der favorit / germany 1981 / pope john paul II / mark chung just before he joined einstürzende neubauten

this is mostly what the headline says: der favorit was a german not-all-too-harsh-noise unit in 1981 that for these-here recordings featured mark chung on bass and karel wojtyla aka the pope on vocals. the drummer axel dill had been part of blender, a bremen/hamburg punk band, and bodo dretzke was later on better known as the photographer for the covers of some records by ideal, zatopek and the lassie singers. mark chung, of course, played the bass for abwärts and einstürzende neubauten.
die bundesrepublik deutschland was the federal republic of germany, eight years before the german reunification. mostly harmless, as you might remember.

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RLW aka ralf wehowsky aka eaRLy W / four exclusive tracks commissioned and submitted for the KLÄNG-compilations in 2000 / very hard to find, one of these tracks is released here for the first time ever / experiments in noise and (t)error

in 1999 i asked RLW aka ralf wehowsky aka eaRLy W to contribute some unreleased sounds to KLÄNG, a short lived series of compilations featuring rarely heard music from all over the world. in march 2000 he sent in four short tracks and encouraged me to release them in any way that i wanted to. for KLÄNG #2 and #3 i used three of his tracks, the fourth (digital errors 91027) remained unreleased until now.

in march 2000 ralf sent in an unlabelled cd-r with a handwritten cover, the accompanying letter was printed on telefax paper and has become almost unreadable throughout the years, some catchwords and some padding creating some metatextual newsense and in/no/sense, the kind of sin/is/there that we both like a lot.
this is what you want, this is what you get:

01 - eaRLy W - Nachtgebet (1980)
02 - RLW - Digital Errors 91027 (1991)
03 - RLW - Digital Errors 94019 (1994)
04 - RLW - Schöner # 3 (1999)

(please note that i desisted from radically using only small letters, as you might be used to in this-here blog, in favour of providing an insight into the original source)
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flipper live at cbgb's on the 14th of may 1983: almost an hour of raw mayhem endearing punk if you still may chole orrrr alckocall it punk.

it's a noise meditation: 54 minutes of cathartic catharrhailious punk: live, annalisiated, maelesteemed, brouhtgentitied: flipper live at the cbgb's on the fourteenth of may 1983. live, unreheared and unrehearsed, with the audience interpositioning to the performance: a wall whale wail of sound. and you cunt bye the cd at the flipperstorewaytoheaven!
flipper in these days of corpse were bruce loose (bass/vocals), steve depace (drums), steve demartis (bass/guitars) and ted falconi on guitars and feedback. for their 1983 concerts flipper were known as 'billy sacrifice and the little italians' and they served pizza and espresso on the event. the audience was prompted to join in the event and hell they did.
meanwhile this cd is offered at ridicilousily high prices on discogs and amazon, so i thought it would ounly bee fayre to let you hear what you might want to be going to buy, aren't we?
fuck yeah, let's go!

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1969 deutschland: aschaffenburg: the people: the difference between folk and volk is that we got brains: and we're gonna use them!

the people: what a bloody bescheuerter name und was für ein genialer name im nachhinein (nicht im hinblick auf die internet-suchmaschinen: wie ihr wisst war ich 1980 in einer band namens 'attraktiv und preiswert' und es ist die hölle danach zu googeln!) the people the folk das volk die bevölkerung: zerrissen uneindeutlich in widersprüchen: the people.
the people from aschaffenburg were bernd heyder, angelika find and frank eberhardt, all three of them singing, playing guitars and soundeffecting some very (not: rather) soundeffects. this 1969 recording does not sound all too far from current 93 and the folk (!) who came out to imitate their music.

and when i thought nobody would know anything about the people: along came the german rock pages and turned my head on backwards: all and everything you should might want and get to know about the people had been collected in there. and butt heyhey that's me: they know that this single had been released on the fifteenth of february 1969, but they ain't got no picture of it but i have!!!! fuck, yeah, so listen to it!

the people / aschaffenburg  / germany 1969

01 - the ballad of springhill
03 - walk me (morning dew)

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SHOX - rather charming british pop from 1980 from a rather expensive 7"-vinyl-record and you might rather like it or you won't (wtf, you know, all modern people - whatever 'modern people' are - say wtf!)

hell, yes. nobody knows anything about SHOX and what they know is completely irrelevant: their singer jacqui brookes (and if you look close enough - and you will - she is not all too far away from cosey fanni tutti and her innocent pornposing) though had been in bands like intro and siam, the others haven't even vanished in the haze. but i love their mix of blondie and young marble giants; es zwingt zum mitsingen, und du singst immer falsch.
both tracks from their one and only single are can be heard here, mixed as one, sing-a-lone! hier sind sie als, diese SHOX, haltet euer bierzelt bereit!
(mp3 / 320 kbps / linke maustaste zum anhören / rechte maustaste zum speichern / und wenn ihr speichert: vergesst die bilder nicht! - click left to listen, click right to download, don't forget to save the pictures!)


