you really got me! 31 versions of the greatest song of all, featuring the pinkees, british summertime ends, the beat boys, the portsmouth sinfonia, 801, the wilde flowers and 21 versions executed by the kinks. and they all sound the same.

the first word in this song is girl. it means girl. and to leave your body. yes, 31 versions of you really got me (though two are not) omitting the common hammersmith gorillas and van halen versions and incorporating a rather obscure focus point on the glamrogue band 801, the german postpunk pinkees, the even more german beat boys, the britishiest of the bizarre british brands summertime ends, and the morest britishitst of them all, the kinks, of course off course. additional information can easily be found on discogs or your favourite search engine, honeybaby, horneybeebee, honkydont!

so here we go-go:

01 - the portsmouth sinfonia 1977 (listen directly)
02 - the kinks - bbc, saturday club, 1964-09-07, transmissions-version
03 - the kinks - live at kelvin hall in glasgow, 1st of april 1967; mono-version (listen directly)
04 - 801 - live at hull 1977 (listen directly)
05 - the kinks on german tv: beat beat beat 23rd of november 1965
06 - the kinks live at maryland 1989
07 - the kinks in july 1964; mono-version with reverb
08 - the kinks - bbc, saturday club, 1964-09-07, kulled-from-the-arkives-version (listen directly)
09 - the kinks on top gear, 30th of october 1964
10 - the wilde flowers, rehearsal room recordings 1964, with kevin ayers, robert wyatt, brian hopper and hugh hopper (listen directly)
11 - the kinks live undated, from the early-days-of-rock-bootleg from 1989

12 - the kinks - don't ever let me go; recorded in september 1964 (this is not you really got me, but it is); official version
13 - the kinks - bbc, saturday club, 1964-09-07; ray davies talks about you really got me (listen directly)
14 - 801 - live on the 3rd of september 1976; featuring bill maccormick, brian eno, lloyd watson, francis monkman, simon phillips, and phil manzanera

15 - the beatboys 2007; more dissinfoamation on this german band can be found nextdoor (listen directly)
16 - the kinks; july 1964; mono-version
17 - the kinks live in paris on the 14th of april 1964 (listen directly)
18 - the pinkees; rehearsal room recording 1983. wenne on drums, machner on bass, zoran or flupp on guitar, and yes, that is me, singing with my voice (listen directly)
19 - the kinks - bbc, saturday club, 1964-09-07, anothergreatlostkinksalbum-version
20 - the kinks, live im bremen beat-club; tortally unconfirmed

21 - 801 - rehearsal room recordings dating from the 23rd of august 1976 (listen directly)
22 - the kinks - bbc, saturday club, 1964-09-07, official version
23 - the kinks, live, probably 1980, from the 1997 german compilation hit the road  (listen directly)
24 - british summertime ends; probadly recordered in 1990 (listen directly)
25 - don't ever let me go; recorded in september 1964 (this is not you really got me, but it is); bootleg-version (listen directly)

26 - the kinks - live at kelvin hall in glasgow, 1st of april 1967; stereo-version
27 - 801 live on the 2nd of november 1977 featuring the god=like paul thompson on drums (listen directly)
28 - the kinks live in london at the nme-poll-or-whatever-winners-party on the fourth of nouvember 1965
29 - the kinks in or on or at shindig in or over or all about the usa in november 1964
30 - the pinkees live in beutelsbach 1983 (listen directly)
31 - the kinks live in paris on the 14th of april 1964 again (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


ivan kral: a very enjoyable collection of rare tracks based on the 1992 album native, featuring patti smith, john cale, iggy pop, PBCH and other friends and relatives

godspeed, ivan kral. his death was untimely, as every death is. let us celebrate his life with some of the music he recorded in the seventies, eighties and nineties of the last century and keep his name alive. without him punk would have turned the other way. here is some john cale influenced melancholia for you, some stooges handclapping, some latelayed bowie and a lot of ivan kral.

first of all we got the band native with their eponymous album. native were ivan kral on vocals and guitars, zbynek pavlicek on bass, and mackenzie brown on drums. the album was recorded in late october 1992 at the monongo studios in berlin and was released on the german zensor label the same year. 

here we go-go:

