the stuttgart postfluxus artist albrecht/d. live in kirchheim unter teck on the 19th of july 1981 with the debut performance of his composition "von a - atem anarchia bis z - zen"

and here is an other tape we found in the inheritance of the stuttgart postfluxus artist albrecht/d. who has passed away rather untimely in 2013. it is the debut performance of his composition "von a - atem anarchia bis z - zen" that took place on sunday the 19th of july 1981 at the opening vernissage for his exhibition "collagen an der grenze zum environment / fast 15 000 kilometer dazwischen" at the art gallery kröger in kirchheim unter teck in southwestgermany.
the first 15 minutes of what you are about to be listening to are the recording of the aforementioned performance, followed by some common noise and chatter you would expect visiting a vernissage, interrupted by some harsh noise that albrecht/d. produced with a record player and some other devices, ending in a power cut caused by the end of the tape. additionally you will get a rehearsal room recording of the composition that took place in stuttgart on the 18th of july 1981.
though there is no written evidence about any other musician involved in this performance it is most likely that steffen bremer was there on woodwinds and assorted devices, and probably franz dreyer on bambusflute and shakuhachi. and while listening very closely you might recognize some memberettes of the stuttgart all-girl-group frauenklinik, as well as GAW, der mußikant, my younger brother, and my beautiful self as being part of the audience.

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three 7-inch-vinyl-singles for your listening pleasure, featuring franks' (sic!) country playboys, the black vial, the circus of doom (i.e. JG of the 39 clocks), and the snifters from amsterdam

aint-here we go: you'll get not ten, not seven, not even five, but three seven-inch-vinyl-singles that i found deep down in the black holes of my record collection, and i don't kehr too much if you like them or not, because you will get them annieweigh and ernieway and innovay i chose; chonk? 

and auntiewhere you will find some rare items by franks' (sic!) country playboys, the black vial, the circus of doom, and the wonderbratfuelly underimperated snifters from amsterdamned. all songs can be listened to directly in your browser, there is no .zip- or .rar-file you are forced to download before listening to the music; but if you want to save the music to your hardveryhard-drive, please do not forget to save the pictures as well.hell. so here we go-go:

the snifters (from amsterdam)
two songs; one about a boy who likes boys, and one about a baby-child that likes punk. both songs were recorded and released in 1978; both songs are absoulutelay relevatourarey, loud and mindope-ning in most cases. if you don't change your life immediatelie-instantleigh the mourment that you hear these songs: you are dead.

the swamproom recordings 1990
this seven-inch-record was released in 1990 in a limited edition of 199 copies on the hannover swamp room records label. it featured very raw and undemployed demo-recordings by the circus of doom, witchwhat of course was jürgen gleue JG39 aka negrüj luege (sic!) all-allone at home demorecording fore noboredaddy butt me, cheaplay dissguised as the circus of doom, and on the other sight of this life whichis the same it featured the undernarratered liebfried loch aka the black vial withom-evenmore baldleyrecourded underlistenaybollowfi noise that you will love to hate.

franks' (sic!) country playboys
in this case, the internet and the world wide web and the dark net and the deep net are coumpleatelay clue- and helpless: nothing is known about this band; and nothing really means nothing. nothing. whow, but antiweight you can rearsom deaducktively at least some and the following thinks: first of all the first of all song "love" is a shmochshmaltzshnulze, too shmochshmaltzshnulzig to mention; the beside (though its the a-side oarrr the b-sight) called "fresno" is a reallynice countryrocking song. but nobody knows if it really happened. blabla, i woeren't bore you with annymoure guesses-about who frank thompson mighty-bee; you justgett anynfourmation that i have, and you'll fucking get out-there and fucking-o-research for your fnording selves ass all the facts there are are there in the scans and in the music:

and that's it for now, four know and fur ever!


