chris and cosey: the pagan tango and some synaesthesia mixes from 1991

the mission will never be terminated, ladeedies and coumladds, and no expectations will cease to be brok=end. and though these recordings are not all too rare, they tend to be slightly overlooked as a mellow whisper in the hisstory of a throbbing gristle. we got chris and cosey dancing the pagan tango in 1991 and some synaesthesia remixes for your pleasure.

so let us start with the pagan tango album from 1991:

01 - in ecstasy
02 - i belong to me
03 - synaesthesia 
04 - take control (listen directly)
05 - face to face
06 - feel to me
07 - go-go latino
08 - sin (listen directly)
09 - pagan tango
10 - cords of love
11 - balfigore (before the feast) (listen directly)
12 - sacred silence


the track synaesthesia was released as a 12"-vinyl-single, a maxi-cd, and even as a compact cassette the same year with some different mixes each. in my collection i found the maxi-cd with three mixes of synaesthesia and an additional track recorded the same year.

13 (01) - synaesthesia (daniel miller mix)
14 (02) - synaesthesia (chris & cosey mix)
15 (03) - retrodect
16 (04) - synaesthesia (dm instrumental mix) (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)



we couldn't agree on a title - the secret 2004 rerelease of a 1981 waterden compilation featuring colin potter, missing persons, the instant automatons, the walking floors, the victims of romance, the digital dinosaurs, robert lawrence, those little aliens, mic woods, the 012 and philip johnson

in 2006 i was one of the veryvery few lucky few to buy a physical copy of this compilation on cd-r directly from the waterden label. in the mean meantime they refused and resigned to sell those cds on lack of demand, though they still are offering lolo-fi downloads of most of their albums without any linernotes or trackliststs in their waterden sound archive for free.

this=here coumpilation was originally released in 1981 on the integrated circuit label and is now changing hands for half the price of a condomonium, and the 2004 rerelease is quite rare and expensive as well. but as the thought of free or at least very cheap distribution was a constituting moment in the beliefs of waterden, i thought it was a good idea to share a 320-mp3-version with some scans of the original liner notes et cetera with you.

so here we go:

01 - colin potter - behind you
02 - colin potter - we are so glad (listen directly)
03 - missing persons - buried alive
04 - missing persons - mama
05 - missing persons - electrical storm (listen directly)
06 - the instant automatons - routine habit
07 - the instant automatons - invertibrates
08 - the walking floors - if i could turn the clock back (listen directly)
09 - the victims of romance - 9 a.m.
10 - the digital dinosaurs - organs
11 - the digital dinosaurs - hole (listen directly)
12 - robert lawrence - heart finds a home
13 - those little aliens - sentimental (listen directly)
14 - those little aliens - low point x
15 - mic woods - why (listen directly)
16 - the 012 - blabber n' smoke
17 - philip johnson - the bridewell
18 - philip johnson - anaesthetic (changed version) 

for your listening pleasure, and because in my mind they fit, i added a long mindless improvisation that amon düül 2 executed live in the blow up club in munich in 1969. but if you don't you don't.

19 - amon düül 2 - improvisation

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


the mighty hawkwind and their mighty images in nine different versions from 1990

the wonderful "images" from the 1990 album space bandits has always been one of my favourite songs from the post-1976 hawkwind, and so i collected and compiled at least nine different versions i found on youtube and in my own collection for your and my very own listening pleasure. so sink a-long with us:

memories surround them
walking through the door
smells of dust and summer heat
embroidering his thoughts
the seeing hand
the face of fate
the shifting scenes i can't explain
the crazy fool who screams his pain
as he tries to cheat life's final game
whispering from the balcony
fingers in the hall
the well worn path of alternity
appearing here once more
it's gone now
it's gone now
twist the soul
turn flesh to stone
the fear and the anger
of the lost and alone
endless dreams of wasted days
slowly fade away
laughter echoes bitterly
there's no need to stay 

needless to say; but here's the band, in case you don't know them:

bridget wishart; vocals / dave brock; guitar keyboards vocals / harvey bainbridge; keyboards vocals / simon house; violin / alan davey; bass vocals synthesizer / richard chadwick; drums percussion

