captain beefheart extrapilating the piano while the recording engineer sleeps

probably recorded during the sessions for trout mask replica late in 1968 or early in 1969 (sounds like new years mourning) this is the captain speaking whilst disregarding a late laid piano and nobody cares either. neither. the dust blows forward and the dust blows back and the wind blows black through the sky the beefheart beats no more slobbery fields forever!

can you believears can you? i found these recordings in the ohmxgodatabase of sugarmegs where app 40.000 weird bootleaks are waiting to be unearthed and hearthed. for this particular sonic evidence they are hiding a lot of accompanying information.

and now spend and spoil ten minutes of your mmh-life:

01-untitled piano song (1:33)
02-untitled piano instrumental #1 (1:53)
03-a lot of money for you, a lot of money for me-untitled piano instrumental #2 (1:19)
04-short whistling (0:10)
untitled piano instrumental #3 (2:04)
06-why can't we be free? (0:50)
untitled piano instrumental #4 (0:58)
untitled piano instrumental #5 (0:31)
09-untitledtitled (0:46)

the beefheart piano tape
(mp3 /24 mb)


Anonymous said...

Crazy arsed awesome. I'm gonna do a "remix" of it using the amazingly crazyawesome ipod app Filtatron from Moog Music. Thanks for digging this one up. It's perfect!!

Timmy said...

Thank God & Greyhound I founded you! You big Mummy, you!

Anonymous said...

wau! schon geklaut!! allerdings vorbildlich mit herkunftsangabe und link. auf ttexshexes.blogspot.com am 31. dez. yours, papa.

Anonymous said...

wauwau! ich schon wieder. war ja mal zeit, dass dir einer verklickert, dass du gegründet wurdest. thanks timmy! allerdings dachte ich bisher, dass ich das gewest sei. mummy