can. the vitamin c variations. 1973. crime scene soundtrack recordings.

in 1973 samuel fuller directed an episode of the german television crime scene series tatort (site of crime) called tote taube in der beethovenstrasse (dead dove on beethoven street). the music for the soundtrack was provided by can offering recurring variations on vitamin c and some lowering litter loops recorded in 1972 (damo suzuki can still be heard). some eighteen minutes of the original score survived on my harddrive: including inspector kressin mumbling, distant echoes of faraway trains, street noises, a shot or two and other sounds you would expect to hear in a murder mystery. and reticently investigating the crime scene there is the sound of holger czukay, michael karoli, jaki liebezeit, irmin schmidt and damo suzuki: can.

i do not have the faintest idea concerning the source of these recordings (though there might have been a double longplay album on vinyl released in an edition of 100 copies some years ago; but this image might as well have been part of a dream) and i do not know if any of these recordings have ever been released properly or can be found somewhere else in the blogosphere and more important: i do not care all too much. at least some of you might be pleased to hear these obscure recordings.

here we go:

can - tote taube
(mp3 / 256 kbps / 18 minutes / direct download)


Spring Day said...

Yes, that sounds sensational enough. It's always worth asking questions, but sometimes answers are not required. As in this case... Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

definitely sounds obscure, and very grateful... p'ba

Spring Day said...

Very interesting. I've finally listened to it tonight, and it's quite a bit different from the material that is collected on the first Can-Soundtracks album. I think the biggest difference is Liebezeit's drumming, which reminds of his earlier jazz days more than anything else that he did with Can.
Maybe Can themselves didn't include this soundtrack on any official release due to the way it differed from the rest of their works, but it's definitely not worse than their officially released stuff.

... said...

Wow, this is awesome, thanks for posting it!! Taken out of context, it's so dreamy and surreal.