gong: the 1971 soundtrack for the film continental circus plus some flying teapots

gong recorded their free form punk improvisation continental circus in spring 1971 shortly after they supported and backed up dashiel hedayat on obsolete and around the same time they worked on camembert electrique. as they were an open minded and permanently floating project the cast of characters is slightly sliding and differing throughout the months with daevid allen, gilli smyth, didier malherbe, christian tritsch and pip pyle being present most of the time, amplified and enhanced by passing friends.

the album of course was conceived as a soundtrack to the film continental circus by jérôme laperrousaz. the original vinyl release had four long tracks and there are at least two, probably three different re-releases on cd: the 1994 mantra version presented the four genuine tracks, the italian 1994 reissue on giacomo records that you can find here adds two very long tracks that sum up to an extra benefit of 40 minutes and on the german amazon i found an indication to a version with ten or eleven extra tracks that i have no idea or hint about.

so listen to daevid allen (chant, glissandoza guitar), gilli smyth (space whisper), didier malherbe (saxophon, flute), christian tritsch (bass) and pip pyle on drums being engeneered by one venux de luxe playing these-a tunes-a:

blues for findlay 11:18
continental circus world 04:13
what do you want? 09:04
blues for findlay (instrumental) 09:38

blues for findlay (live 1972) 10:00 (listen directly in your browser)
flying teapot (live 1972) 27:39

(mp3 / 320 kbps / pixies included / direct download)

smoking: thee westfauster


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much!

Le Sot said...

Big thanks et compliments pour les roots et traces !

Anonymous said...

Such a great series. I look forward to each installment and appreciate the work and time involved.



Anonymous said...

Ace stuff!

I use E.A.C. to rip and burn CDs/files, top bit of kit; however, it wouldn't touch this and 'A Luta Continua'. Told me that some tracks were shorter than 4-seconds, which (ha!) isn't allowed. And that there was an error in the cue sheet, blah, blah, blah.

I had to persevere, and I'm glad I did: 'ImgBurn' created and saved a cue sheet, after some hyper-fiddling (no maven) and burnt, after telling me that there were, literally, 1000s of 'miscompares' in the verification process.

Brilliant stuff, chaps. Just listened, yet again, to Hugh Hopper - Monster Band: ace!

I haven't a clue why E.A.C. refused to do the J. Stevens/Gong, but all's well that ends well, methinks.

Several frillion vast, deep and genuine thanks for all the excellent stuff here.