joseph beuys: "ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee" - the complete 1968 recording plus some kippenberger plus some more

and now it's beuys, laydildies and gentillommes; joseph beuys. this=here performance of "ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee" was executed at the staited accordamy of arats in düsseldorf on the 14th of daycimbre 1968 featuring johannes stüttgen and henning christiansen for one reason or soume others, butt mostoffall it's beuys who can not could never will neverever keep his loudmouth better shut it up, baby.
some parts of this performance had been released on a vinyl longplayer in 1970 in italy; but it was not until 2001 that the complete recording lasting more than one hour was released seamlesslaid on cd. and this longendlesslylong performance is what you'll get today; plus some bonus tracks you might not like ass well: a short excerpt of the 1970 release i found on ubuweb, three rather short versions of the song martin kippenberger executed in 1995, and a short excerpt of a german radio feature about the deconstruction of a beuys bathtube by a leverkusen charlady in 1973.
so here is joseph beuys and the long version of ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee (featuring a 16-page-booklet) and the short version of ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee (featuring nothing at all); rippored from my very own copy of the cd:

01 - joseph beuys - ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee (1968; cd 2001; 64 minutes)
02 - joseph beuys - ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee (1968; lp 1970; excerpt) (listen directly in your browser)

and here comes martin kippenberger and three versions of ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee he released as a cd in 1995 (i could not find a picture of the backside of the cover; and i found the music on ubuweb; so here we go)

03- kippenberger - ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee 
04- kippenberger - ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee (für erwachsene) (listen directly in your browser)
05- kippenberger - ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee (für die jugend)

and if i remember correctly (and who would even dare to doubt it??) this was broadcasted on westgerman radio in 2001:
06 - radio feature with udo stiehl and hilde müller (2001) (listen directly in your browser)

(mp3 /all scans included / direct download)



the people under the stairs: original soundtrack recordings by graeme revell and don peake, plus some bonus tracks

graeme revell is of course best known for his work with the australian noise unit spk (surgical penis klinik; sozialistisches patienten kollektiv, et cetera), and for the soundtracks he committed for the crime scene investigation later on. the work of don peake was completely unknown to me until i heard this soundtrack of the 1991 wes craven film the people under the stairs, but there is a lot of obvious reasons to love him and his music. 
at least four different versions of the soundtrack are in circulation; all of them have the same tracks by revell and peake on vinyl, tape or cd, while the french cd version added a rare 4'03''-minutes-version of a track by the hiphop-unit readhead kingpin and the fbi. and this french cd version of course is what you'll get.
furthermore you will find two tracks graeme revell contributed to the soundtrack of dusk till dawn, plus some tracks he composed for the film body of evidence; you can find the cd of that soundtrack at rather reasonable prices in your local dustbin.

so here we go for the people under the stairs:

01 - redhead kingpin and the fbi - do the right thing (4'03''-version)
02 - graeme revell - suite part one 
03 - graeme revell - suite part two (listen directly in your browser)
04 - don peake - the people under the stairs suite

and for the bonus tracks:

05 - mexican standoff
06 - sex machine attacks
(from the soundtrack from dusk till dawn; 1996) 

07 - the house boat
08 - hot wax and champagne
(from the soundtrack body of evidence; 1993)

(mp3 / all scans and bonus tracks included / direct download)



dr. huelsenbecks mentale heilmethode ‎- a radio play created in 1992, featuring peter blegvad, john greaves, holger czukay, roman bunka, and many others; plus some borenusstracks

the radioplay dr. huelsenbecks mentale heilmethode was created for the bavarian broadcasting corporation (bayerischer rundfunk) in 1992 in onandonhonör of the greatlaid richard huelsenbeck, the selfpinned createur and inventör and innerwaister of the german dada-movement.
using text- and tapefragments found in his heritage artists like peter blegvad, john greaves, holger czukay, regina moths, herbert kapfer, roman bunka and many others teamed up prosthumoresslay with william s. burroughs, hans richter, merce cunningham and all the others to create an assemblamage of words and music and noise. it is a lot of fun to listen to dr. huelsenbecks mentale heilmethode, and youth are innweitered to do so=ho!
so listen to the airplay in its abrupt use of originalated so=und materials in its entiredty; and find some two boredustracks at the ain't of it:

01 - ready-tape 57 - 1:38
02 - wir machen die liebe nach neuer art - 5:53
03 - militärische novelle - 7:17 (listen directly in your browser)
04 - rotglühende bratpfannen - 6:14
05 - röhrenhose rokoko-neger-rhythmus - 6:26
06 - lieber hasemann - 3:27 (listen directly in your browser)
07 - ready-tape 65 - 0:44
08 - natürlich ist das schiff voller deutscher spione - 7:30
09 - existentialisten - 4:25
10 - hottentotten-kral new york - 3:36
11 - i really was in a state of malaise - 5:09
12 - a dadaist hippie - 4:28
13 - ende der welt - 1:40
14 - end of the world - 3:56 (listen directly in your browser)


