the soft machine live in kralingen 1970

in 1970, on the 28th of june, the soft machine played at the kralingen festival near rotterdam in the netherlands. you can hear mike ratledge on keyboards, hugh hopper on bass, elton dean on woodwinds and robert wyatt drumming and vocalizing. this version of "esther´s nose-job" was only released on the bootleg some dutch hippie activists made available short after the festival. (other bands featured included quintessence, pink floyd, jefferson airplain, the flock and more.)

though we all own most of the official soft machine releases and though a lot of long lost live and studio recordings are unearthed and edited by brian and hugh hopper on a rather regular basis (so many thanks to them: i never even dared to hope to ever be listening to these sounds) there still are a few tracks that remain to be re-discovered: here is one of them:

the soft machine - esther's nose-job
(mp3, 224 kbps, 10 mb, direct download)


Anonymous said...

l havenot heard this one yet, but as we used to say at the time the whole thing was recorded with a mike up against a tree. Thanks anyhow

Spring Day said...

Wow, this is really a powerful version. Driving, forceful. Recording quality's not bad. The band's at its best. Thanks for finding and sharing this!

Anonymous said...

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