the early days of rock / live in concert 1964 - 1968 / volume 1 / the creation, the kinks, the spencer davis group, the small faces, the fingers, simon dupree, the move, the troggs, the smoke and julie driscoll, brian auger and the trinity

most of you, of course, will know all of these bands, some of most of you will know all of these recordings, and some of sam of most of you might own this record. so, here is for the rest of you: some half-obscure live-recordings some semi-popular british bands executed on german tv some-time between 1964 and 1968 and they were loud and it was funny and it was fun.
most of you, of course, will know all of these bands, some of most of you will know all of these recordings; and the recordings that some of the sam of the sum of you might not know are all (that is: ALL!) gathered together in our (now defunct for reasons moust of you know) coumpilation series 'tommyknockers', as you all know. blablabla.
annieweigh: in 1989 the italian label living legends released this-here cd and a volume two you will be listening in the not all too distant future. and though you might know all of these recordings, they are a lot of fun to be listened to in one rutsch; but most of you don't. you're a shame.

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mutant technology: sturclub 2004: search and destroy: den stooges den kopf verdreht; sozusagen.

on the 26th of march 2004 the german postmetakraut band sturclub grabberedited search and destroy and turned it upside down; litteralley: werner voran was on guitar and things, uwe büchele played alicktronicks and things, david dufour was upsent and yours truely ralf siemers forgot the words: on a very long run we will be coming on in second best at least. listen two the video:

four owl hugh coumpleterists of sturclub outhere i addaddaddaddaded an mp3-version of our version. it is as bad (teckknikkally, that is) as the version on the video; there is no better version ass far ass eye now.

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stay away from aids! george cummings and richard feldman are preaching and teaching you some lessons about aids in the eighties.

we interrupt this programme to give you a warning about staying away and keeping your genitals away from aids. aids are dangerous, all aids are dangerous.
george cummings, the founder of dr. hook, and doctor richard feldman, a friend of the founder of dr. hook, are telling you all they knew about those aids in the early eighties. and that's not all too much. but it's okay.

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BEST OF C.O.U.M. / excerpts from a tape genesis p-orridge sent to the stuttgart post-fluxus artist albrecht/d. in 1977

C.O.U.M. was a transgressive performance art group formed in 1969 as a tribal gathering of musicians, visual artists and happening acteurs including genesis p-orridge, peter christopherson and cosey fanni tutti, the threesome that in 1976 were only a few seconds away from the moment that they would spend the rest of their lifes as throbbing gristle; just before they met chris carter, the then-to-be fourth member of TG, they teamed up with the stuttgart post-fluxus artist albrecht/d. on drums; they had met him at a concert he performed with joseph beuys at the ica in 1974, recorded at least three hour-long tapes with him in 1976 and 1977 and continued to work with him and chris carter as C.O.U.M. and/or throbbing gristle up to the early eighties.
probably in 1977 genesis p-orridge sent a coumpilation (sorry!) ov some live and rehearsal room recordings executed by C.O.U.M. and/or throbbing gristle to albrecht/d. including something new, something old, some sounds with and some sounds without albrecht/d. on drums, some things borrowed and some things blue and so on and so on on a compact cassette tape just labelled as 'BEST OF C.O.U.M.' with no credits at all. in 1982 albrecht/d. presented me a copy of these recordings on a completely uninscribed tdk cassette tape and i vanished it (that's the active version of it) in the black holes of my collection. only recently i found out about it again and transformed a digital version of it, the only version known in this world as far as i can see...
as the complete version of this tape is about 90 minutes long i had to cut out some of the music: the first six or seven minutes of side two are wobblywobbly and i cut them out and threw them away. the last minutes of that side are a coherent and lovely piece of music that you can here next door in my blog/podcast 'kraut mask replica', you may find the link somewhere on the right side of this blog. the remaining 70 minutes of sound are included here, unwashed and shining brightly. the last few minutes of the tape had genesis p-orridge talking to albrecht/d. about his cat tremble and the punk bands that started to play in the clubs in 1976 and 1977 ad that he did not like all too much: this private message is included here as well.
in 2013 albrecht/d. was found dead in his flat in stuttgart. in december 2015 there will be an exhibition of his work at the württembergischer kunstverein stuttgart, watch out here and there for more information. by the way, i will be part of the band that is going to be performing some noise for the vernissage (listen to ebbes/d. in their rehearsal room) and the exhibition will include some of his works that i kept as a secret in my private collection.

