vengeance - the jesus and mary chain recorded live in 1985 and 1992

three different dates, three different venues, three very different audiences, and three different versions of the living end. the jesus and mary chain live in concert in 1992 and 1985.

for your listening pleasure these three performances of JAMC included on the cd vengeance released in italy in 1992 are not cut into little pieces but are left as three long pieces of nicenoise as they had been executed. you can listen directly with leftclick or download the tracks to your hard drive with rightklick; there is no rar-file, so you have to save the pictures if you want to keep them. you know how to. and by the way, there is some obscure material by JAMC to be found in this=here blog: get to hear them live in amsterdam 1985 including two versions of fuck, and listen to the mini-cd that was included in an italian book in 1992.

the cover says that the first seven tracks on this cd have been recorded live in new york in 1992 (most probably between the 20th and 25th of september), and this may be true or not. the same seven tracks have been published on the strange fruit live cd claimed as having been recorded in sheffield on the 28th of september 1992. and nobody knows if it really happened.

01 - catch fire
02 - blues from a gun
03 - head on (listen directly)
04 - reverence
05 - far gone and out
06 - half way to crazy (listen directly)
07 - sidewalking

tracks 08 to 21 most probably were recorded in new york in 1985 at two different dates and at two different locations. there is no evidence when where why, but at least it is rather unlikely they would play the same song three times at one evening.

08 - in a hole
09 - mushroom
10 - inside me
11 - just like honey (listen directly)
12 - inside me (listen directly)
13 - it's so hard
14 - you trip me up

15 - inside me (listen directly)
16 - taste of cindy
17 - taste the floor
18 - the hardest walk
19 - the living end
20 - mushroom (listen directly)
21 - never understand



the berlin diseaster: the dilletainted laugh: the eponymous tape of die didaktische einheit from 1982: care if you dare!

they didn't care too much about tracks and traces, and i don't either. the almostly free improvized punkrautnoise of the berlin based band didaktische einheit was a coumpletely uncomputable loose cannon for most of their coevals, and it still is todie for the laterboreds. they came radicrally, conquered ridicilously, vanished raidiciouslay, and got lost in the process of growing old.

their entry on discogs is offering a few names of the entities involved that you will never be heard off about ever again and can not foreload them annieway. butt you can listen now right=here to what they did in 1982. the five or six tracks on this tape have no titles, so you'll just get the a- and the b-side as one 20-minute-track each, plus a scan of the lyrics they were using or not to sing along.

so listen directly, there is no download-rar or -zip-file; and if for any reason you might think you want to save the pictures you'll have to save them sepouratedly for any reason. the music starts with leftclick, and you can use rightklick to save ass, but you know the game, don't you?

didaktische einheit b-seite



in search of brighter colors: sky sunlight saxon high in the mid-late eighties: two albums on one cd plus two bonustracks from later on: a groovy thing

the postpsychtrancedeliriotirious advaintortures of sky sunlight saxon and heavy friends, featuring mars bonfire, peter case, steve wynn, rodney bingenheimer, rudi protrudi, carla olson, dan west, lee joseph and many more. this is wild, dangerous and beautiful.
you will get to hear both the albums in search of brighter colors from 1988 and a groovy thing from 1986 released together on one cd by the french new rose label in 1988, plus two bonustracks i found in the outskirts of my collection.

in search of brighter colors (1988)

01 - i hear the mountains crash (listen directly)
02 - baby (be patient)
03 - lighting, lighting
04 - come on, pretty girl
05 - put something sweet between your lips
06 - kick kick (listen directly)
07 - barbie doll look
08 - paisley rocker
09 - the big screen
10 - come a - here right now

a groovy thing (1986)

11 - starving for your love (listen directly)
12 - house of mine
13 - return of the sixties
14 - love dog
15 - burning down the walls of the city
16 - sha la la la it's a groovy thing (listen directly)
17 - medley over-reaction / hollywood blvd 

the bonustracks

18 - sharp dressed man (probably recorded in 2008 and credited to "sky saxon the seeds"; found on the 2010 album top musicians play zz top)

19 - summer of love (probably recorded in 1990s and released as a free download on the old version of mp3.com in 1999; unfourtunately i do not know if it is the same version that was released later on on the album back to the garden in 2008) (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)



half alive! the eponymous 1980 solo album by martin rev, plus some bonustracks

i don't have to tell you who martin rev is, do i? and so i won't. 

the eponymous 1980 album on infidelity
01 - MARI
03 - NINETEEN 86 (listen directly)
05 - JOMO
06 - ASIA (listen directly)

the bonustracks from the 1997 re-release on the belgian daft records label

the bonustracks from the 2002 re-release on ROIR
09 - 5 TO 5
10 - WES (listen directly)

plus some more

the bonustrack from the cd-version of martin rev's 1985 clouds of glory

two excerpts from the suicide box
14 - RADIO AD 1978 (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)



a very cheap budget trash bin compilation by the postpostpost-yardbirds, completely messed up by the label and here and now enhanced with some terrific bonustracks

just what the headline says: a low-budget production for the rummage table, a postpostpost incarnation of the late yardbirds re=interprenetating some of their gravest hits and endrotzusing some new songs in an almost acceptable way getting coumpletelay messed up by an everso=undercaring record company; it's a waste of trash and i love it. for your listening pleasure i added some bonus tracks i aleatorically picked up out off my collection; so please stay at home and have fun.

