can as an object of an ethnological forgery series interwoven with dodgery didtheydos

this collection is a fragment. it was a fragment while we planned it, it obviously is a fragment now and it will remain a fragment - collecting and discoursing on fragments. when werner died a lot of projects, concepts and action researches was left unfilled: fragments on his hard drive, fragments on notepads and fragments of drunken nights will remain fragments that in the free state of fragments may find their way to the audience: the disquisition and fact-finding concerning rare and sub-related sounds of can is one of those ventures that will be documented in glorious fragmentarity right here and right now.
do i really need to tell you anything abou can? no, i don't. and i won't. and all of the artists involved are premising the knowledge of their work for granted. some of these sounds are awful, some of these sounds are strange, so let us listen to what they did:

01 - malcolm mooney - darkness light (1994)
02 - the jesus and mary chain - mushroom (1985)
03 - why johnny kills - she brings the rain (2007)
04 - can - millionenspiel eins (1970)
05 - masaki batoh - yoo doo right (1996)
06 - sturclub - any colour (1993)
07 - (huelsenbeck) - i really was in a state of malaise (1992)
08 - lepra - sesam sesam (1996)
09 - kastura - yoo doo right (1994)
10 - blixa bargeld - soul desert (2000)
11 - inner space - karma ultra (1968)
12 - ruth - she brings the rain (2010)
13 - sturclub - connection (1993)
14 - can - millionenspiel zwei (1970)
15 - organbank - sie bringt den tod (1981)
16 - the jesus and mary chain - mushroom (1992)
17 - can - deadlock soundtrack (1970)

the linernotes are objects of perpetual and constant change and are not included in the download file. never mind nevermind: here we go-go: malcolm mooney of course was the first (or better second, reminiscenting margarete juvan) singer/vocalist within the can interrelation. he was part of the band from 1968 to 1970. this very short track can be found on wavelength infinity, a tribute to sun ra. /// the jesus and mary chain are featured here with two recordings of mushroom, both from live bootlegs, both recorded in new york, one from 1985, the other from 1992. /// i never heard about why johnny kills until today i found them on youtube by chance. the recording seems to be from 1997. /// and yes and of course can are here with some recordings that might be unknown to you: can provided the soundtrack recordings for the german film millionenspiel in 1970, two remixes of sounds recorded directly from a vhs-video-tape can be found here; these are completely different to the mix that was published in the can tapes. and the last track of course is an 18-minutes-take of sounds copied directly from the vhs-version of deadlock. /// masaki batoh is a japanese artist best known for his work with ghost. /// the german meta-kraut band sturclub of course included the lolly pope werner 'allen' voran first of all and memyself the westfauster first of all. when we recorded our pastandpresentimentions of some can tracks sturclub included (ludens!) david dufour and uwe büchele as regular members that later on turned their membership to loosely associated friends of the sturclub. butt hears the fourth offass you kant lie: it' sturclub in full flight! /// 'dr. huelsenbeck's mentale heilmethode' is a radio play produced in 1992 for the bavarian radio: based on interviews with and additional notes and annotations of the duke of dada richard huelsenbeck it featured peter blegvad, roman bunka, john greaves, hans richter (believe it or not) and holger czukay. /// probably recorded in 1996 lepra was never seen before or later on. /// kastura, germany, 1994. they are trying to impersonate the annoying aspects of can. and they succeed. /// blablablixabargeldblabla. /// inner space waren natürlich can ehe sie can wurden; das kann man alles nachlesen. /// ruth sind mir auch nur zufällig in die hände gefallen. /// und organbank kommen aus bremen wie ihr wisst.


Anonymous said...

Maybe fragmentarity can do everybody some good. So, really, thanks.

Crab Devil

Anonymous said...

Ruth is Thierry Muller aka Ilitch :



FallenAngel said...

Thank you

shan said...

so good !!! you made that yourself right?

rvd said...

hi shan. yes, you are right: most of these tracks i found in my record collection, i am very pleased that you like this compilation. and what is more: i am part of sturclub...