and kraut again: getriebe and boorturm: two early seventies singles on the german pauer label: crackle and pop!

hannover is still holding position number 39 in the line for the succession to the throne of the united kingdom and is of course the centre of the northwestgerman psycho-beat: these two extended-play-records from 1975 might add some sonic evidence to this heroic legend. and strange enough: both bands are part of the eloy-universe if there ever was one.

in 1975 the hannover label PAUER released at least two seven-inch-extended-play-records (though the catalogue-numbers TCH 75 0 10 for boorturm and TCH 75 0 13 for getriebe are leading to an obvious deductive reason) with some mortifying if not fancyanating kraut. not krautrock by the way, though both bands are trying to be more rockateering than they really were.

first at hand is getriebe with their ep syncron: three pieces of mayhem kraut, two of them completely outperformed by the third, a lamento on losing a dog and a hymn on finding it again. great. they were detlev schmidtchen (guitar; later with eloy and even more famous with piefke & pafke und die jungs aus der dunkelkammer), olaf schröter (guitar), reza rené mertens (bass), rob perotti (drums), karl heinz sieling (organ) and claus jülich singing. here are their three steps to heaven:

01 - walk around yourself
02 - follow me
03 - janis

(you will find the link to download these tracks at the end of tis post)

the second band of course is boorturm. we could not find too much information about them, but at least their bass-player klaus-peter matziol is mentioned in the german wikipedia as being connected to eloy as you all knew anyway. the other members included artur peter (sax), peter kloss (drums) and klaus tschirner on organ and vocals. their version of scarborough fair is rather interesting: the six minutes stuck in the middle have nothing (that is: nothing!) to do with scarborough fair.

04 - scarborough fair
05 - take eleven
06 - sonnenuntergang

download getriebe and boorturm
(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)

yours: the westkrauter (and the lollypope in absentia)


Anonymous said...

heiliger stuhlgang! urmel et oimel! santo subito! er kann es auch allein. ego me absolvo in castel gandolfo. der stellverdreher.

echoes said...

I have just listened to Getriebe and it's a great piece of music. Thx for the opportunity to hear them.

isabelbc said...

long time in my wishlist!
thank you very much!!! :o)

PHSStudiosRJ said...

Millions of thanks to you, for reward us with more of these two pearls

mick55 said...

The version of Scarborough Fair by Boorturm is excellent.

It has that jazzy sound reminiscent of Eiliff or Out Of Focus or even
Tomorrow's Gift.

Great stuff.

Thanks for sharing.