fred frith. guitar solos. 1991 cd version.

in 1974 fred frith released his first album guitar solos: eight improvized tracks for unaccompanied acousmatic and eclectic guitars. rather challenging even in those adventurous times, and it did not quite sell a million. i got my copy way back in 1975 for the equivalent of less than one euro and it was completely ruined and worn out in 1977. i loved this music and i still do.

so i was more than delighted when in 1991 recrec music in switzerland had the heart to give the people what they did not want or at least did not know they want: all eight tracks from the 1974 album, of course, plus the two frith tracks from"guitar solos 2" (a compilation with about 15 minutes each by g.f. fitzgerald, derek bailey, hans reichel and fred frith, released in 1976), plus the three frith tracks from the album "guitar solos 3" (a compilation album fred frith shared with henry kaiser, chip handy, peter cusack, keith rowe, eugene chadbourne, davey williams and akira iijima in 1979), plus five tracks recorded in 1988. find more information in the wonderful fred frith discography compiled by patrice roussel.

to keep the original aim and attitude of "guitar solos" the us rer megacorp re-released the album on cd without any bonus tracks in 2002 as part of the 8 cd package "become a friend of fred records". this edition is still available.

all 18 tracks are ripped to mp3 with 224 kbps and packed into a split archive with win.rar, including scans of cover, booklet, cd and inlay, of course. please be sure to download part one and part two into one folder and unpack. have fun.

download 120 mb split archive with in.solit.us
part one
part two

download 120 mb .rar-file with megaupload


R3000 said...

Hi !

Wonderful post and wonderful blog !

Do you know the movie "Step Across The Border - A ninety minute celluloid improvisation by W. Humbert & W. Penzel - Music by Fred Frith & friends" ? If not: go get it ! It's wonderful, too !

Many greetings,

Sînziana said...

i was looking for this cd and i thank you much!
... but i don't make it to extract the files... sob... what do you mean "into one folder"? i've put my 2 rar archives into a folder but winrar always says there's an "unexpected end of archive"
how do you manage it?


Anonymous said...

Please repost mediafire link for part I.

Danke Schön!


Ochyming said...


Anonymous said...

Thank You for this One

A. Bossard said...

Thank you so much for this ! My Dad (J-P Bossard) and I were talking about this album just last night. He told me how he was part of the album as he's the one who owned the house in Briollay, France where Fred recorded three of his songs (as mentionned in the credits). This is really exciting, thank you again