NO DISTANCE - DIFFERENT GUITARS (1992, Outside Records, Germany)

Kraut-Rock-Jazz-Fusion, or what? Yep, if you need a pigeonhole, label it like that, Or tag it as you please... Late, but great and very rare second offering of Munich's best kept KRAUT secret. And if you need some name dropping: Featured among other brilliant musicians are Fred Braceful (Et Cetera, Exmagma) and Thomas Kretschmer (Dennis, Jean-Jacques Kravetz' 8 Days In April, Udo Lindenberg Band)
The band:
Margie Gchlößl - saxes
Olaf Urban - trombone
Michael Uitz - keyboards
Dändi Händl - guitar on "Hangover"
Klaus Greif - bass
Roland Biswurm - percussion
Fred Braceful - drums, vocals
Inge Rauer - drums on "Hangover" and "Valsette Alligateuse"
Mustafa Marzuk, voice
and 5 guesting guitarists:
Gunnar Geisse,
Thomas Kretschmer
Hans Ochs
Thomas Reimer
Peter Wölpl
We had the first album of No Distance HERE on this blog some months ago, and some followers plus bandmember Michael Uitz asked (or encouraged) us to post the second one too. If memory serves, there was some difference of opinions between the group and regular guitarist Dändi Händl during the recording process, resulting in invitations to several Munich stringbenders of high renown, and these five joyfully agreed (Thus the title). I'll not try to describe the music, cause like all good stuff it defies description. Dedicated again to the memory of Margie and Fred, who are no longer with us. And it might be worth your while to google for Chester Himes, the black American writer, who inspired the closing track.
01- Los Pilotos Del Infierno
02- Nana Goes To Town
03- Tall Talk
04- Soupy Psychedelic Space - YNY
05- Valsette Alligateuse
06- Different Solos (in 6 parts)
07- Hangover
08- Chester Himes
(for further information see inlay card.)
(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download / scans and more included)


Anonymous said...

KrautJazzProg rules! This is a lot better than the first lp. Thanxalot.

Anonymous said...

Being a choosy beggar, who thought he knew it all. This is an immaculate revelation. Keep keepin' on with your ecclectic choices. This is one of the last blogs that still makes sense (to me) Most others only seem to steal from each other these days..

Varkenpens said...

Good stuff. Well impressed with both this and the earlier album. Many thanks for 'em.

Anonymous said...

@Varkenpens. Thanks for diligently commenting. To my shame I must admit that I follow both of your great blogs, closet of curiosities & global groove, for years, but hardly ever commented. Anyway: these blogs are highly recommended to all roots&traces followers with a broad spectrum of intelligent musical taste. Yours, Lolly.