with, and the shadow ring surrounded bruce russel and his merry pranksters. both albums can be found on discogs, one is very expansive by the time being, the other one is ignored coumpletely. 

so let us start with the album sediment by the rain from 1994.

the rain were peter stapleton on drums, synthesizer and electrone=icall devices, kim pieters on bass, organ and toys, and danny butt on guitars and ecklecktronicks.

01 - dragonfly (listen directly)
02 - coma
03 - lost angel memory
04 - radii (listen directly)
05 - secrets of a rented island
06 - the blindfold test
07 - violet stains red
08 - corridor (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


coming up next of course is the shadow ring. 

for this=here studio=action they were darren harris, tim goss and graham lambkin singing and playing every instrument they could get hold of, with a little help by s. fritz, the vitamin b12 and richard youngs.

and here they go=go:

01 - you're holding all your feathered stock
02 - catching sight / of passing things (listen directly)
03 - brush mice
04 - camel or carthorse
05 - recovered meat
06 - rats & mice
07 - V.E.R.M.I.N. (listen directly)
08 - gloved-up

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

by the way: both of the downloard=files you can find way upthere are including all of the music of course, and a lot of scans and photos. a lot.