the jesus and mary chain live in amsterdam 1985; including two versions of "jesus fuck"

and the headline says it all: this is the jesus and mary chain, live in amsterdam on the 11th of march 1985, and they were playing two versions of "jesus fuck", and a little bit more. that's all, almost. three of these tracks have been available on the "wall of psycho"-bootleg; but the entire concert has never been published before, as far as i know. so here we are now:

01 - in a hole
02 - vegetable man
03 - taste the floor
04 - you trip me up
05 - the living end
06 - jesus fuck
07 - inside me
08 - just like honey
09 - jesus fuck

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the long and windinding rotten trot: never mind instant composing: here are han bennink, misha mengelberg, peter brötzmann, tristan honsinger and many other heroes of the european free improvisation coumpilated for your listening pleasure

han bennink: ein schneller blick auf seine freundschaften: so klingt er neben steve lacy, irène schweizer, misha mengelberg, peter brötzmann, tristan honsinger oder anthony braxton: swing for the crime als überblick mit einigen bis dato unveröffentlichten stücken. und "neben" heisst "neben"! eine wunderbare zusammenführung aller informationen ist bei discogs zu finden; das alles jetzt abzuschreiben trüge die redundanz in ungeahnte höhen: also seht mal selber nach.

han bennink ist ein schlagzeuger. das ist schon mal falsch. schlagwerker. auch nicht viel besser. trommelnspieler. ja das geht zum beispiel. wegen dem spielen. klöppler ist ganz gut. schliesslich kommt er aus holland. das ist ja beinahe belgien. nahe bei. also klöppler. ein spitzenklöppler. und ein schläger. bommm! krasch! was habt ihr denn gedacht? und er ist laut und leise und luise und er weiss das alles schon und dann kommt ein grinsen weil das alles klar ist. sowieso. so spielt er und so ist er hier zu hören und so ist es gut: han bennink.

han bennink also: ein querschnitt durch sein werk: diese cd war 2004 eine beilage zur italienischen monatsschrift musica jazz. leider gibt es hier nichts mit eric dolphy oder dexter gordon: dafür alle anderen wie oben aufgezählt und einige mehr; weitere eigene forschungen unterscheiden den geneigten leser vom flüchtigen publikum. darf ich helfen?

most of these tracks can be found on long lost and forgotten records that have been released on obscure labels well hidden all over the world, and some tracks have never seen the shimmeringdimmering light of dawn until they were unearthed for this-heear compilation. listen directly in your browser to two tracks from the 5th of june 1979: who's bridge (misha mengelberg, piano, and han bennink, drums) and brozzlman (misha mengelberg, piano, peter brötzmann, altsax, and han bennink, drums) or better even download the complete album.

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pere ubu live in bremen 1981

sososorry there is a sizzling crackering spattering noise all overabout these sounds-here like they were resccued from a worn out record, but they arewere not, and they are so fnording rare that you might want to stand them anyway; and if you're not, you're not. this is pere ubu caught live in concert in bremen (northwestgermany) on the 21st of february 1981. pere ubu for this performance probably were david thomas on vocals, tony maymone on bass, anton fier on drums, allen ravenstine on synthesizers, and mayo thompson on guitars. and but as i am a complete loser in recognizing songs and their titles, here are just some keywords of what you might expect:

01 - spent a day under the water
02 - my feet under the water
03 - drunken sailors
04 - thinking about you
05 - ?
06 - good time
07 - real time
08 - shake!
09 - chokerman
10 - ants and grasshoppers
11 - ? and announcement

so here we you there we go:

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the human switchboard live in cleveland 1981; psychobeat for the advanced (in years)

payne it back: on the 6th of november 1981 the cleveland radio station WMMS broadcasted a live concert by the wonderful human switchboard in their coffee break show; a loudt and unheavyaintlay psychotic action pain-ting reprezentattering the missing link between the velvet underground and the 39 clocks. weirdie shored oceans of sounds, trancemeditatering the owl orff ze opstackulous. in 1982 ROIR released this show as one of their lost tapes that never got rereleased on vinyl or cd.
the human switchboard for this perfourmains were bob pfeifer on guitar and vocals, myrna macarian on farfisa and vocals, ron metz on drums, and steve calabria on bass. they played two rather short sets, and they can be downloarded here in their entiredty on the a-side and the b-side of the roir-tape.
who's landing in my hangar?
i can walk alone
sharpest girl
in this town
no heart
maybe (somebody wanted to help)
it's not fair
she invites
where the light breaks

