RUCKZUCK - the technocrat.s (kraftwerk going steady, rough and ready with cabaret voltaire, krupps and atom heart)

a supplementing appendix to the history of kraut released in 1991: the technocrat.s are performing six versions of the kraftwerk classic track RUCKZUCK. for reasons of connectivity they are using sound samples of NEU! and their own complex tone projects to make this sonic sculpture pay tribute to the progenitors of non-intelligible experimental tekkNO and subliminimal noise.
the technocrat.s were mark gamble, ralf dörper (die krupps), richard harold kirk (cabaret voltaire), robert gordon and uwe schmidt (atom heart). grown up with kraut these openminded artists were part of the punk raveolution postmodernism rhizomovement of simultaneous asynchronosonority to abandon the borders and limitations of "pop"music"" - back to a re-made and ready-made future.
as this extanded play compact disc changes hands for ridiculously high prices bearing no profits for the artists at all we thought you might like to listen to it for free. here we go: sheffield rules!

(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download / scans included)


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