marc bolan aka t.rex aka loud snodgerist rare noise aka not all too rare but awful!

marc bolan! marc bolan! marc bolan! t.rexmess! and you thought you knew him at all: you don't! - this is heavy, awkward and awesome and you will not like it. here is some awful noise and some not-so-awful-noise connected to and interrelated to marc bolan: awkward and embarrassing and mortifying and scrupulous and forget all and everything you know about marc bolan: here HERE HEAR is what you always wanted not to know what you never wanted to know what always you did not know what you did and did and did not happen to know what you did not know whatever you wanted to know: anyway: here is noise and here is marc bolan.

did i ever tell you about sugarmegs? they are providing lots and lots and hours on end of live shows and rare tracks by the likes of the grateful dead, bevis frond, bob dylan, 39 clocks, john lennon, pink floyd and all the others at least most of the others and there is a lot of marc bolan as well as you expected: type whatever you want or need into the search box and search. they are all there at sugarmegs, they are all there and bolan is as well.

wellwellwell so some of the sounds you are about to listen to have been found on sugarmegs and of course they will need further pure and experimental research to develope your mind. and some sounds i found in the deep black holes of my collection and i thought it was appropriate to share them with you.

so this is what we've got: shrill noise, badbadbad recordings and some barney you might know: and though some of these recordings can be found somewhere else 'on the net' this collection of harsh and awful and awkward 'itsnotevennoise!' will always hunt you, oh yeah!

01 - marc bolan - blowing in the wind (toby tyler 1964) (most of you will know this one)
02 - marc bolan - demo recordings part 2 (1970/1977) (nobody knows if it really happened)
03 - marc bolan - KLOS / WGLD 1971 / 1972 (radio spots)
04 - t.rex - jeepster (live in essen 1973)
05 - the outskirts of infinity - grey lady ida (1993: ric gunther, drums / terry horbury, bass / bari watts, guitars and vocals, nick salomon)
06 - gloria jones 1974 (jaja!)
07 - marc bolan and roy wood - gambling 1971
08 - marc bolan - gloria (1964)
09 - marc bolan - demo recordings part 1 (1970/1977) (no name, no face, no number)
10 - marc bolan - blowing in the wind (toby tyler 1964) (take6)
11 - die mütter - jeepster (1983) (mîne singt manchmal und spielt schlagzeug; siemers yourstruely singt meistens und spielt manchmal schlagzeug; luigi nicoletti spielt bass und oliver neitzel war der gitarrist: die mütter)
12 - marc bolan - demo recordings part 3 (1970/1977) (aw!fuel!)
13 - t.rex - 20th century boy/toy (live in essen 1973)
14 - hönischsession1973 - hot love (uwe xxx on acoustic guitar and vocals, detlev on vocals, unknown on vocals and flute and memyselfandeyeyourstruely on bongoes and vocals)

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Mouldysauerkraut said...

Funny, for an artist with so much violin in his discography. But maybe it is the production who wanted it. The rhino reissues make it possible to listen to many tracks without the ugly instrument (or live with a raw rock joyful spirit). I'm curious to listen to this angel face's dark side !