stanzas on sexual hygiene - a coumpilation of postoldschoolindustrial tracks released on the noutourious regelwidrig label in 1992; including de fabriek, nocturnal emissions, the grey wolves and konstruktivists

the headline says it all: it was 1992, the old school industrial noise wasn't dangerous anymore, we had had and had heard them all, and the second and the third wave of postschoolchaos, though they acted and performed as loud as their ancestors did, soundered like music for dysstraughted ameublements in our ears; harsh and illbient soundscapes they were, deeply rooted and cranked up really high, and we loved them as much as we had hated the first wave of uncontrollable and undercoumtrolled noise what of course we ain't had never done and so on and so on ad countradictionorinessum infiniteritum.
so what you will get to hear is some really nice noise, ment to "shock" you and simultaneously refusing to do so in order to entertain you through payne. what a nice way to turn seventeen or seventy. 
the long defunct regelwidrig label released these-here stanzas on sexual hygiene (link pointing to discogs with some additional infourmation) as a coumpilation of postetcetcetc bands in 1992 as a limited edition of 500 copies; my copy is number 30, as you will notice reguarding the scans. and this is what we did on our holidays:

01 - viktimized karcass - loaded man
02 - illusion of safety - jubilation
03 - de fabriek - untiltled
04 - contact with a curve - people say i'm crazy
05 - the grey wolves - savage sex (listen directly in your browser)
06 - due process - phenolethlomene
07 - xper xr - spell bind (live hong kong 1990)
08 - lagowski - mkultra fst
09 - konstruktivists - jihad
10 - blackhumour - three spoken words
11 - bourbonese qualk - duas lingus
12 - nocturnal emissions - it's your mother
13 - shock city - private parts (listen directly in your browser)
14 - mental anguish - nicu blues
15 - jouissance - cursed brood

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


andy mackay - in search of eddie riff (the complete version of his 1974 solo album, including some bonus tracks)

it was a latelatenotlaid summernight in 1972, when i first heard roxy music on medium wave radio luxembourg 208, and they summarized all i ever did, and all i ever wanted to do. listening to "virginia plain" for the first time was the revelation of all revelations. and in the following years, i had them all: the portsmouth sinfonia orchestra, the scratch orchestra, quiet sun, diamond head, the merseybeats, these foolish things, and of course "in search of eddie riff" by their saxophonist and oboist andy mackay; and i loved all these pullulating rhizomes and rootstocks in all their homogeneous diversity.
a short glimpse of what i felt in those days may be found while listening to their 1972/1973 recordings on this-here blog; but for today i would like to point your attention to andy mackay and his first solo album "in search of eddie riff": it was released in 1974, withdrawn at first sight, and re-released in 1975 with a slightly different track list. "past, present and future" was re-named as "pyramid of the night", "summer sun" and "a four legged friend" were omitted to make place for "wild weekend", "time regained" (his only collaboration with brian eno back in those days) and "long and winding road"; all of these tracks mentioned (plus three live rehearsal recordings) were included on the 1999 rerererelease of the album on the (wahrscheinlich german) label rifff records that is rather hard to find.
for your listening pleasure i did not only include all the rifff tracks of this album, but also the four bonus tracks riffffff included with the 1978 album "resolving contradictions", and a 1976 recording of "wild weekend" that andy mackay executed live with roxy music on their siren tour that i found on youtube.

so here is what:

01 - wild weekend
02 - end of the world
03 - walking the whippet
04 - what becomes of the broken hearted
05 - an die musik
06 - time regained
07 - the hour before dawn
08 - pyramid of night (past, present and future)
09 - long and winding road
10 - ride of the valkyries
12 - a four legged friend
14 - the hour before dawn (live rehearsal)
15 - walking the whippet (live rehearsal)

bonus tracks from the cd-version of "resolving contradictions"; 1978:
16 - trumpets near the mountains
17 - green and gold
18 - theme for tv

found on youtube:
20 - wild weekend (live with roxy music 1976)

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)


lookout! the yeastie girlz, isocracy, kamala & the karnivores, the surrogate brains, plaid retina and the corrupted morals: 47 tracks and traces of us-punk from 1988 and 1989; lookout!

