lee ranaldo / sonic youth / the social power performance / 1983 / 1988 / 1991 /1992

some semi-obscure bootleg recordings, probably released in germany in 1992 in a limited edition of 1.000 copies. play it loud or you never had any sonic youth at all.

the very long lee ranaldo solo performance was recorded live on the 9th of september 1991 at the espace omano in paris of all places. the sonic youth tracks two, three and four were recorded in vienna (das ist wien in österreich) on the 29th of march in 1989 and confusion is next: the provenance of the following five tracks is completely unknown though some sources say they have been recorded in venlo in the netherlands on the 27th of november 1983. but a leiden or even geesthacht provenience would not make them sound better or worse. great stuff.

listen to:

01 - social power (lee ranaldo solo)
02 - the wonder
03 - hyperstation
04 - eric's trip
05 - confusion is next
06 - she's in a bad mood
07 - brother james
08 - kill yr idols
09 - burning spear

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and download this fnorking album.
(mp3 / 320 kbps / art included / direct download / right click and save file ass)
by the way: my copy of the album is #018/1000


The Bomber said...

Thanks a lot for this one. . .I really like the Dirt era, and the experimental 1st times. . . had the opportunity to watch several gigs of ´em here in Southamerica.

SO NICE...and correct: support the NOISE

Anonymous said...

Thanks, great blog :)