ella fitzgerald, barney kessel, buddy rich, dinah shore, stan kenton, les paul and many others entertaining the troops (1944 / 1945)

this cd is volume three in a series of compilations that was collecting recordings that have been exclusively produced for the american label V-DISC between 1941 and 1949 to entertain and support the army and navy troops. unfortunately i do not own any other volumes of this series and some of these recordings might still be unearthed by the time being. (links will take you to wikipedia and discogs for more information)

this of course is pure pop and swing and the subversive power of bebop to come can only be suspected by hindsight. but to imagine they fought fascists and fascism with sounds like these is very pleasant. riot grrrlz for your pleasure. (though not)

download and listen!

(mp3 at 256 kbps/ all scans / add-free)


Anonymous said...

Hut ab. Mal wieder schwer zu findende Spuren gesichert. (Auch wenn ausnahmsweise nicht selbst gesammelt.)Ist doch ganz was anderes als all die Langweiler-Blogs, die sich in letzter Zeit nur noch gegenseitig beklauen.

IEB said...

Great posting! See never-before-seen images of Ella Fitzgerald performing for the USO tour in 1944


Anonymous said...

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