01 - cry for more (listen directly)
02 - cat walk
03 - alive (tell me) (listen directly)
04 - break down her silence
05 - spirit
06 - crazy about you
07 - turn to me
08 - photographed
09 - slow down (listen directly)
10 - don't have answers
11 - way down below
12 - give me love

second of all this is followed by four songs from the 1995 album nostalgia featuring ivan kral on vocals and guitars, andrej seban on guitars and keyboards, emil frátrik on drums, andmarek minárik on bass:

13 - perfect moon (ivan kral on strings, andrej seban on guitar, john cale on piano, and patti smith sings) (listen directly)

14 - rains again (written by ivan kral and patti smith)

15 - speak to me (written by ivan kral and iggy pop)

16 - ahah (featuring david koller, PBCH, robert kodym and michal dvorák) (listen directly)

third of all there are three songs released as a maxi-cd complementating the album nostalgia in 1996:

17 - shoes (taken from the album)
18 - no one (live in prague, october 1995)
19 - dancing barefoot (live in prague, october 1995) (listen directly)

force of all are two songs ivan kral recorded live as a part of the iggy pop band on the 26th of september 1980 at the bookie's club in detroit; the show omitting these two tracks has been released halflegally on easy action in 2018, the missing tracks can only found on the lust for life bootleg and here:

20 - hassels
21 - louie louie / hang on sloopy (listen directly)

and fifth but not least we got a live version of one of the many songs ivan kral wrote for the patti smith group:

22 - pumping my heart (bottom line, new york, 27th of december 1975) (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


like father, like son: peter and caspar brötzmann blowing each other's mind

his machine gun attack in 1968 was louder than war, it was harsh and vibrant, and it was punk before sid vicious was even born. here you can hear the german adolphesax-player peter brötzmann some twentytwo years later in bad coumpany and not accompanicked with/by the uncontrollable guitar noise of his son caspar. a morethanharmful and mindbending experience.

caspar and peter brötzmann recorded these pictures of lily live in a studio in brooklyn way back in august 1990. caspar in those days of course had is own freepunkfreakjazzband massaker, and peter brötzmann was freelanzanating and blowing his horn wherever he went. these recordings were released in abbreviatedited form as a longplayer on vinyl and in extended versions as a cd with two bonustracks. the tracklength documented on the cover is refering to the vinyl version, i added the running time of the cd-version in brackets.

in the download-file below you will of course find the slightly longer cd-version of these recordings, plus a bonustrack by the caspar-brötzmann-massaker i found on the mortar compilation.

so here we go-go:

01 - die, saurier, die 3:53 (listen directly)
02 - talk to the canoe driver 10:10
03 - last home 2:25 (4:39) (listen directly)
04 - little man in the boat 2:15 (5:42)
05 - doozandazzy 5:45 (4:30) (listen directly)
06 - yazzihamper 4:32 (5:00)
07 - witch hazel in the dark afternoon 5:02 (5:46)
08 - fette biester 5:50 (listen directly)
09 - tantarabobs 16:27

the bonustrack:

10 - the caspar-brötzmann-massaker - massaker 13:30
(caspar brötzmann guitar vocals / eduardo delgado bass vocals / frank neumeier drums / recorded live at ccam in nancy in 1990)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


soundcultures raising a ruckus: 61 very different tracks found on the points of rupture and the connecting lines between art and music: germany 2000 and 2003

art and sound and so und art: the 2002 catalogue of the künstlerhaus (house of artists) in bremen documenting amongst many other things a cd with 38 tracks of raw material for the performance "krach schlagen" (raising a ruckus) by jeanne van heeswijk and assorted, associated and unanonymous bremen artists and f(r)iends that was executed in november and december 2000, and the 2003 book soundcultures compiling essays on minimal sounds, glitch art, mille plateaux and electronic(all) music accompaniced by a 3"-cd with 22 very short tracks.

though both the books and the artists are not connected in any way except for their longtallshortyness i thought it was a nice idea to have all those 60 tracks (and graftagedered by a 2003 example of my own work) on one cd to play the with shuffle and repeat. so this is what you get in the download-rar way down below: 61 very different very short tracks and a lot of scans and photos.