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celebrating the eggman: 14 german democratic bands paying their tribute to john lennon and the beatles in 1990

yeahyeahyeah youknow juno, it's the german beatles again, the beatles in germany again, the beatles tearing down the wall, motherfuckers. when in 1989 and 1990 the german democratic republic aka ddr ceased to exist and the gates were tumbling down, some of the eastgerman punk bands recognized and reconfessed the great influence that john lennon and the beatles had had on their long struggle tearing down a stalinistic social order to find out new emancipated (which means: "look! no hands! holding me down!") ways of interacting in a new society. unfortunately these experimental drop-outs were stopped in 1990 when the gdr became part of a greater germany, but a breeze of a new air and a new era was still there. and coumpletely ignoring the capitalistic means of production they were hiding and sometimes losing themtheirselves in rather obscure music. but is this and that not exactly and precisely what we all are doing any day? yes, it is; and no, it is not, and so on and so on.
so listen to all the fun they had, and listen to them fail and break down. this is a blueprint for all this brexit and trump shit lifting its ugly head. do not wait and waist time while they smother you et cetera et cetera. more information on the artists involved can be fond on discogs; but right here you can listen to drive my car and revolution no. 89 directly in your browser. cerebrating the eggman; that's it.

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BEATLEMANIA n.UR-Kult hannover 1995: 34 german underground bands playing 59 songs by the beatles

from 1992 to 2002 the n.UR-Kult label was the armed wing of the hannover independent youth culture project silke arp bricht; in those ten years they released about 70 records, tapes, videos and cds by a great variety of underground bands including klaus beyer, eugene chadbourne, gott, krone der gastlichkeit, nikki sudden, harald 'sack' ziegler and many others. most of these have sold out long since, but you can still explore their backcatalogue

in 1995 they gathered together most of their friends and relatives, portioned them into 34 bands and projects, and forced them to record 59 very different versions of some songs made famous by the beatles; some versions are rather annoying, some are wonderful, and all of them are very interesting for every serious beatles collector at least. those 59 songs were released on two c-60 cassette tapes that are very hard to find these days. to keep the look-and-feel of the tape release i decided not to separate the 59 tracks but to share four tracks of half an hour each as they could have been heard on the tapes.

tape 1

side 1
listen to gott and harald 'sack' ziegler directly in your browser

side 2
listen to milford T. directly in your browser

tape 2

side 3
listen to die tüte der marie directly in your browser

side 4
listen to DUGU4 directly in your browser

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warum joe: allah mode et la methode du discours; french tekkNO!punk 1986/1988

this compilation of two albums by the french elekktrewpunque band warum joe from 1986 and 1988 is not all too rare (you can still find it via discogs for some twenty euro), but it's a lot of fun to listen to some manicool guys knobbing and knibbling on and off their obscure soundmachines and deconstructering punk's harmonies into some mourorminal orless expansions, coumplatedly proucessed forceteeth toowhomm!

listen to this:

01 - une case de vide 3:43
02 - sun tsu 2:25
03 - dernière spéciale 3:15
04 - lettre de mon moulin 2:40 (listen directly in your browser)
05 - transe sibérienne 2:30
06 - le jour se lève 3:00
07 - 6,35 with love 2:31
08 - ite missa est 2:05
09 - lame fatale 3:44
10 - help the give give 2:22
11 - ben johnson 0:23
12 - prairie rouge 3:12
13 - make my day 2:15 (listen directly in your browser)
14 - respublica 3:18
15 - l.h.o. 3:22
16 - causa nostra 2:00
17 - les dents de l'amer 2:49
18 - sevice compris 2:44
19 - smell the wasp 3:21
20 - fulminate 2:11
21 - kriegspiel 2:43
22 - loto critique 1:46
23 - vaterland 3:50
24 - bloody mary 2:49
25 - dactylo 2:50
26 - a.f.p (remix) 2:31
27 - tu quoque 2:02 (listen directly in your browser)

download warum joe
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albrecht/d. in as a fluxus live performance on the königstrasse in stuttgart in 1979

on sunday the 30th of september 1979 the stuttgart postfluxus artist albrecht/d. and some of his friends conquered and occupied the stuttgart mainflaneurandshopping road the königstrasse in the city in the centre of stuttgart to perform an educational afternoon of fluxus lessons and live actions inspired by yoko ono, vostell, paik, ben vautier and all the other beuys and girls, and nobody really cared. having survived two years of cheap punk imitation by very cheap stuttgart punk imitators, the stuttgart passersby acted and reacted rather coumplaysatantley to these halfhearted fluxus imitations. it was a rather relaxed situation with some strange music (but better rehearsed than the usual buskers, anyway) and some loudmouthed announcemints you can find even more annoying on any farmer's market on tuesdays. so what you can hear is more like a laid-back and unstressed version of a swan song than some hysterical behaviour in honour of the provocation that fluxus once way back in the sixties tried to be. and besides, we don't hve the slightest clue, idea or evidence who acted or performed or at least was around or close to this event. but anyway this was art with a big A and a big R and a big T, and the audience some 40 years later on gets treated as if it reALLy happened; but at least it's boring old art, and it smells funny, but i like it, like it, yes i do.

