lady june, lol coxhill, steve hillage, david bedford, tim blake, archie leggett. live 1972.

the early seventies of the last century surprisingly enough were some very interesting times for non-linear (art)rock and anti-(under)dogmatic improvisation. the gap between hippie and punk left a lot of space for social and sonic experiments and experiences of all kind. the sub- & contextualizations of kraut and canterbury were two of the gestating corner stones of the dawning of a new error. and though tubular bells and the faust tapes influenced millions of forthcoming generations: success and a fortiori commercial success was inaccessible and inacceptable. great times we had!

in 1975 i bought "lady june´s linguistic leprosy" in a cut-out sell-out in a german department store. and though brian eno was mentioned on the cover i had no idea what to expect and i still can not delineate what kind of sounds these were that i have been listening to many times since then. the music was far beyond my teenage stockhausen and stooges experience.

june campbell cramer was born in plymouth on the 3rd of june 1931. she was a poet trying to stretch the limitation of "words" and to spread the illumination of vivisected "words". in 1971 she created lady june. most of her work remains undiscovered, obscure, noncommittal and discreet with only very few traceable occurences. here is one.

ICES. the international carnival of experimental sounds. in 1972 lady june was part of an experimental tribal meeting at the london roundhouse. she performed a linguistic leprosy with david bedford (keyboards and), lol coxhill (soprano sax), steve hilledge (born hillage, of course, on guitars), tim blake (synthesizer and), archie leggett (bass), bobby stignac (percussion), tim cresswell (???), daevid allen (gong-guitars), jugglers, fireeaters and clowns (puke!). this copy of a second generation cassette tape starts and ends as harsh as it does.
side a, 224 kbps, 47:35, 78 mb
side b, 224 kbps, 47:38, 78 mb
(direct downloads)

some more (kevin ayers, david bedford, lol coxhill, mike oldfield, mick fincher, ollie halsall, archie leggett, chris spedding, robert wyatt, brian eno... [just kidding...]): may i?


Anonymous said...

many wondrtful sonic gems!
great blog

parabells said...

Nice to hear from you. Lovely tape. Gunnar / Neglected Stairways || Austin Texas

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of June Campbell, but since Lol Coxhill is ringing some tubular bells, I don't hesitate to thank you for this - and am rather curious what this will sound like...

Thanks also for some previous shares - I will link to your site and hope that it's OK for you.

cut-out said...

oh those filthy rotten spammers!

don't let them bring you down - erase, and that's it!


Jim said...

Wow!!! Totally beautiful and surprising. Thank you! Really made my day.

Matthew Watkins said...

This isn't what is claimed (and I've tried both versions). It's this
recorded at a cafe in Deya in '78 (hence the cafe chatter and Spanish speaking).

But you've scanned a very convincing looking cassette cover for the ICES '72 recordings. A mis-upload perhaps?

Oh, yes, and check out


rvd said...

lady june is up and downloadable again: but please read the comments: this might not be what it says....