the ramones live in hamburg 1978. very bad recordings for the heartcore collector only.

the term "spurensicherung" points you to forensic crime scene investigations as well as to german conceptual art in the seventies of the last century. and sometimes the securing of evidences is more cheerless than cheerleading. for your and my very own discomfiture i saved at least 20 of 23 songs the ramones played in hamburg in 1978 from a muffled and crumbled tape i bought in 1979. the sound quality is horrible but abusing some alcohol whilst listening to these ruins will make you grin and howl.

and yes: it is 9/11 1978 and the ramones hit the stage at the hamburg markthalle in germany. the ramones of course were joey on vocals, johnny on guitar, dee dee on bass and marky on drums. they had just released their road to ruin album and became more and more professional in promoting new products and executing the same 23 songs every evening. but fascinatingly they were still stumbling. the first three songs of the tracklist included could not be restored so we start off with i don't want you and end with little german boy.

the ramones live in hamburg 1978/9/11
(mp3 /256 kbps / direct download / no artwork included)


PietHH said...

Is ja unglaublich!!!!Vielen Dank.Wusste nicht das das Tape existiert

Anonymous said...

na toll, du alter torfflechter! Das ding is' ja schon drauf. Wozu restauriere ich das tape dann momentan gerade hic et nunc zur zeit? (Verschaerftes teil indeed) Bin zwar unfehlbar, aber nicht allwissend. Ego me absolvo. Yours, the Lolly Pope.

rvd said...

warum du die ramones am restaurieren bist? - hättste=zugehört: bei mir fehlen drei stücke und es dumpfelt; vielleicht wird deine version anhörbarer...

gozonik said...

I have an original poster from the Ramones Markthalle 11/9/1978 concert.
Has anyone seen one anywhere?
what is it worth??

D Ramone said...


I'm Ramones fan. Do you have this show in lossless format(WAV, FLAC amd etc)?
If yes, would you send it to me? If you will send it, I send my shows before you sent it. If you want, I will send you my list soon.

the ramones live in hamburg 1978. very bad recordings for the heartcore collector only.

Best regards,