the tracklist you get with this trash can king is totally rubbish, the order of tracks is appsouloudelay wrong and one of the betterlater tracks is not even mentioned: there are 14 tracks on this cd, while the cover does only list 13 of them. my handwritten commands will show you the way. the recordings most probably were executed in 1995 by jim mccarthy, chris dreja, ray majors and terry crowe, but noboreday knows if it really happound.

this is what you want, this is what you get:

01 - for your love
02 - still i'm sad (not said) (listen directly)
03 - gotta go now
04 - winter (listen directly)
05 - shapes of things
06 - heart full of soul
07 - stand up
08 - good morning, little schoolgirl (listen directly)
09 - the stooge
10 - evilhearted you (listen directly)
11 - goodbye baby
12 - smokeless zone
13 - over under sideways down (listen directly)
14 - a madlay

and now for the bonus tracks; listen to them, they are really good!

15 - the downliners sect - ain't got you (listen directly)
16 - the downliners sect - bad penny
(from the 1991 cd "savage return". jim mccarthy is featured on track 16; track 15 is here because i love this version of the late downliners)

17 - i'm waiting for my man
(from "over the world"; this track was recorded at the shrine auditorium in los angeles, probably on the 31st of may 1968)

18 - paff bum
19 - questa volta (listen directly)
(live at san remo in february 1966; bootleg-versions from the early 90s; terrible!)

20 - glimpses
(some sound effects recorded in new york 1967)
21 - the in sound (listen directly)
(august 1967, for a us army radio program)
22 - think about it
(work in progress; london 1968)
23 - the train kept a-rollin' (listen directly)
(live in france; 9th of march 1967)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


the KLÄNx project: 26 exclusive tracks by the german postfluxus artist albrecht/d. plus some remixes by fognin

in late 2000 or early 2001 the stuttgart postfluxus artist albrecht/d. recorded 26 rather short solo tracks in his home studio using reeds, percussion, flute and his voice as an exclusive selection of material that i might choose from for the inclusion on the cd compilation KLÄNG #4.

unfortunately KLÄNG #4 never happened (all of the music that was released on the KLÄNG volumes one to three and some notes on the reasons why the concept of KLÄNG failed can be found in a post from 2007 in this=here blog), so me and my co-editor fognin decided to release the 26 tracks as raw as raw material can be in a very limited edition on cdr. in 2003 our friend david dufour aka deuf aka TÔLE ACHE re-released those 26 tracks on his break-the-line! label, that is the version that nowadys can be found on discogs. both editions were fully approved by albrecht/d. and he agreed these tracks to be completely copylefted, so you may re-make, re-model, re-release or re-ignore these tracks in any way that you want to.

accompanying both releases of the raw material is the cdr klänx und re with mixes and remixes that fognin created in april 2001, you may find the original version and the btl!-version way down below.

so here we go for KLÄNx 29=27 (-1) both in the original version from 2001 and the re-release on break-the-line! from 2003:


01 - 01 29 (for reasons unknown this one is called "for k.m.d.-y 3:42.de" on the break-the-line! release, but it is definitely the same track)
02 - 02 29
03 - 03 29
04 - 04 29 (listen directly)
05 - 05 29
06 - 06 29 (listen directly)
07 - 07 29
08 - 08 29
09 - 09 29
10 - 11 29
11 - 12 29 (listen directly)
12 - 13 29
13 - 14 29
14 - 15 29 (listen directly)
15 - 16 29
16 - 17 29
17 - 18 29 (listen directly)
18 - 18 29
19 - 20 29
20 - 22 29
21 - 23 29
22 - 24 29
23 - 25 29 (listen directly)
24 - 26 29
25 - 27 29
26 - 28 29

download KLÄNx 29=27 (-1)
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


and here are the remixes that fognin produced in april 2001 with the original cover art followed by the version on break-the-line! as featured on discogs:


01 - 00 > 29 <> 27
02 - romantische aphorismen (remix 1)
03 - opera nebulosa für ein 27fach gespaltenes ich (remix 2) (listen directly)
04 - für s{eri}eele jazz-big-band (remix 3)
05 - sinfonia liesalotta
06 - exposé maraqué (jv)
07 - exposé maraqué (wev) (listen directly)
08 - der ganze ad (26 sekunden für fastfoodfresser)
09 - vier mütter 1 - eva
10 - vier mütter 2 - maria
11 - vier mütter 3 - sophia
12 - vier mütter 4 - sibylle (listen directly)
13 - 29 29

download KLÄNx und re
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)