the flamin' groovies 1992 in agony. shot down in flames.

strange enough most people believe that the flamin' groovies sacked themselves after the australian adventure and the flop of "step up", a fine album though indeed, but - as all the other 12 or 33 albums before - the 99th commercial flop, a reliable fate, that became the trademark of the world's most underappreciated band since '69. Back in the states they fumbled around with bits and pieces and tried to re-invent the whole caboodle one more time and time again. still with Zahl and Johnson, they tried to get commercial for the 45th time and released "rock juice"in'92 (steiniger saftladen), an album with an ugly cover, lousy production and, let's face it, a couple of jordan-compositions that you'd rather not listen to. believe me. but hidden under all that third hand power pop for wimpies, there's "give it away", a song that shouldn't stay buried under all that tedious crap. (o.k., the more i listen to "rock juice", the more i still like it better than 99 percent of all what's called power pop today. but the groovies usually didn't try to set standards... they simply were the ultimate reference) - anyway. no way. anyhow. nowhere... never mind the annie, get your guns... here's the swansong of a teenage header: and we give it awayawayawayagain...

|>> the flamin' groovies - give it away

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