15 - phantastische gebete (richard huelsenbeck recorded this little prayer live to tape in new york 1967 and we found it on ubuweb)

16 - station 17 - feeger (the german krautsomiac vnoise-unit station 17 wolking together with holger czukay in 1990)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download) 


ALTERNATIVE TV - the 1977 industrial sessions featuring genesis p-orridge, carol newby and tremble the dog, and live at the rat club in september 1977, plus some more

do i really have to repeat all of the story of mark perry and alternative t' television, alternative television, alternative tv and ATV? no, i don't. history may repeat its beautiful selves all over and over again in all its farced glory; but i don't. so for today you will get to hear the so-cold industrial sessions atv executed at the throbbing gristle industrial studios better known as the death factory at 10, martello street in london in 1977, one of their live actions at the london rat club recorded by genesis p-orridge in september 1977, and some sounds from a 1979 live concert. let's go.

first of all we got the industrial sessions, recorded in april 1977. you can hear mark perry on vocals and drums, alex fergusson on guitar, and genesis p-orridge helping out on bass and drums; and sometimes in the background you can hear chris and cosey and tremble dog commenting on what's happening in the death factory. this is raw and pure and a lot of fun. though the wonderful blog die or diy shared these recordings in 2014 as mp3s at 192 kbps i decided to re-share them with the world as 320-kbps-mp3s, and whattzmore i decided to include some scans of the booklet.

so here we go:

01 - love lies limp 1:45
02 - love lies limp 5:02
03 - "...fuck up..." 0:26
04 - british kids 2:48 (listen directly in your browser)
05 - "...is she awake yet?" 1:17
06 - industrial porridge 6:00
07 - life 1:27
08 - life 5:21
10 - life 3:05
11 - tremble the dog 0:35
12 - "...i was hitting him, like..." 0:46
13 - "...a lot of gaps on this tape..." 0:57
14 - alternatives to nato 6:14
15 - more porridge 0:43 (listen directly in your browser)
16 - guardian, times and observer 2:14
17 - east acton action 2:03 (listen directly in your browser)
18 - never saw the blitzkrieg 3:14
19 - street fighter 2:00
20 - british kids 3:45
21 - love lies limp 2:29
22 - ten commandments 2:58
23 - street fighter 3:30
24 - still life 11:10 (recorded live at the rat club in london in september 1977)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


as the last track of the industrial sessions cd was recorded live at the rat club in london in september 1977 and was not included on the cd live at the rat club i decided to include that perticular cd ass well for your listening pleasure. 

you can hear mark perry on vocals, guitars and tapes, alex fergusson on guitar, chris bennett on drums, and tyrone thomas on bass; genesis p-orridge was in the audience and recorded this concert on his cassette tape recorder.

here is what happened:

01 - memphis tennessee
02 - love lies limp
03 - my hand was still wet (listen directly in your browser)
04 - sleep in bed
05 - life
06 - how much longer (listen directly in your browser)
07 - alternative to nato
08 - you bastard
09 - why don't you do me right?
10 - total switch off
and here come the bonus tracks: as the concert at the rat club only lasted for some minutes, i decided to add the atv tracks i found on the atv / good missionaries split tape scars on sunday i found on die or diy as well. 

you can hear mark perry on vocals and guitars et cetera, dennis burns on bass, dave george on drums, and anno wombat from here and now on woodwinds and some more. this is what happened live at the greenwich theatre in spring 1979.

11 - nasty little lonely
12 - release the natives (listen directly in your browser)
13 - the radio story / lost in room poem
14 - fellow sufferer
15 - the force is blind
16 - the good missionary
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


marion brown and gunter hampel: gemini (1983) and play sun ra live in concert (1993)

and this is all too beautyfull=wonderfool, my deedearest fellowers. the german freeakjazzpostkraut legend gunter hampel playing vibraphone and bassclarinet and the cooltrained esp-legend marion brown on alto sax hyperealaxing in outtawourldish reciprocessallness in the studio in 1983 and live in erfurt in 1993.

gemini was recorded at the legendary tonstudio bauer in ludwigsburg on the 13th of june 1983, and was released by gunter hampel on his own birth records label in göttingen the same year as BIRTH 0037. ten years later it was rereleased as BIRTH CD 0037 including some 22 minutes of sounds the both of them recorded at a live concert in erfurt on the 18th of june 1993.

here we go-go!

