the ultimate blonde: deborah harry live in london in 1989 and 1991

to commemorate the birthday of deborah ann 'debbie' harry on the first of july in whaterveryear i thought it was appropriate to remind you of what a wonderful girl and lady the ultimate blonde is live and off the stage. she is a sovereign persona grata and a natural born punk, coumpletely confident in elaborated pop-contextices and hummptydumbty avantgarde baublery: you can love her for a lot of reasons, but most of them are mine.
interrelated with the half-a-success of her album 'deaf, dumb and blonde' deborah harry toured with a working band including chris stein, karl hyde and leigh foxx among others extensively across the world between 1989 and 1991 and she was adorated no longer as an appendix of blondie, but as an orthogonal and autonomous artist, deeply rooted in pop and open for any kind of self-reliant music.
the music for our today's lesson in 'cult needs no hifi' was recorded live from amidst the audience on a nonamewalkman in london in 1989 (tracks 13-18, at the town & country club, 30.11.1989) and 1991 (tracks 01-12, at the summer xs in wembley stadium, 13.07.1992). you may like it or not. i love it. the performances were released somewhere in europe on pine records in 1991 on the cd 'the ultimate blonde' (this version is what what you are about to be listening to) and three years later under the same title with a different cover in italy on the live storm label.

(mp3 / scans included / direct download)


nauseous industrial noise: the worst of monte cazazza featuring throbbing gristle

why don't you just love and hate him? monte cazazza, the motherfnording catalighter, might still be alive or not: in the mid70s of the last century he was a rather influential background figure on what he claimed to be called 'industrial music', his wayovertheborderline-insanity-outbreaks were thinly disguised as art events and at least he was the guy who taught throbbing gristle how to harm people. monte cazazza was a hell of an asshole in those days and way beyond all those artsyfartsy old school industrial shockwaves like nurse with wound, sutcliffe jugend or whitehouse.
later on in 1990 the grey area of mute commissioned the overmost-underrated lustmord to create a compilation of some rare and unreleased work of monte cazazza as a 'worst of' for industrial people. and this what you can get here: 18 tracks of nauseous noise incorporterating and inducing sounds and love from throbbing gristle, brion gysin, bart alberti, chris warden, tana emmolo smith, bond bergland and many others, all recorded between 1978 and 1986, though same undated tracks might reach way back to 1975.
currently the german amazon is offering this cd for more than 600 euro, though the prices on discogs seem to fit in a little bit more realistic with (y)our socalled socold reality. and before you go and buy the cd as an art object, what it is of course, you can listen to the music right here, my dearsets.

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a kraut legend: staff carpenborg and the electric corona 1970: the legendary dance nihilismus plus a bonus track

ahahand it sounds like a mell/anger of doldinger, amon düül (2), the dinger brothers and varyearlie kraftwerk: an unknownanymous german band, probably from the munich area51, that recorded a totalkrautfreakout for a german budgetbilliglabel in 1970 with only very little reference to annyantetypes: an unconscious protodancemuzack intenderend to be a lightshaking background music for higherest societerons lounge paddys: the fantastic party of staff carpenborg and the electric corona!
way back in the nineteeth i found this gem on a german hinterland fleamarket and pretty soon it became the holy greyle of the compilers of 'kraut! demons! kraut!' and/oryouknowthemall 'obscured by krauts / kraut bloody rageous' et cetera et cetera whatwitch i had the inflammable honour of being part of themthesethose. some tracks and traces of staff carpenborg can be found on the mentioned and other kraut compilations: in 2006 we gave the remastered and expanded compactcassetteversions to ewige blumenkraft and they released it on a cd and allen voran wrote the linernotes that will tell you all and so this is all.

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tangerine dream live in 1969 / the legendary berlin bath tube performance

this is a short excerpt of a concert tangerine dream executed in berlin on the potsdamer platz in 1969, remembered as the 'bath tube concert' for reasons unknown. this fragment was part of a programme about kraut and krautrock the west german broadcasting (WDR) televized way back in 2007.

you can see klaus schulze on drums, edgar froese on guitar, and the guy with the bass guitar most probably was kurt herkenberg. as far as i can see and guess some members of the audience were involved in that performance as well, but not even conrad schnitzler or any other member of the early tangerine dream tribe can be seen or heard.

you may watch the embedded youtube-video or you can listen to or download the mp3-file i ripped off. it's fun time!

tangerine dream - the bath tube performance 1969


the jesus and mary chain live in 1987 as it was supplemented to an italian book of their lyrics etc in 1992

and yes and don't we all love the teenage jesus and his jerks and don't we all love the jesus and mary chain and don't we all listen to the full and overblown rereleases of their albums twice a day and yes i will yes i said yes we do - but still there are some of their sounds that are pretty hard to find.
in 1992 the italian label stampa alternativa edited a little book of JAMC-lyrics and miscellaneous information and included a 3"-cd with three live tracks, two of them recorded in umbertide on the 29th of august 1987 (the complete concert can be found on the bootleg rockin' umbria) and the third one was recorded in detroit on the 15th of november 1987 and may be found some where else or not i do not know...
and just in case you are going to burn these tracks on a 3"-cd as it was originally intended i added a ten-minute version of 'side walking' they executed live in new york on the 23rd of march 1992 to use the 20-minute-limitation of that wonderful medium to its full capacity.

download the jesus and mary chain live
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eugene chadbourne: owl-awl of he's tracks arerare, ohsorare! and here is moore seldoom of these...

this may be rare or may be not burst you may fnuckering care if you care: eugene chadbourne, one of the many few masters of rhizomatic occurancipidity, gave away five of his sounds twofour the hello-collectionairs ant you cain listern too them here wattsoffeven!
eugene chadbourne debricollaterated these sounds in 1993 four myour listening pleasure frosure, thatsanunderteterminatered goolabolloo!