01 - live at the hollywood palace in december 1990 (found on youtube)
02 - space bandits album version / september 1990
03 - brixton academy / first of september 1990 (found on youtube) (listen directly)
04 - at the ambler cabaret in philadelphia / 30th of september 1990 (found on youtube)
05 - bournemouth academy, 2nd of july 1990 (from the album orgasmatron)
06 - omni theatre in oakland, california / 1990-12-18 (california brainstorm) (listen directly)
07 - space bandits 7inch version / september 1990 (listen directly)
08 - live in space 1990 (from the free cd coming with the book "the never ending story of the psychedelic warlords")

09 - spirits burning - live at the kozfest festival in devon; july 2017
(bridget wishart; vocals /martin plumley; guitars / steve bermand; guitars / don falcone; keyboards / colin kafka; bass / richard chadwick; drums / kev ellis; space noise vocals / found on youtube)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


more xmess for you! christmas punk is here to stay! some subgerman nineties punk for your fnording pleasure!


pogo around and around your christmas tree or your potted plant! this is (mostly) german punk, recorded and released way back in the nineties, featuring the likes of kellox, popperklopper, stinkebreit, eisenpimmel, hass, normahl, die deutsche trinkerjugend, die toten hosen from düsseldorf, and many more. and for your listening presseure i added some hidden bonus tracks that you might recognize or not; i don't care.

this is what you want, and this is what you get.

start! the album punk christmas was released on the not=orious nasty vinyl label in 1995 and is impossible to find nowadays for less than than 99 cent. so it's quite a roarity. the yobsboys track included here is slightly different from those versions the boys released on their first album and lateron on a semi-bootleg single, the kellox lecture on how to prepare a christmas goose is one of my alltimefavourutes though i'm a vegetarian, and most of the tracks are rare or exclusive versions for this=here compilation. and if they are not: you heaven't heard them anyway; was solls.

01 - the yobs - stille nacht
02 - hass - der nikolaus ist stasi, knecht ruprecht die ss
03 - deutsche trinker jugend - knecht ruprecht (listen directly)
04 - n.o.e. - hirntod unterm lichterbaum
05 - molotow soda - schrille nacht
06 - kellox - gans oder gar nix (listen directly)
07 - die toten hosen - knecht ruprechts letzte fahrt
08 - kuschelweich - tief in der nacht (listen directly)
09 - eisenpimmel - dicke eier weihnachtsfeier
10 - hass - freßt scheisse
11 - normahl - merry jingle
12 - madmans - endlich ist weihnacht (listen directly)
(a composition by yoko ono and john lennon, if you care)
13 - n.o.e. - kein fest der liebe
14 - wonderprick - dona nobis pacem
15 - hans am felsen - mit leichtem hinken sodomiert där weihnachtsmann
16 - die perversen weihnachtsmänner - alle jahre wieder (listen directly)
17 - bäd frox - der baum brennt
18 - müllstation - fröhliche weihnacht überall 

19 - hidden bonus track 1963
20 - hidden bonus track 1964 (listen directly)
21 - hidden bonus track 1965
22 - hidden bonus track 1966

(mp3; all scans included; direct download) 


and then there is punk christmas 2, the follow-up from 1997. and wot can i say? nothing.

01 - hass - guten tag, ich bin der weihnachtsmann (listen directly)
02 - hass - weihnachtszeit
03 - popperklopper - am fest der liebe
04 - n.o.e. - ein fest ohne dich (listen directly)
05 - rasta knast - süßer die kasse nie klingeln
06 - scattergun - schöhnbohm the brown nose asshole
07 - novotny tv - weihnachtsmann (listen directly)
08 - radioactiva räker - juletid (weihnachtszeit)
09 - fuckin' faces - x-mas without u
10 - dukes of the mist - wild x-mas
11 - wonderbrick - es ist für uns eine zeit angekommen
12 - terrorgruppe - abels trauriges fest (listen directly)
13 - die wehrkraftzersetzer - stille nacht
14 - stinkebreit - weihnachtszeit ist mörderzeit
15 - three chord wonder - merry x-mas (listen directly)
16 - novotny tv - weihnachten in texas 

