ignorance is bliss / no platform for heels / stick your fingers in your ears / 1982 postpunknoise

don't talk to strange people, don't listen to their ideas: the missing persons, the stan tomato band, the victims of romance, the digital dinosaurs, lurch, polish august, kill your sons, len liggins, the product of reason, left at the lights: i hope i'll never grow up!
in 1982 deleted records asked some friends and relatives (most of them being friends and relatives of ATV or nurse with wound in the fifth degree) to contribute to an album that was planned to be financed and distributed by the artists involved. no platform for heels disappeared rather quickly after it's release and nobody cared for that fine fine music until mark lancaster of waterden records put it on a cd-r in 2003. as only very few people actually bought the rererereleases on waterden he decided to make them available as free downloads in 2009, bot for one reason or an other he left out this particular record. we hope that he does not mind that spurensicherung does this dirty job per pro.
kill your idols are giving a fine example of how alternative t'television and public image limited sometimes sounded alike, len liggins was worried about the question "what if they gave a cold war and i didn't have a fridge?" and the digital dinosaurs necrophiliated sheena easton. this is all pop this all is pop and it sounds like it does.

listen to this:

01     Missing Persons - Claire / 2:44    
02     Missing Persons - The Pioneer Spirit / 1:55    
03     Stan Tomato Band - InterCity 125 / 1:59    
04     Stan Tomato Band - Ignorance Is Bliss / 2:08    
05     Victims Of Romance - All There Is / 3:23    
06     Digital Dinosaurs - Music For The Teeth / 2:30    
07     Digital Dinosaurs - Sheena Easton / 2:23    
08     Lurch - High Steppin' Momma / 4:32    
09     Polish August - Desperate Romance / 2:32    
10     Polish August - Ten Tips For Beautiful Nails / 2:17    
11     Kill Your Sons - Obsession / 4:11    
12     Len Liggins - Womb With A View / 1:17    
13     Len Liggins - Sandwiches / 1:35    
14     Len Liggins - All The Dead Men / 1:30    
15     Product Of Reason - Execution Time / 2:50    
16     Left At The Lights - Dead At The Wheel / 3:33
(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)


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