never mind nevermind:

01 - hello medley 1
02 - people will vopte
03 - hellö madley 2
04 - dreamt i was young again
05 - another needle since

coumon! download eugene!
(320 kbps / mp3 / direct download)


action time vision lemon and sham / recognising and appreceating the mutual roots / alternative television and sham 69

and this one goes out to all you naughty little punk hearts out there: a chance meeting of ATV and sham 69 on my dissecting table: old punks will never die as long as they menace the status quo.
and of course i'm not bothering to bore you with any band biographies, discographies or any hystorical subsumption of the unmeasurable influence these two bands had gathered all throughout the years: in case you don't know you will at least know where to read all about it.
ATV with mark perry as their driving force of course is also known as alternative tv or alternative television or alternative t'television or alternative to television in chronologically descending order, and sham 69 are sham 69. 
sham 69 released their tribute to mark perry and ATV in 1993, a winking hard rock punk version of the ATV signature tune, while ATV recorded and released their tribute to the THE ramones song that gave its name to the eponymous fanzine mark perry edited and published since 1976 in 2004. the very limited vinyl edition of this song is still available in the shop on the official homepage of mark p. and ATV, so please buy this and any other sound storage medium of ATV and sham 69 that you may find.
and what you can find here of course are both the full extended play cds of both of the tributes to the elder gods, all tracks are converted to mp3 with 320 kbps, all scans are included and you can download all and everything directly. but if you are in a tearing hurry, just listen to ATV by sham 69 and/or now i wanna sniff some glue by ATV directly in your browser, just click on the tracks.


new grenada from detroit paying their tribute to the dead kennedys, the buzzcocks, the germs, the angry red planet, the bad brains, the minor threat and black flag with 16 minutes of mayhem punk noise in 2002

a cute nice funny little gem i found deep down in the black holes of my record collection: new grenada from detroit covering punk songs from the late seventies and early eighties that their motorcity madhouse parents had brought them up with. a 3"cd with seven tracks that shawn knight (one of their early members and the founder of the now defunct boy arm label where this record was released) sent to me when i contributed some of my own music to his 265 popes compilation.
when new grenada recorded iron triangle in 2002 they most probably were john nelson (vocals and guitars), dave melkonian (bass) and monday busque on drums, but it sounds as if a lot of their friends were present as well to help them in the free form parts of this record.

01 - hyperactive child (dead kennedys) (listen!)
02 - boredom (buzzcocks)
03 - lexicon devil (the germs)
04 - mediocrity (angry red planet)
05 - the regulator (bad brains)
06 - in my eyes (minor threat)
07 - damaged (black flag)

download the iron triangle
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hugh hopper / 1984 miniplusluv / the expanded japanese version expanded / and don't the kids just hate it??!!

by the turn of the years 1972 and 1973 the last album hugh hopper recorded with soft machine was 'SIX'. of course. the only composition he adjoined the band with was '1983', a long loop improvisation that layered the basis for his humongous huge work '1984' that he recorded in 1972 with some of his friends and that was released in 1973 after all. in 2007 '1984' saw a rerelease in japan with some bonus tracks: alternative versions that were unheard before and nobody knows where they got them from. and for your listening pleasure i added an alternate alternate version of 'minipax I' and a version of '1983' that hugh hopper recorded with the 'new' soft machine in hamburg in 1973.
okay. some of these sound have been created by hugh hopper and his bass guitar and some looops he prepared and arranged, and some of these sounds have been created by a 'band' built up in various combinations and co-figuration: hugh hopper on bass played halfways spontaneaous instant compositions with john marshall (drums), lol coxhill (sopransax), pye hastings (guitar), gary windo (tenorsax), and malcolm griffiths and nick evans on trombones. (please note the oxford comma!)
the original album was released in 1973 with tracks 01 to 06. track 07 was a bonus track added to the first cd release of the album, tracks 08 to 13 came out with the japanese version of the cuneiform cd in 2007. track 14 is an alternate version of the alternate version of 'minipax I' that was released on the gary windo compilation 'his master's bones' in 1996 and track 15 was recorded live in hamburg in 1973 with hugh hopper on bass and prepared tape loops, john marshall on drums, karl jenkins on keyboards and woodwinds and mike ratledge on keyboards. 
most of you of course will know most or all of the tracks, but this is a compilation i tinkered for my own listening pleasure, it clocks in at 79 minutes and a half, and i thought it could be fun to share it with you.

download 1984 miniplusplus


jefferson airplane / the rehearsal disc / live at winterland 1967

this is funny: i always thought that everybody knows and owns this record, but today i found out it is rather rare. jefferson airplane live in a rehearsal jam at the winterland in 1967, one long seamless track capturing the band in exactly what the title says, a rehearsal situation, fragments and free flight.
in 1967 jefferson airplane of course were grace slick (vocals), marty balin (guitar and vocals), paul kantner (guitar and vocals), jorma kaukonen (guitar and vocals), jack casady on bass and spencer dryden on drums, though i can not tell if they were all present at these rehearsal jams.
this cd probably was released in 1988 on the luxembourg document label as DR 020 CD and is missing in their discography on discogs, fuck yeah! the recordings are mentioned on the jefferson airplane discussion board and at guitars101, but the cover can be found here for the first time ever; except for an obscure page on amazon, that is.

so this is what you get: a 45 minutes track including rehearsal versions of
  • it's allright
  • won't you try / saturday afternoon
  • jam
  • won't you try
  • jam
  • martha 
gopher it!
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