german free jazz legend albert mangelsdorff starting off rather conventional in 1958: when jazz became irrational...

yeah, great: the albert mangelsdorff jazztett: prae-prae-prae-kraut 1958: boroding and convisionentional soontobecome free jazz: the german version of conconservative coltrane-innervonations: two tunes i found on a 7"-vinyl-record i found in the black holes of my collection: albert mangelsdorff (trombone), emil mangelsdorff (alto-sax; his brother, of course, who was part of the implementing peermutation of  christianitiorgenous music into music whatsoever), joki freund (tenor), dusko goykovic (trumpet), pepsi auer (piano), peter trunk (bass) and rudi sehring on drums. alas, you know them all!
listen to din a-bop (written by joki freund) and tower blues (written by pepsi auer)

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unlimited systems, berlin, spring 1980: heroine driven rhythm machine and noise

i saw the unlimited systems once way back in west-berlin in 1980 and bought their ep directly from their singeress the moment their performance had ended: they were boring and inspiring the same time: pluckering early eighties machines built up a wall of noise and marianne vocalized way above in the ghastly manner women (were they selfconscious or not) had to mumble and scream in these days: we knew better, of course (nico, mo tucker, renate knaupp), but we still loved her. the unlimited systems in 1980 were marianne enzensberger on vocals, ian wright huddling tapes and homad electronic devices, lena japan on guitars and ulli reetz on saxophone: i have no idea who played the bass or the second guitar: but in the age of the extinction of the author (and this was ages before tekkkNO took place) this did not matter at all.
for your pleasure here is the ep i bought the moment the unlimited systems ceased to play that evening: you get:

01 - in the morning
02 - koks kino
03 - longueur monotone
koks kino, though it is embarASSing as it is, references to the velvet underground (as all of their music does of course), and longueur monotone is a way too short wonderful noise. the rest is up to you and you know it all: the 39 clocks, nico, suicide, die mütter, robert rental, silver apples and chicory tip. enjoy!

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the blue angel lounge: 1992: german coverversions of sunday morning and crazy feeling

just what it says: german coverversions of sunday morning and crazy feeling from 1992. lou reed, of course. and very rare. yes. and i love love love the b-side and you will love it, too. that's why. a certain feeling. though you can't name it. das gewisse etwas auch.
when you like it: go away! mehr gibt es nicht zu sagen: die bilder talken for themselves sich selbst bitte sehr. (das erste stück ist nicht so gut)

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mohamed mounir - the egyptian singer meets german kraut legends embryo

mohamed mounir is a very popular artist in egypt, or at least he was way back in the eighties. he had many of his albums released on cassette tapes, vinyl and lateron on compact discs. in the eighties of the last century he met up with some members of the german kraut legend embryo who managed to release some of his music in germany on the now defunct line label that for example had given room to iggy pop or spirit when nobody wanted to hear them. mohamed mounir would fit very well in here.
on most of the tracks featured here you can here roman bunka or/and edgar hofmann as part of the discourse on or in or off or about the perpetual and reciprocative influence of european and arabic (asian/african) music throughout the centuries. this of course ist just a shy rasping on the surface, but you are invited to find out more.

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the dream syndicate - it's too late to stop now (demos, radio broadcasts and live recordings 1984 - 1987)

this cd has become rather rare throughout the years, it is not even mentioned on their wikipedia-entry or on their new homepage, but every fan of john coltrane, free form rock and reflective dysfolk should have heard their music at least once in his/her life: the late dream syndicate with some demos, radio broadcasts and live recordings, starting in 1984 and terminating the mission with the last track of their last show in 1987.
in these years the dream syndicate were steve wynn (vocals, guitar), dennis duck (drums), mark walton (bass) and paul b. cutler (guitar); additional musicians on this album include karl precoda (guitar), dave provost (bass), robert lloyd (accordion, penny whistle, mandolin) and chris cavacas on keyboards.

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ten minutes of softpsych protopostkraut boogie found on an eight-inch-acetate: i do not know who it is and when it was recorded. can you help us all?

strange: this is an acetate disc, probably recordable just one time. no year of recording or any other information can be found on the label or on the cover except for a telephone number and a note (name) reading something like "Maden." or "Madeu."

the music starts with a psychodeleric first strike but pretty soon it smoothes down to some sort of soft rock followed by a guitar solo and an even longer piano solo, very clean, very competent, like in the long versions of 'light my fire' but completely omitting the madness. after about eight minutes a kraut flute steps in and the end is marked by a kosmische organ sound, very obscure. i cut together side one and side two for a seamless experience of this strange platter. i guess it was recorded in 1972, but i can be proved completely wrong and everybody but me knows this is bruce springsteen or any other mediocre singer and songwriter. i hope you can help all of us.

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BUNT - a poem by alma larsen set to music/sound by performing artists of the european avantgarde in 1991

in 1991 viola kramer asked some of her friends and some friends of her friends to contribute to a conceptual compilation: they were asked to construe the words of a short poem by alma larsen and to treat it in any way they wanted to. about twenty very different artists co-operated in constructing fourteen tracks that change from rather cute to completely outstanding. sometimes the concept seems to overshine the music, so listen rather careful in the most literal meaning of the word.
the performing artists included norbert stein, bene gesserit, bruno meillier, roken, ronnie butler, gitta schäfer and many more, you can find the complete list of artists with rhizomatic connecting lines helping you to find more information on discogs.
now what do the words mean? though it is rather difficult to not purely translate the words verbatim and verbally but to perpetuate the sound and the hidden subliminal meaning i tried to transfer the poem:


i am not neither
i am not nor
not black
not white
nor grey not

i am
black AND white
or white
AND black
or greynot

sit back and let the evening go:

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jimi hendrix - message to love (twenty versions: live and rehearsal room recordings and odds on end)

twenty messages to love found in my record collection: live recordings, rehearsal studio tapes, broken down versions, sketches and odds on end. jimi hendrix recorded these versions of message to love in 1969 and 1970 with the band of gypsys featuring billy cox on bass and buddy miles on drums or with cry of love with billy cox and mitch mitchell, but you will be hearing noel redding as well as yuma sultan and others.

01 - 1969-02-22 (jimi hendrix solo at the olympic studio in london)
02 - 1969-02-24 (noel redding, mitch mitchell and jimi hendrix, soundcheck at the royal albert hall in london)
03 - 1969-08-?? (credited as 'message of love', probably recorded in a rented house in shokan/ny with billy cox, mitch mitchell, larry lee on additional guitar and jerry velez and juma sultan on percussion)

04/05/06 - 1969-09-24 (jimi hendrix, mitch mitchell and yuma sultan in rehearsal at the record plant in new york)

tracks 07 to 16 are the band of gypsys with jimi hendrix, billy cox and buddy miles rehearsing at beggy's studio in new york on the 18th and 19th of december 1969:
07 - takes 1 and 2
08 - take 3
09 - take 4
10 - take 5
11 - take 6
12 - take 7
13 - take 8
14 - take 9
15 - unnumbered take
16 - unnumbered take

17 - 1970-05-08 (jimi hendrix, billy cox and mitch mitchell as cry of love: live at the university of oklahoma field house)
18 - 1970-05-30 (with mitch mitchell, afternoon rehearsal at the berkely community theatre)
19 - 1970-07-17 (jimi hendrix, billy cox and mitch mitchell as cry of love: live at 'new york pop' at the downing stadium in new york)
20 - 1970-08-31 (live at the isle of wight festival)

it was fun to compile, i hope you will enjoy.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download)