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back door / pure and raw blues / bbc and live recordings 1973 to 1974

when in the early seventies everyboredy fumped their hearts out on conceptualysed artartrock the three or four valiant knights of back door sat down and reduesed to the blues bare to its bones: just one or two and a half instrummints, an unexorcised voice, and the irrepressible and ungouvernable pure will to refoam the blues an nothing but the blues. stripped down dry and in search off eddie's eternal sempitermal riff.
so we got ron aspery (sax, flute, e-piano), colin hodgkinson (bass, vocals), and tony hicks (drums) on all of these tracks, and dave macrae (e-piano) on some. for the last six tracks there is a rumour going on that alexis korner can be heard on guitar, but that'some thing i could not verify at all.
tracks 1 to 14 are from the cd the human bed that had been released in 2002 on hux records and has long since sold out.

01 - vienna breakdown
02 - blue country blues (listen directly in your browser)
03 - captain crack up
04 - when you've got a good friend
05 - adolphus beal
06 - human bed
07 - fanny wiggins
08 - walkin' blues
09 - louisiana blues
10 - slivadiv
11 - the spoiler
12 - tb blues
13 - blakey jones
14 - the dashing white sargeant (listen directly in your browser)

following now are six tracks from the bootleg compilation don't dare to forget that were recorded in london in 1973 and had been rereleased on vinyl in 2013; both editions are rather hard to find these days.

15 (01) - folk song
16 (02) - roberta
17 (03) - linin' track
18 (04) - forget me daisy
19 (05) - blue county blues
20 (06) - his old boots

so if you like underpsychoredialisised blues without all the bells and whistles, here's the place for you to stay. at least this time; the next post will be something coumpletely different.

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i dig everything: early david bowie: singles and demos from 1964 to 1966, and the beckenham demos from 1968

two editions of early singles and/or demos stuffed together to fit on one cd with 77 minutes: a lot of stuff david bowie recorded between 1964 and 1968. first there are some 42 minutes of some (well-known) singles and some (not so well-known) demos that had been released as early on (1964-1966) in 1994 and have long since been gone, meanwhile changing hands for half of a monthly salary; if you are earning 800 euro a month, that is. and second of all we got the beckenham demo tapes that david bowie is said to have recorded in his living room in the december of 1968. 
so let us start with 17 tracks david bowie recorded between 1964 and 1966 as davie jones, davy jones, as a member of the manish boys, and with the lower third featuring jimmy page and the buzz. you can figure it all out in the accompanying booklet.
so here we gogo:

01 - davie jones with the king bees - liza jane
02 - davie jones with the king bees - louie, louie go home
03 - the manish boys - i pity the fool
04 - the manish boys - take my tip (listen directly in your browser)
05 - davy jones - that's where my heart is
06 - davy jones - i want my baby back
07 - davy jones - bars of the county jail (listen directly in your browser)
08 - davy jones with the lower third - you've got a habit of leaving
09 - davy jones with the lower third - baby loves that way
10 - davy jones with the lower third - i'll follow you
11 - davy jones with the lower third - glad i've got nobody
12 - david bowie with the lower third - can't help thinking about me
13 - david bowie with the lower third - and i say to myself    
14 - david bowie with the buzz - do anything you say
15 - david bowie with the buzz - good morning girl
16 - david bowie - dig everything
17 - david bowie - i'm not losing sleep

so these were the early-on-tracks; coming up next are the nine beckenham demos recorded in 1968. and though you might notice the recordings are a bit wobbly, at least that's what they are. and they are loveley, indeep.

so listen to:
(18) 1 - space oddity
(19) 2 - letter to hermione
(20) 3 - love song
(21) 4 - when i'm five
(22) 5 - live is a circus
(23) 6 - janine (listen directly in your browser)
(24) 7 - an occasional dream
(25) 8 - conversation piece
(26) 9 - the ching-a-ling song 

that's okay, isn't it? in the .rar-file that you can download two or three lines down below you will find some more pictures and some additional liner notes. it's all too beautiful. 

(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)

and by the way: next door in my blog bewegnungen you can find the two-track-cd tv rebell featuring two 1967 david bowie songs in german, or what he conzittered as german annie weigh...