hugh hopper / monster band / 1973 / 1974

 hugh hopper died in 2009 and some of you noticed. thank you. 

there is quite a lot of obscure soft machine music to be found in this here blog (even the wylde flowers are here to satisfy all of you 60s-loonies!) and there is more to come. today we are going to be listening to some sounds that happened after hugh hopper and elton dean had left the "classic" soft machine and experimentalised with their own sounds.
these hugh hopper and monster band recordings were dissproduced in 1973 and 1974 and were first released on IRI Atmosphere in 1979, though those these-here recordings have their origin in a 1996 cd-release on culture press. since that time these recordings seem to have gone missing.
so the first five tracks are reoffering hugh hopper solo on all instruments in 1973, while the following four tracks are interfering some connatural sounds within a group context featuring elton dean on saxello, mike travis on drums, jean-pierre carolfi on keyboards and jean-pierre weiller and hugh hopper on bass. these continuated instalments were recorded live in france in 1974.
for your listening pleasure i added a tenth track from 1972: an alternate version of  minipax one, a track from hugh hopper's first solo album 1984. i found this track on the gary windo compilation his master's bones; though it might be part of the japanese version of 1984 i am still waiting for to arrive here. anyway. track ten was recorded in the summer of 1972 at advision studios in london and you will hear gary windo (tenor sax), lol coxhill (soprano sax), nick evans (trombone), malcolm griffiths (trombone), pye hastings (guitar), john marshall (drums) and hugh hopper on bass.

(all scans and bonus track included / mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download)


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do you have trip - eine pop oper on telefunken?

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Absolutely great! Thanks for digging deeper than the rest.

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Excelente! He querido escuchar esta obra de Hopper.
Gracias por tu buen blog con muy buena información.

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@cege.berglund. hugh hopper monsterband download works perfectly. your problem might be: it's a direct download, so the usual function/option-field, where you have to decide OPEN WITH or SAVE FILE, doesn't appear. You just have to click at DIRECT DOWNLOAD and then decide to which file or download-place on your computer you want to direct the download. Then, of cause, you have to unpack it. I guess, you know how that works. Try again, please, cause there's nothing wrong with this post. LoPo.

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Many many thanks from Greece.