17 - hidden bonus track 1967
18 - hidden bonus track 1968
19 - hidden bonus track 1969

20 - not all too hidden bonus track (the vandals 1996) (listen directly)
21 - not all too hidden bonus track (the sonics 1965)
22 - not all too hidden bonus track (basement 5 1980)
23 - not all too hidden bonus track (fear 1982) (listen directly)

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)


albert ayler - fondation maeght nights volumes one and two; live in france 1970

the great=late albert ayler live in france, recorded on the 25th and 27th of july 1970 at the fondation marguerite et aimé maeght in saint-paul-de-vence. these performances have been released on vinyl in 1970 on the french shandar label, and got lost and rather rare immediately. they have been rereleased legally and as (semi-)bootlegs both on vinyl and cd quite a few times in the following years, but seem to be hard to find by the time being. 

please note: most of the music in this=here blog has been deleted by some fnording idiots; but by the time being all files in this=here post are available. please enjoy.

for your listening pleasure i compiled both of my 1991 jazz view versions of these recordings into one big file that sums up as a 76-minutes-compact-disc with all information you might need at first bite, though some additional information may be found by following the given links to discogs. unfourtunately all of these recordings have been un=masterd from poor worn out vinyl recordings, and they all sound exactly like that.

you can hear albert ayler on tenor and soprano saxophones, mary maria on vocals and soprano sax, call cobbs on piano, steve tintweiss on bass, and allen blairman on drums. so here we go:  

01 - in heart only
02 - spirits
03 - holy family
04 - spirit rejoice (listen directly)

05 (01) - truth is marching in
06 (02) - universal message
07 (03) - spiritual reunion (listen directly)
08 (04) - music is the healing force of the universe

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download) 


this is the eavy=umble monster sound: some krautrock for christmas and some seasouned greetings from jliat

dare not to like it or die slowenly! this is a heavy christmas from the legendary german pilz label released in 1971, plus some coumpletelay weird noise the british sound artist jliat sent out to his followers in the early tooth=ow!=sands. and it's no fun at all.

please note: most of the music in this=here blog has been deleted by some fnording idiots; but by the time being all files in this=here post are available. please enjoy.

fist of all we got the heavy christmas album that was released in 1971 on the german pilz label, a subsidiary of the legegendary ohr label, as we all know. featuring some long forgotten acts of the proto-new-metal-head-on-scene like virus and dies irae, some nrg-jazzass-punkfunk-overstrained-kraut like ardo dombec or joy unlimited, and some bad jokes like virus and dies irae, this album came, was ignored, and conqueered only those in the know. 

on this=here cd-rererelease you will find a bonus track by achim reichel and frank dostal, almost known as members of the rattles, the band that the beatles had been supporting as their opening act, respectively the beatles had been their (the rattles) suppaborting act, as we all know.

so here we go heavy mental:

01 - libido - evolution - oh du fröhliche
02 - marcel - god rest ye merry gentlemen (listen directly)
03 - joy unlimited - all heaven and all earth are silent
04 - virus - mary meets tarzan - maria durch ein' dornwald ging (listen directly)
05 - dies irae - silent night - stille nacht
06 - libido - come on everybody - ihr kinderlein kommet
07 - ardo dombec - heavenly rose - es ist ein ros' entsprungen (listen directly)
08 - dies irae - shepherd's song - kommet ihr hirten
09 - ardo dombec - open the door, open your mind - macht hoch die tür
10 - virus - x-mas submarine - es kommt ein schiff geladen (listen directly)
11 - flute and voice - ecce navicula - es kommt ein schiff geladen

bonus track:
12 - libido - come on everybody - ihr kinderlein kommet (radio version)

and now for something completely different:

in the late nineteeenthnineteeth and in the eerie twosoundends the british sound artist jliat used to send out  some 3-inch-cds as christmas greetings to his combatt=ants and followers. here are some of these=those heavy listeners: 

13-51 - jliat - my computer (2003)

listen to tracks 15, 17, 28, 35, 44 and 49 directly.

52 - jliat - the beethoven symphonies (2000)

53 - jliat - acer random noise (2002)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)