töne: gejagt und eingefangen: sound hunters: chasseur de son: 1960

in 1960 a pack of sound hunters gathered together in amsterdam for their nin(e)th convention and let their tape recorders put on the dog and let their machines do all the talking. amateurs they were with limited supply trying to clean and jerk their limits and limitatations of noise and death and blood: they exhausted and ignored the frontiers professional klangforschers had tried to set: their approach was beyond borders and boundaries and totally over the edge: they sought for new ways to express their beautiful selves and selfishnesses.
and there is audio drama for your ears: classical music redeconstructed, shadowing pop dance tunes, the atom bomb in your home and lots of megalotropian sizzling and crackling. these sounds mostly were ends in themselves, the collectors were completely unaware of what the european avantgarde was searching for and sometimes they found it. well, at least the post-punk-noise-industrial-darmstadt investigators had a lot of fun and we would like to share the fun with you:
01 - r.o.broome - atomwahn (uk)
02 - sven eriksson - suppé a la carte (sweden)
03 - arne juul jacobsen - nature imaginaire (denmark)
04 - ronald patrick guttridge - beat'n heart (uk)
05 - siegfried neuenhaus - grossstadtmelodie (germany)
06 - karl duschek - echo von haydn (germany)
07 - norman paul - der rest ist schweigen (uk)
five of these tracks had been included on the wonderful berlin beatet bestes blog a few years ago but were unavailable since then. here they are again as part of the complete seven inch extended play, in some parts restored, de-clicked and dissnoised for your listening pleasure. none of the artists included by the way has left any remarkable traces on the net.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / scans included / direct download)

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