the exile: brock from the grave: 1977 punk or at least that's what they say it was or is or crucify the dj!

well, this is quite simple: i don't know nothing, discogs does know nothing. google does know nothing, the punks don't know nothing, the straights don't know nothing, we all don't know nothing and we all don't bloody care!

the exile from glasgow had one ep released on their own label in 1977 and a single on charly in 1978 and then they vanished in the haze: their records change hands for ridicilous high prices and i thought you might like to hear them before you go hunting on ebay.
the exile were graham scott on vocals and guitar, stan workman on guitar, robert kirk on bass and vocals and dougie burns on drums. they played proto-post-blabla-post-punk, rather slow and neatneatneat. there was no way to like them not or at all. well.

listen to:

01 - jubilee 77
02 - hooked on you
03 - fascist dj
04 - windmill

you have heard it all before, but i love it.

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do you ken john peel? who's knocking on your coffin? nasty media 1978, punk your beautiful selves!

well, this one is a lot of fun: the rockingest do-it-yourself-punk i ever heard: pop rotten to the core, as i might say: a lot of fun, indeed. and rightfully they make goo-goo eyes at john peel and jack the ripper. du musst den leuten den pop-aspekt beizeiten einbläuen oder they will go away when they don't understand: dies ist fucking charmant und ich hoffe sie werden keine welt-tournee mit keyboard-geschmiere und schlechtem gebläse auf meine beine stellen: das ist so wunderbar innocent herzerfrischend rebellious was wisst ihr denn schon geht weg! aber dafür ist es zu spät in der heutigen realität, wenn man du und ich die heutige realität als die heutige realität und äähh blabla bla, es ist alles noch nicht mal ganz anders.

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jürgen wentorf: wir gehen nicht nach liverpool (we won't go to liverpool: a german bierzeltschlager from 1966 for all you beatles collectors out there!)

germany 1966: in retrospect it occurs like a schlagerbeatdisneyland (see the tag prae-kraut on this-here blog for more information) but when you lived there you could do nothing but hate it to survive. even the beatles were hated contumeliousnessly by everyone over the age of twentyfive. even jürgen wentorf, who lateron was a producer, composer and engineer for musicians like vampyros lesbos, albert mangelsdorff and birth control rode on this wave and sang a germandeutsche gemütlichkeitsschlager in the volksfestbierzelten in 1966: i won't go to liverpool!
the a-side of the single was a complete and utter crap and i put the a-side first, of course. in a very rough translation, this is what he says: "i once met beatle joe / yeah yeah yeah / who only could play with a thousand phone / yeah yeah yeah / he said: follow me to liverpool / the home of the beat / but i will stay drinking my wine / close to the beautiful german river of rhine / we won't go to liverpool / no no no / it's better to drain our bottles here / yeah yeah yeah / we do not play beat music / no no no / we only love folklike brass music / yeah yeah yeah / we do not fight and scrap / we do not break up chairs (this wahat happened ten years before at a bill haley concert) / nonono / when it gets cozily / we shall play our own kind of beat with brass and bier / we won't go to liverpool / no no no / it's better to drain our bottles here / yeah yeah yeah / we do not play beat music / no no no / we only love our folklike brass music / yeah yeah yeah" and in the end it sounds like joseph beuys chanting 'yeah yeah yeah yeah no no no no' a year or two lateron.
believe it or not: in the seventies or early eighties jürgen wentorf, the guy on the left, shoot himself in the head like he predicted 1966: all this is very strange.

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tomi sovilj and silueta: sixties punk standards sung in yugoslavian in 1966: hej o slupi!

and though my copy is totally worn out it is a lot of fun: i found this ep by tomi sovilj and his group silueta on a fleamarket in germany for some twenty cent. what you will get to know right now are some sixties punk standards like hang on sloopy or woolly bully executed in sheer competetetence and sung in jugoslavian: uno, do, einszwei, cetti!
listen to wulle bulle, hang on slup, jinny jinny and one of their original tunes. this is neue jugoslawische kunst. love it or be nope!

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white heat 1980 - power pop. at least that's what the doctors say it is...

their name white heat of course will lead your thoughts into a wrong direction: the white heat played power pop, not all too bad, but no sensation at all, the b-side reminding me of the undertones and the a-side sounding like the pop pop pop the simple minds never caught up with. but as this 7"-single changes hands for some 25 euro on discogs i thought you might like to hear the music before you decide to spend that lot.
from 1979 to 1981 white heat released one album and three singles, finished with fashion was their second release as a 7" in 1980, both tracks are not included on the album. their singer bob smeaton could later on be heard in some tribute albums for the beatles, jimi hendrix or genesis, the rest of the band vanished in the haze.

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