screaming lord sutch says "HELLO!!" to the stuttgart oberbürgermeisterwahl in october 2012

stuttgart blabla i'm voting for you with my finger up your ass. we just ousted moribund as the mayor of stuttgart on 4squeer und wer einen oberbürgermeister braucht soll sich eins wählen, my ass!
for everything there is a season. turn turn turner. don't make waves. adolf we heard you the first time.my brezel is my bausparvertrag. nuke the whales! (pretended version) - und wir sind so begeistert: wir haben sogar ein bild von bettina wilhelmsen gefunden:
listen to hannes and the bürgermeisters in the mäulesmühle:

lord sutch and heavy friends - election fever
(mp3 / KLICK!)

and i won't forget to put bretzels on your gravy.


Anonymous said...

One of Lord Sutchs rarest singles! Guess most people haven't yet understood that you can download and/or listen to "Election Fever" in this post, as the download is a bit hidden in all that Stuttgart downput caboodle.

Anonymous said...

voll geil, jungs & mädels!

das ist spaßguerilla vom besten.