and this ain't no fun-punk, but punk and fun: in 2003 the now defunct us-label lookout! released this brainsucking coumpilation of six vinyl-eps they had released in 1988 and 1989. you'll get 47 tracks of barbarbed-end-wired and un-do-mortifying punk-ants-hit-aftermaids that willeve you nailtsmirking on the ground. the yeastie girlz, isocracy, kamala & the karnivores, the surrogate brains, plaid retina and the corrupted morals will parenthetically screwtinize the ways and the whys end the rearsons that you love punk ass surroundered suffisitickatered mayhymns: they vayle toobick toogit nerbus!
ant thats why thissississis sore much fump too lissenin to: they hat nonotion of wharped they didatall, and they knewxacktley whatt they were doink: so thissis meta-at abearing downcrushdown levail, poustered skrewedowned bessyde you: norefun attall!
opp-eyening the set are the corrupted morals with five tracks, followeed by 10 tracks of isocracy (listen to their zimbabwean hell rock (slight return) directly in your browser) and ten tracks by plaid retina. the yeastie girls come up next with ten tracks (listen to their version of orgasm addict directlay in your brow-sir!), the surrogate brains will give nolesson six tracks, and kamala & the karnivores will round the whole think up with fouremoure tracks. you will love to hate all of these protonagonisters, and they will hate you just for fun!

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)


throbbing gristle and albrecht/d. - three tapes recorded in london in june and july 1976, and released by the stuttgart reflection press as unlimited editions in september 1976

though some tapes coumpiling very early recordings of throbbing gristle are rumoured to have been circulating amongst the london in-crowd in 1976, these three tapes were the first official releases by throbbing gristle as "throbbing gristle". 
in 1974 the german postfluxus artist albrecht/d. had been part of the "art into society - society into art" exhibition at the london ica; and though no evidence revealed until today, he probably met genesis and/or cosey as part of the coum operation group at this show. only a few weeks later, when coum conquered europe in 1975, he met and worked with them in kiel, gross-gerau, antwerpen and stuttgart, where coum were part of one of his many mail art exhibitions. just when coum had changed their name to throbbing gristle in the summer of 1976 albrecht/d. stayed with them for some weeks in their studio and home at 10, martello street in london. he sat in with them on drums and recorded two of their early versions of "music from the death factory" (link to discogs) on his old tape recorder on the 12th and 18th of june 1976 (you can find these recordings two posts up above in this-here blog), an hour's worth of sounds on the 23rd of july, and some more noise on the 30th of july 1976. 
in september 1976, back in stuttgart, germany, albrecht/d. took these three hours of early throbbing gristle material and released them as three one-hour-long tapes as unlimited editions on his very own publishing house "reflection press". these releases were part of his co-operation with throbbing gristle, and they were the first official releases of throbbing gristle anywhere in this old world. until his untimely death in 2013 albrecht/d. was always ready and willing to sell or give away copies of these tapes to everybody who asked for.
as i mentioned before, the june recordings can be found in an earlier poat in this-here blog; so what you'll get today are the recordings albrecht/d. executed with throbbing gristle on the 23rd and the 30th of july 1976. throbbing gristle in these days were of course cosey fanni tutti, genesis p. orridge and chris carter; if sleazy can be heard on these recordings is coumpletely unknown, mind the pun-ch!

download throbbing gristle et albrecht/d. - 23rd of july 1976


night sun: very 'eavy 1972 kraut: very 'umble: gutter mournin' kracht!

coumpletelayoverstrained kraut(rock) proto('eavymetal) boogiexperimental megalowmaniackism that you all will love to hate: the allbumm mournin' by the german band night sun. bourne and gred in the suburbs of the southwestgermindustrial city of mannheim, where the sun never shines, these heavy metal kids in 1972 exploirioted a fast and furiotted sound of their own own; bizarre and uncommodiatedly to everybody else. 
bruno schaab (vocals, bass), walter kirchgassner (guitar), knut rössler (keyboards, wind instruments) and ulrich staudt (drums) anticipated and accelerated a very weird sound that was utterly strange and unknown even for themselves, and having realized and released this one unique record they broke up and scattered the four winds. bruno schaab joined guru guru the following year, the rest of these mounsters vanished in the black haze or simply got lost in the process of growing old. but something out there has survived.
so what you'll get today is just the album and nothing butt the album:

01 - plastic shotgun
02 - crazy woman
03 - got a bone of my own
04 - slush pan man
05 - living with the dying
06 - come down
07 - blind
09 - don't start flying

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)