(mp3 / direct listening or download / NO scans included, just download the pictures here / please note that there is a continouos whistling skirl on these recordings: you will hate it)


hawkwind live at st. albans in the winter of 1979

in the winter of 1979 the everchanging hawkwind were dave brock (vocals, guitars, keyboards), simon king (drums), huw lloyd-langton (guitars), harvey bainbridge (bass, keyboards) and tim blake (vocals, keyboards); the perfect link between hippie violencia and radical ridicule punk chic: old and loud, snotty and sensitive, incoumportable ass hell.
this-here not all too legal cd has been recorded during their uk winter tour 1979 in the city of st. albans, 19 miles northnorthwest from the city of london. the quality of the recording is okay for hardcore fans like me, but it is obviously not the first choice to play to newbies of the church of hawkwind. by the way, in 2007 i uploaded their orgasmatron album to a rather obscure file sharing service and it has been discharged a long time ago, but even now i re-uploaded the .rar-file; so it can be downloaded again. and what is more, the discogs entry for this cd did not feature any pictures and i just uploaded them there.

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release music orchestra / garuda / germany 1975 / kraut goes into punk very slowly

one of many connections between the german kraut explosion in the early seventies and the german punk explosionexplosion in the late seventies of the last century. the release music orchestra (rmo) was one of oh-so-many german bands overestimating themselves as a new version of soft machine and coming out and along with some mediokay jazzrock with some deviant ideas. garuda was their second album, released on brain records in 1975, and received a warm welcome by the overintellectualized journalists of the german sounds magazine; especially helmut salzinger, the author of rock power and swinging benjamin, loved and promoted them with all of his heart.
rmo in 1975 were holger dunkel on bass, norbert jacobsen on reeds, zabba lindner on drums, manne rürup on keyboards and margit maya haberland on violin, percussion and vocals, with a little help from alto pappert (kraan etc) and jochen petersen (randy pie etc); konrad conny plank was the engineer and producer. margit lateron was one of the founding members of the bremen punk band blender and is of course wellwellwell known as a member of the hamburg punk band abwärts. i once saw them in 1978 supporting the cure in the stuttgart posh discotheque oz and stole a kiss from her backstage; really i did, yesyes, i did.
most compositions on the album are written by rürup/jacobsen/lindner, but every on of the five members has a short interlude showcasing just him or her. that is rather interesting, of course. the rest of the record sounds exactly as you will be expecting, but i like it, like it, lie kid...

this is what you want:

01 - slapstick
02 - zwischenspiel holger
03 - torso im sommerwind
04 - zwischenspielnorbert
05 - rallye dallye
06 - zwischenspielzabba
07 - zwischenspielmanne
08 - garuda
10 - mama kubu

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european free improvisation: vario-34 live 1993: featuring günter christmann, alexander frangenheim, mats gustafsson, thomas lehn, paul lovens and christian munthe

no, this ain't no free jazz, no spiritualized burbling on a wellknown theme, no variations within a rather limited variety of very limited notes and moods and tones and tempi; this is a very fine example of the legendary 'european free improvisation'; poeticallyzed noizerings, where any- and everything can and may happen.
on the 28th and 29th of october 1993 some of these those free european improvizers met at the forum kesselhaus in hannover and explored what might or could happen and what refused to happen: günter christmann, alexander frangenheim, mats gustafsson, thomas lehn, paul lovens and christian munthe were there to perform in a rather un-macho manner: sometimes they all played together, sometimes they listened to just two of the gathering searching their unique way of expression. the music mostly was very calm, smooth and poetically in its own definitions. this was vario-34.
to find out more about the european free improvisation please visit the site european free improvisation (use the index of musicians and groups to find günter christmann and find vario-34 in his discography). and on a sideline it might be interesting to know that alexander frangenheim was one of many protagagonists on my very first post on spurensicherung. there you go.