01 - (no 520) gemini 4:34 (hampel)
02 - (521) horizon 14:35 (hampel)
03 - (18) turbulence 5:21 (hampel) (listen directly in your browser)
04 - (no. 346) serenade for marion brown 10:19 (hampel)
05 - ask me now 3:38 (monk)
06 - (no. 457) new york sunday afternoon 4:27 (hampel)
07 - (no. 430) funky get down 6:41 (hampel)

play sun ra live in concert
08 - lights on a satellite 7:29 (sun ra)
09 - enlightment 3:38 (sun ra) (listen directly in your browser)
10 - spontaneous simplicity 6:37 (sun ra)
11 - (no. 608) information 5:17 (hampel)
12 - applause 0:11

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

and justin case you wonderered why eye called him "postkraut", here is some of the work mister hampel did with the very obscure 39-clocks-posse in hannover roundabout 1985: and though most of the links mentioned in those posts are dead, the music is still here and there and now.


drive to heaven, welcome to chaos: a very funny international compilation released in tokyo almost thirty years ago; featuring henry kaiser, fred frith, der plan, pyrolator, andreas dorau, john zorn and many others

exactly what it says in the headline: sixteen very different artists, mostly from japan, germany, england and the us of a, with a rather incoherent choice of tracks pullulating in the leftfields of weird pop, experimental noise, fake disco and yonderways beyond. 
drive to heaven will help you waste your precious time on a lazy sunday afternoon in a very sophisticated way: you're allowed to dance, in case you don't know, and welcome to caos (sic!), laydeedees and djintallmints!

here we go-go!

01 - henry kaiser - samma no aji 2:27
02 - picky picnic - welcome to heaven 4:34 (listen directly in your browser)
03 - andreas dorau - höllen-tingeltangel 2:52
04 - constance towers - great buddha air mail 3:51
05 - fred frith - wilder tongues 1:57 (listen directly in your browser)
06 - syzygys - le fonce 4:55
07 - lost gringos - unter dem vulkan 3:47
08 - laemonz - béla bodocampode 4:23
09 - henry kaiser - tokyo boshoku 4:15
10 - henry kaiser - kohayakawake no aki 4:15
11 - der plan - fackel der sehnsucht 2:29 (listen directly in your browser)
12 - tipographica - rhythm mountains~tanker 4:21
13 - picky picnic and pyrolator - murderer's night fever 2:15
14 - jumbo - the boy from ipanema 3:02
15 - expo - ebi combi 3:53
16 - john zorn featuring blind idiot god - purged specimen 1:54 (listen directly in your browser)
17 - fred frith - stay that way 2:08
18 - pyrolator - ritual 4:42
19 - henry kaiser - zange no yaiba 1:46
20 - bun itakura - lotus 8:13

welcome to heaven
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


four semi=obscure 7inchers i found in my record collection: gene williams from 1968, the jets from 1973, the jars from 1980, and the modernaires from 1981

yes, i was digging in the graveyard late at night, and look what i found: four seven-inch-vinyl-singles most of you have neverever seen or heard: and now you can find out if there is a reason (no, there's no real reason) to hunt them down on discogs or ebay. i transmuted the crickcracklesandpops of the annalocked vinyl to some godlike mp3s this afternoof, cramming and stuffing both sides of each into one long track (each, as well), so that you can listen to the aside and the beside almost seamlessly in one rutsch right here on this sight of the everning; and if you want to downlord the tracks to your heartdrive please be sure to save the pictures as well as there are no .zip or .rar files as you might have expectered.


so let us start with the one and only known sevenincher (and their only known release as well) of the jets from 1973:

reportedly the jets were a one-off drunk-afternoon project created by ken elliott, kearon o'conner and mike craig to outglitter all that sweet stuff that slayed the charts in those days, and that's what they did. the a-side is a forgotten glam=gem, while the b-side is a coumpletely different sounding tongue-in-cheap-version of hatfield and the north or even van der graaf generator.

a: yeah!
b: rusty corinthian pillar

listen to the jets glammering it all out!


next up next is gene williams, a southafrican singer and songwriter, who is living in germany since he liberated the black forest from the fascist scum in 1945. he has recorded and released a lot of schlagersoul records since the early sixties, sometimes using the wonderful pseudonym eugene william birkenstock.

this=here record is easily one of the best records he recorded allthroughout the years, with a dieter reith combo that never again rocked like this, and the lyrics are a wonderful mishmatch of german and british blabla. great.

a: my soul is black
b: rock'n roll in london town


not all too much is known about the jars; they were mik dow on guitars and vocals, armin hammer on bass guitar, gary nervo on farfisa, and marc time on drums. they released two singles in 1980 and then got lost in the process of growing old.

but this one=here is cool: a rather tame and nice a-side, followed by a version of psycho originally recorded by the sonics in 1965 in a hyped-up b-52s manner and then going completely over the top with the third track and stopping it appsoruptley before it starts getting a psychoboredelic jam. wunderbra!

a: start rite now
b: psycho / electric third rail

listen to the jars from 1980

finally we got the modernaires from wales if i may guess. in the early eighties they released some records on the illuminated label, frickled around in some obscure bands like brodyr-y-fin and the likes, and they were never heard of again and lived happily until you died, as far as my ears are inwolfed. 

but this little sevenincher, though corenpleateley worned=out and cricracrockeling all the time, is a wonderful tribute to the groundbreaking work of the early soft machine. starting with a little missapt quotation of a kinks reminiscence the wilde flowers had been using in the midsixties, and ending all out in some poetic kevinayeresk freeform noise for the afternoon show down in middle earth. take some drugs, baby.

a: we did it again
b: and again

listen to the modernaires from 1981