let's go-go:

in the year 2000 the dutch artist jeanne van heeswijk invited a whole lot of bremen artists and friends to contribute some very short noise to her performance "krach schlagen" (raising a ruckus). all those very different tracks (free jazz, hip hop, swing, pop etc) confronted the unprepared visitor simultaneously and at a veryvery high volume. an in-deep description of the performance can be found on jeanne's page. what you get here is the raw material sent in by the contributing artists, plus a way-too-short 4-minute-example of how it all came true (track 38). there is only very few additional information to be found on the artists involved, but at least i can tell you that mister volquartz mentioned in track 36 is indeed ove volquartz from the kraut legend annexus quam.

so there:

01 - a.m.b. style
02 - biq (listen directly)
03 - bremer musical company
04 - bremer saxen
05 - casino
06 - chw-trio (listen directly)
07 - confusao
08 - peter dahm
09 - dc-gokhan and hikmet umul
10 - django swing quartett
11 - dj memo (listen directly)
12 - dj mystic and sadik
13 - dror feiler und x-pol-batterie
14 - norbert ellrich
15 - ensemble sondarc (listen directly)
16 - siegried ernst
17 - five secrets
18 - gotische rippen (listen directly)
19 - hcl ensemble
20 - hirn bein rennt
21 - huskis
22 - kaszanka (listen directly)
23 - kauz
24 - khupe
25 - lumpi
26 - eckhard and dietmar kirstein
27 - reinhard schimmelpfeng
28 - sie will ärger (listen directly)
29 - siembra
30 - michael sievert
31 - slapscat
32 - swim-two-birds
33 - swinging pool
34 - thee watzloves (listen directly)
35 - vivace musikschule
36 - volquartz gerold wilmanns kaufmann (listen directly)
37 - hans-joachim wolf
38 - krach schlagen (ensemble)


instant awareness, clicks and cuts, deterritorialization, alignment pacts and the sensibillyties of powerlessness: when suhrkamp collected these essays on about electronicould musick in 2003 they took no consideratation on in intelligibillyties in ernie way and that's the way these overinellectualized postkrautnerds sound like and that's a lot of fun. sometimes at least. some additional information on the artists involved can be found on discogs, but you won't get to heaven on the autobahn.

39 (01) - vladislav delay - solid as a rock
40 (02) - atom tm - kleine hausmusik #16
41 (03) - shuttle358 - proxy
42 (04) - costello - nariwa [extract]
43 (05) - andreas tilliander - one minute women (listen directly)
44 (06) - mikael stavöstrand - floating
45 (07) - alva.noto - 60 sec
46 (08) - frank bretschneider - drift
47 (09) - thomas köner - 1 minute (listen directly)
48 (10) - kim cascone - microreplica [mantissa edit]
49 (11) - christophe charles - narita
50 (12) - taylor deupree - verse
51 (13) - terre thaemlitz - thaemlitz mp catalog, 225 layers, 113 stereo files, 60 sec.
52 (14) - heimir björgulfsson - the give jingle (listen directly)
53 (15) - asmus tietchens - teilmenge 26
54 (16) - ekkehard ehlers - fantasie
55 (17) - random inc. - random_inc at kalandia [jan 8th 2003]
56 (18) - achim wollscheid - 60sec.wav
57 (19) - marcus schmickler - rekursi (listen directly)
58 (20) - boris polonski - one moment in rhyme
59 (21) - station rose - open that file
60 (22) - michael harenberg - flsaxklb1 (listen directly)

sicknatured bonustrack:
61 - siemers - dw13 (2003) (listen directly)

download soundcultures raising a ruckus
(mp3 / all scans included and more / direct download)


the new riders of the purple sage: the first studio demo from 1969, embryonic riders from 1968, the backwards recordings, and some bonus tracks featuring marmaduke, jerry garcia, dave nelson and all the others

recorded way back in 1968 and 1969 these recordings of some early line-ups of the new riders (of the purple sage with pink and yellow flashes) have been released on a relix cd in 1986, and though there was a second edition of that cd at some time in the nineties these performances are rather hard to find.