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instant access to if this then that


bob dylan: odds and ends: some veverestinessversions recorded between 1962 and 1984: walking on a guru!

this collection of bob dylan rarities and oddities and endities was released in 1991 on the european (probably italian) label sick cat as number 006; the discogs entry for sick cat does not list it at all, bobsboots though has at least some information. the scan of the linernotes that you can find down below is seen here for the very first time and can not be found anywhere else. so here we go:
there is a whisp and a whiff of finnegans earthquake all over dylans lyrics that satt i lough: hurrycaint, you bin hiding, lemmy sea, sail-lie girl, yonders inn, horney waist, rousemarry and gals. great. and you willst disc-over alot moore. soho here we go:

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R.E.M. in the year 2525 / the cover versions / velvet underground, aerosmith, golden earring, rolling stones, buddy holly, the byrds, creedence clearwater revival, audrey hepburn, television, the syndicate of sound and R.E.M.

this seems to be a rather rare record by R.E.M. and i thought you might like to want to sing along with it as it is featuring 22 songs you all love and know by heart. it was released in 1991 on the obscure 'great live records' label as GLR 9109, though it is not listed in their discography. on the world wide web i could only find some minimal proof that this cd really does exist, but nobody seems to have any additional information to those that can be found on the cover.
the rather restrained linernotes just let you know that these recordings have been captured live in concert somewhere and sometimes between 1981 and 1990, and that they obviously have been compiled from sources like observation records, living legend records, rock solid, ironic records, skeleton songs and three cool cats. now you know. the font of the track list is a dark gold on dark blue and refuses to be scanned and reproduced in a half-decent and half bearable way; but i tried my very best.

so this is what you are going to hear:

01 - there she goes again (velvet underground)
02 - in the year 2525 (zager and evans)
03 - eight miles high (the byrds)
04 - have you ever seen the rain (creedence clearwater revival)
05 - what's new, pussycat (tom jones)
06 - radar love (golden earring)
07 - gloria (them etc)
08 - rave on (buddy holly)
09 - pale blue eyes (velvet underground)
10 - do you wanna be a rock and roll star (the byrds) (sic!)
11 - moon river (audrey hepburn)
12 - paint it black (rolling stones)
13 - california dreamin' (the mamas and papas)
14 - femme fatal (velvet underground) (sic!)
15 - toys in the attic (aerosmith)
16 - see no evil (television)
17 - hey little girl (syndicate of sound)
18 - the lion sleeps tonight (the tokens)
19 - behind closed doors (charlie rich)
20 - fall on me (R.E.M.)
21 - smokin' in the boys room (brownsville station)
22 - sweet home alabama (lynyrd skynyrd)

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the galactic explorers / epitaph for venus / cologne 1972 or a mad twiddler kraut hoax?

and nobody knows if it really happened: the galactic explorers were a a kraut legend completely unknown to all masters of kraut legends until the british psi-fi label unearthed these recordings in 1996. reputedly the album had been recorded in cologne in 1972 or 1973 and was released as a very limited edition on vinyl, that was sold exclusively in galleries deadicated to experimental art in these times.
there is a lot of hints that this story might be true (some of the musicians involved stemmed from cologne and can be found working with bands like dzyan or birth control), and a lot of hints that this and other psi-fi releases were a hoax in the wake of the kraut flood of the nineties that most of us survived one way or another. there is a twee discussion on discogs on this, and i'll leave it up to you to decide.
as this cd changes hands for some 40 euro i thought it was appropriate to let you hear what you might want to buy as an art object or an illusionary giant from the distance.

(all scans included / mp3 / direct download)