CAN live in germany 1976 with magic michael if it all comes true...

though the decline of can had long started in 1976 and it became more and more obvious that they would never be able to reiterate the sheer and innocent power and magic of the music they created between 1968 and 1973 these live recordings still are more than a glimpse of volatile fugitives heading for top of the pops. the fine art of free and spontaneous improvisation had given room to the art of improvising on a theme and in hannover on the 11th of april 1976 they proved they still were masters and pioneers of a genre they invented years ago. and of course it was much funny as they say in hannover.
 on the four given tracks you can hear irmin schmidt (keyboards and vocals), holger czukay (bass), michael karoli (guitar and vocals) and jaki liebezeit on drums. and if you listen generously and very close to one more (saturday) night the singer who is trying to find his way all through the sounds of can really does sound like magic michael as rumor has it.

01 - vitamin c (9'29'')
02 - one more (saturday) night (7'33'')
03 - bel air (10'43'')
04 - dizzy dizzy (14'44'')

download can germany 1976
(mp3 / 320 kbps / scans included / direct download)
postscript1: this cd claims to be volume one which does not mean it is volume one of recordings made live in germany implicating there was more than one volume of live recordings made in germany. it is volume one of a series of can live recordings that unfortunately ended with volume two, a 1977 live recording made in aston. i saw that particular album on a record fair but could not afford to buy it.

postscript2: you can find some rather obscure can recordings in this here blog and next door at bewegnungen and kraut mask replica. go for it!


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I have the Aston '77 bootleg [with 7 tracks rather than 4] , I can upload & post the link if you want ?