the new riders for their first demo session in november 1969 were john "marmaduke" dawson (guitars and lead vocals), david nelson (guitars and vocals), jerry garcia (pedal steel and vocals), phil lesh (bass), mickey hart (drums), and bob matthews sat in as the engineer. additionally included are two tracks that marmaduke recorded with garcia and members of the doug sahm band in 1968, and "the backwards tapes", some experimental noise david nelson produced using and processing rehearsal room recordings and other relics of the new riders. some more information on before time began can be found on discogs.

for your listening pleasure i took those backwards tapes and played them backwards again.

so here we go:

the first studio demo of the new riders, recorded in san francisco in november 1969:
01 - henry (listen directly)
02 - all i ever wanted
03 - last lonely eagle
04 - cecilia

marmaduke and friends, recorded in san mateo on the 31st of july 1968:
05 - garden of eden
06 - superman (listen directly)

the backwards tapes by dave nelson:
07 - deh rominap
08 - a handful of brains (listen directly)
09 - i'm through with the fish, harve
10 - och tamale (listen directly)
11 - a handful of brains part 2
12 - where discipline comes in

bonus tracks: 

the backwards tapes played backwards:
13 - deh rominap (listen directly)
14 - a handful of brains
15 - i'm through with the fish, harve
16 - och tamale (listen directly)
17 - a handful of brains part 2
18 - where discipline comes in


19 - the grateful dead - dark star (live at fillmore west, 01.03.1969) 
20 - the new riders of the purple sage - henry (live at fillmore west, july 1971) (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

download a rough and ready version as flac
(tracks 01-12 and 20 as flac; tracks 13-18 as mp3 due to technical reasons; omitting track 19 to reduce the filesize)



SMASHITS! 31 very different demo-tracks found on 30 very different demo-cds provided to the stuttgart employment agency by 30 very different german bands

hits! hits! hits! sing along with every song! i found all of these cds in the trash can of the stuttgart employment agency and saved their/my/your lives. they are aw- and wonderfuel, ridi- and radicoulessly loud and shmaltz- and shmattering. underhearded and unnoearthed demo-recordings by coumpletelay obscenescure germain bands lurking for engagermints and a contract wayback in the 2010ial years of our last century.

there is a lot of missheard lyrics, a lot of dilletantraism, and a lot of no fun, my baby, no fun. you will love to hate these guys and dolls, and you will sing along to any of their songs. these krauts are made for working.

in the rar-file waydownbelow you will find some pictures of eachandavery cd involved plus some more. some of the songs are just edited fragments, but most of them are long enough. and now get ready to sing out loud!

01 - pumping special - let's have a party
02 - acoustic fun orchestra - mission impossible (listen directly)
03 - olav w. elvis - blue suede shoes (listen directly)
04 - shazam - kon-tiki (originally by the shadows; just in case you were wondering)
05 - die phantastischen fünf - american pie
06 - karin & soul train - river deep mountain high
07 - phoenix string band - looking out my back door (listen directly)
08 - avantgarde - smoke on the water
09 - the diamonds - wipe out
10 - slapjack - twenty flight rock (listen directly)
11 - oldies but goldies - sea cruise
12 - slapshot - nur geträumt
13 - tattoo59 - rock and roll music (listen directly)
14 - die drahtzieher - tainted love
15 - the swinging guitars - how high the moon
16 - the shadoxx - i'll be back (listen directly)
17 - transatlantic trio - skandal um rosi
18 - acoustic swing orchestra - proud mary (listen directly)
19 - billy's oldies but goldies - johnny b. goode (might be the same band as number eleven, but probably it's not)
20 - elvis and shawn vegvary - great balls of fire
21 - boogaloo - secret agent man
22 - devils & soehne - 16 tons (listen directly)
23 - olav w. elvis - teddybear
24 - hot four - 99 luftballons (listen directly)
25 - juke joint ramblers - born in chicago (written by nick gravenites and made popular by the paul butterfield blues band, of course)
26 - so nice boys - evil ways
27 - the beatboys - poor boy (the german beat band die the lords learned them this song in 1965; yes i mean it so as i say it) (listen directly)
28 - jefferson's club - voodoo chile
29 - the new shatters - the night before (listen directly)
30 - kirnberger - life is life (listen directly)
31 - round midnight - ymca

and that's it for now.

(mp3 / lots of pictures included / direct download)