The tragic death of Reg Presley brought him back to celebrity status in the media for a day, and reanimated interest in The Troggs' 60s back catalogue among "oldies" fans. But while most of them don't remember much more than "Wild Thing" and "Love Is All Around", there's much more to discover, and I guess that visitors of spurensicherung are familiar with all the classics and all the rarities from that relatively short period in the group's career. But The Troggs never quit, and even after the announcement of Reg's retirement a year ago, the rest of the band kept on gigging with a new singer. And while this sounds like the honourable, but ill-fated attempt of The Lords to find a replacement for Lord Ulli, Reg seemed to be quite happy about it. What we're trying to do here as a tribute to the king is compiling the best of the group's material from the years when they were looked upon as old fashioned, out-dated, out-burned, old hat, boring old retro-farts with a long gone hit from the 60s. Those were the days when even die-hard troggsters like us tended to wait a while and reliably pick the new Troggs album out of the bargain bins six months later. I've got reggae versions, disco versions and tekkno versions of "Wild Thing", all by The Troggs, plus stuff like Reg doin' it with Suzi Quatro etc. Well, we all have to pay the rent, and some of the later albums like "Au" or "Athens Andover" at best have their moments. In fact it's just one moment on both for me, and LPs like the 1976 Penny Farthing "Troggs Tapes" don't work as a whole, while the self-titled 1975 predecessor on the same label has one fine and one indigestible side. But I can't cunt roll myself: when you put together all these bits and pieces, odds and ends meet around the great "Black Bottom", and here you have the result of our Troggaeology in the 70s, 80s and 90s: STARS ON 45 PINTS! Ladies and gentlemen, the only acceptable kind of sexual harassment: THE TROGGS!!! (Eat your fart out, Brüderle...)


01- Fast Train
02- Coz We're Dancing
(b- and a-side of German-only single, Polydor,80)
03- I Don't
04- Feels Like A Woman (1981 version)
05- I Love You Baby
06- Black Bottom
07- Strange Movie (1981 version)
08- Bass For My Birthday
09- Little Pretty Thing
(03-09: Black Bottom, RCA,81)
10- I Got Lovin' If You Want It
11- Good Vibrations (album version)
12- No Particular Place To Go
13- Summertime (album version)
(10-13: The Troggs, Penny Farthing,75)
14- Walking The Dog (from "Au Album", New Rose, France,89)
15- I'm In Control (from "Athens Andover", Page One,92)
16- Get You Tonight (album version) (from "The Troggs", Penny Farthing,76)
17- Save The Last Dance For Me ( From EP "Troggs On 45", New Rose 82, French release)
18- I'm On Fire ( single b-side, Pye, 73)
19- Gonna Make You (1976 recording) ( single version, German Penny Farthing,76)
20- Just A Little Too Much ( single, Raw, UK,78. B-side by different artist)
21- Young And Beautiful (Released as Reg Presley solo 7" b-side only in Germany, Page One, 70)
22- I'll Buy You An Island (single version, Penny Farthing, 76)

if this is gonna be acceptable as a bonus for you... well, we'll gonna give you the sins of our second youths anyway. The Pope on drums, van daale on the mic and some musicians you might find via your favourite search engine but better forget (some of them are dead, some of them better are not mentioned, some of them will turn up when you least expect them to): two versions of you know what recorded incidentally on location (rehearsal room and, yep, we dared, live in Beutelsbach, Germany 1983). Ego me absolvo und meine frau auch.
(left: van daale / right: the lolly pope)
23 - The Pinkees - I Can't Control Myself
24 - The Pinkees - I Can*t Cunt Roll Myself
(more of The Mightless Pinkees on kraut mask replica)

(mp3 / 256 kbps / DIRECT DOWNLOAD / all pictures included)

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