klaus schulze goes classic featuring smetana, schubert, von weber, brahms, grieg, van beethoven and klaus schulze

this record is one of the very few official klaus schulze records that is not going to be revisited and rereleased as an expanded edition in the near future, and neither was it part of any silver, historic, jubilee or ultimate box-set nor will it be included in the la vie electronique series as far as i can see.

the cd klaus schulze goes classic has been released in 1994 on the german zyx-label and has since only seen some semi-official rereleases in spain and russia. meanwhile this little gem has become rather rare and is changing hands now for prices from thirty euro on discogs to 150 euro on amazon. maybe listening to the mp3-version of this wonderfool and weird album will inspire you to go out and buy any other album by klaus schulze.

so here we go-go:

01 - friedrich smetana - die moldau / vitava
02 - franz schubert - rosamunde
03 - carl maria von weber - der freischütz (overture)
04 - klaus schulze - lautenquintett / quintet for lute 
featuring saint-saëns and rimsky-korssakoff (listen directly)
05 - johannes brahms - ungarischer tanz nr. 2
06 - edvard grieg - dances from norway no. 1, 2 and 3
07 - ludwig van beethoven - violin concerto, first movement

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


postpostpostkraut and postpostpunknoise from 1999: the #1 kamikaze kompilation featuring les idiots, weevil, xylotol, punisher, bomber harris and some more

swampthinks for the weird: a cumpielation of hairy, hailsick and hayterror tracks fromm nall ouver the wourld realeased in gernamy in 1999: appsouloudelied funneyed end knot off this wereld. tekkitt or leave-a-fallingdowns illvouplaäid. and woredevor the couver mighthink: thissis jon meng numberror six, the missing numbert inn the discogs=list. so hear we gould:

01 - midget
02 - les idiots (listen directly)
03 - no waltz
04 - schlenz
05 - weevil
06 - fitze
07 - hp (listen directly)
08 - metabolismus (listen directly)
09 - one string man
10 - hasan nasal
11 - xylotol
12 - heliozenter
13 - tom laser (listen directly)
14 - punisher
15 - rock out
16 - pu
17 - rocket freudental (listen directly)
18 - shithouse
19 - pfuutz
20 - bomber harris (listen directly)
21 - the blt's
22 - stau
23 - nasenflötenorchester (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct downlord)


we don't need no explaination / we don't need no smart control


they called it punk back in those days: rockpile live at the bottom line in new york 1978 and 1980, and two songs live on capitol radio in london 1979

no messing with thee avalonguard today, just rogue and roil for your pleasure. rockpile of course were dave edmunds on guitars and vocals, nick lowe (the jesus of cool) on bass and vocals, bill bremner on guitars and terry williams on drums, and all of them were punks before you was a punk, and they all still are, thoubviciously.

the cover says that these performances were recorded live in the usa in 1979 and 1980, and yes they were, and they were not. according to discogs one two three i reelestated the most probabaly timesandspecies of the recordings burt wood they bee knot if they wore wrong? this is what we want, and this is what you get:

01 - the promised land
02 - they call it rock
03 - falling in love again
04 - the heart of the city (listen directly)
(probably live at the bottom line in new york on the 25th of october 1978)

05 - play that fast thing
06 - so it goes
07 - teacher teacher
08 - cry, cry, cry (cry) (listen directly)
09 - knife and fork
10 - oh, what a thrill
11 - pet you and hold you
12 - girls talk
13 - singing the blues
14 - crawling from the wreckage
15 - i hear you knockin' (listen directly)
16 - i knew the bride
17 - down, down, down
(live at the bottom line in new york on the 27th of november 1980)

18 - blue moon of kentucky (listen directly)
19 - heartbeats (the race is on)
(live in the studios of capital radio in august 1979) 

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mourmansk150 & daruin - unconscious martyrdom 1999 (plus the limited edition bonus disc mourmansk150 vs daruin)

at first sigh (!) this may seem rather coumplicated, but in the entitt's not. this is unconscious martyrdom, a splintered and burnt cd-r by the frensh artist mourmansk 150 (or rather mourmansk150 without the blank sometimes) and the japanease artist daruin, both well known for their very harsh noise/notnoise, accompanied by a rather limited accoumpanicking cd-r that allcompadenied the first onehundred copies of unconscious martyrdom.

as discogs can tell you the unconscious martyrdom was released in 1999 and featured four tracks each of both of the artists ass follows:

mourmansk 150 
01 - ultimate pardoxes
02 - evidence for a crime
03 - threatening oppressors (listen directly)
04 - obscene or ridiculous

