krouttakes! demons! kraut! do not listen to that kind of crap! the magic group sounds weird enough, but lerryn might cause eardrum cancer.

the german folk psych duo witthüser und westrupp re-recorded two tracks from their second album jesuspilz for international break-through: the BASF-label only dared to release the english versions of erleuchtung und berufung (magical land) and versammlung (crazy inspiration) in the netherlands of all countries as a one-off 7"-record. both takes show only marginal similarity to the well-known original versions on their groundbreaking brösel invocation.

as if this was good news for all you kraut-completists out there, here comes lerryn for the badder or worse wurst. even dyed in the wool left-wing radicals like us couldn't take this guy in the mid- 70s, who always seemed to be around uninvited. here's one of his 45s, and you're blessed not being a native german speaker, hearer or perceptionist. the backing band dadazuzu had an album of their own on pläne records, which should be avoided by all means as well. we've warned you! don't complain!! in case of sonic attack: just do panic... every man, dog, cat and wimmin for themselves.
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chris said...

hi lolly, yet another great volume,keep it up, just one little item to put right, THE NOCTURNS are from birmingham, not liverpool, CARRYIN ON also appeared on the EP MORE SONGS FROM MAGGIE MAY DECCA STO 862 - 1964, Tthe band also released a USA only single, on Fontana F1528 - 1965 SHA-LA-LA/WHAT DO THEY KNOW, produced by Derek Lawrence in the UK.
the band were

hope thats some help, cheers chris

Dave Elias said...

Hi from Liverpool - not
I am dave Elias - original member of the Noctutnes who were in Maggie May and to putthe record straightn-we were definitely scousers from Liverpool and we were not from Birmingham

Anonymous said...

Ta to Dave Elias of The Nocturns.It is an honour to get a response from someone who really was around in the days when the Tommies knocked, and I'm glad that I didn't write complete rubbish about your band. By the way: can you confirm existence of that Nocturns US-Fontana 7" Chris mentioned here in the comments? (Strange enough, we're discussing that matter here in the wrong post. Did you see that we posted "3 Cool Cats" as part of the latest edition of Tommykockers?) Best wishes, Lolly the P.

Anonymous said...

Dave Elias back - not sure where I should be posting this on your site - however - for the record -
two of the Nocturns were originsl members of the Merseybeats (who were originally the Mavericks and the Pacifics). They were namely myself and Frank Sloane (Drums). After leaving the Merseybeats, we later formed the Nocturns. When the Nocturns got a part in the musical "Maggie May" in London's West End - we did a lot of session work for Derek Lawrence for release in the USA under anonymous names as Derek did a lot of "Covers" of UK artists hits - but I wasn't aware he released a record actually under the Nocturnes name!
Trust this clears a few things up

Anonymous said...

THANXTHANXTHANX - lookinf so much years for the Magic Group - HOORAY


Devlin Thompson said...

I'm currently listening to that US Nocturns single as I type this, so I feel fairly confident in stating that it does exist!

Devlin Thompson said...

My copy is a white-label promo, incidentally.