05 - for unsnob
06 - gray junk water (listen directly)
07 - unsound saver
08 - mr. ben in kowloon

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download) 




what discogs and all the people eagerly looking for this release do not know is the fact that it was orcampinneed by the cd-r called mourmansk150 vs daruin in a limited edition of 100 copies featuring some reremixes and addintional noise, once again eight tracks splattered intwo fourfor each off the artrists; butt now you know, and you can listen to it right=hear:

01 - daruin - burn water
02 - m150 - oto
03 - daruin - burn fire (listen directly)
04 - m150 - voice for lamtin (harsh)
05 - daruin - burn wind
06 - m150 - voice for lamtin (low voice) (listen directly)
07 - daruin - burn earth
08 - m150 - h-ash-can no2

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some german protopostpunk 1979: no horizon from kiel live in concert

unfourtunatedlay there is not all too much evidence to be found on the net that this band even existed: in 1979 they released a four-track-maxi-ep that is rather rare nowadays, and later on a few of their tracks appeared on some posthumourosly compilations. until now nobody even knew that a live recording had survived.

no horizon from kiel in the northwestgerman providence of schleswig-holstein were jan credit on vocals, andy schwarz on bass, akim ju on drums, aga phlegma on guitar and max meir on saxophone. my deasrset neighbour brotbeutel might give you some hints about the wherass and wheiss, and some additional information can be found on discogs. absoulutely nothing though is known about the live concert you are going to be listening to in the following except for the fact that it was recorded long before 1982 (that's when i got the tape) and that it is probably from 1978 or 1979 because it is sung entiredly in english and is featuring none of the songs they recorded in german later on.

so listen to half an hour of postkrautprotopostpunk seamuslessly in one peas:

for your love
i don't like it
strange shelves (listen directly)
indian ali
?i don't like??
???miss you (listen directly)
no horizon

(mp3 / leftclick to listen / rightclick to download)



KNULT #1 - a norwegian tape compilation featuring TÔLE ACHE, anders gjerde, celestial plenitude, andreas meland, sindre bjerga, marakel, post scriptvm, duo kanel, rn'r and memyselfandeye aka siemers

in 2001 the norwegian noise artist marakel asked his friends and relatives to contribute some sounds to a post-industrial compilation and most of us did, of course. in 2002 this tape was released as a limited and numbered edition of 50 copies with handcrafted covers by vidar evensen and was distributed mostly through the artists involved. 

due to the very limited circulation across the common markets this tape has become rather rare, but i still got some author's copies in my collection; so just drop me a line if you got something interesting in exchange.

here we go:

side a

01 - post sriptvm - the wire cosmos (this is a slightly edited version omitting the first three minutes that are completely distorted on all of my versions of the tape; the longer version with all cracks and burstouts can be found as track #7)
02 - siemers - dreamweapon #13 / one brain #7 / 21nhr52 / tlic #2 / ryleyh / reich #2 / twin #2 / tekk #5 (listen directly)
03 - duo kanel - det finnes en olsen-larsen
04 - lasse marhaug - black wind
05 - rn'r - elephant & castles (listen directly)

bonus tracks

06 - sturclub - live at the treppenhaus in bad cannstatt on the 13th of june 2006 featuring the lolly pope, jokim, patrizio and siemers. a video of this live action can be found on youtube.
07 -  post sriptvm - the wire cosmos (complete version starting with three minutes of unintended noise due to a defect tape or whatever caused this unnerving noise)

the rar-file of side a is part of the download below.

side b

01 - TÔLE ACHE - collection pédophilique étrange (contrary to what the linernotes say this one is from the album vie et mort d'un pédophile from 2000)
02 - anders gjerde - no title (listen directly)
03 - celestial plenitude - translucant flower
04 - andreas meland - the dark side of...
05 - sindre bjerga / anders gjerde - smokescreens and carpetbombs
06 - marakel - gravferd 16.aug. (listen directly)

bonus tracks

07 - D:U:R - untitled living room recording, 25th of june 2004. D:U:R were D:avid / U:we / R:alf also known as deuf (= TÔLE ACHE) / andrea duwa (= uwe büchele) / van daale (= siemers, that's me)
08 - sturclub - live on the 3rd of june 2005 in kirchheim/teck accompanying the vernissage for an exhibition of works by petra pfirmann featuring siemers, voran, büchele and dufour. (listen directly)

the rar-file of side b is part of the download below.

(mp3 / including rar-files of side a and side b and respectivelaid bonus tracks and lots of pictures and scans / direct download)