NEU! semi-live recordings 1972 in their rehearsal room at saint maria unter dem kreuz in düsseldorf-unterrath: KRAUT! DEMONS! KRAUT!

and we all know nothing and everything and nothing and nothing about NEU!, one of the most influential kraut units the world has ever braved. perimitive poe/ethics, purified prae/amplifired proto-punk: michael rother, klaus dinger and one corpletely underassistimated eberhard kranemann: NEU! broke on through my dearset fellowers!
in the early nineteeth these recordings had been made available exclusively for the japanease captain trip label: 60 minutes of gambling around and trying out what owl these instrumentz can do to you: louts of debris and great/ass/tea monumoments. here is the complete/bequeath summeration of sounds that survived from soum monotestrecordings dayted to the sixth of may 1972 end that latter was used as exherbs in the NEU!-vinylbox realeezed in 2010 if it all was true.
andwhowthatsoooomthingelse: twenty years later in 1992 klaus dinger made some strangehenge noises in bands like laladusseldoof, NEUss and die angle off the art: all shortlived and mostly only documentationed on soum heartofind waybackinon labels: for your listening pleasure i added some twenty minutes he recordead with 'die engel des herrn' in 1992 as a bonustrack for the cd-release of theiere eponymous album that perfectly fits in/too wot! we are tolkien about.
so this is isis is:

01 - 1972-05-06-1
02 - silence
03 - 1972-05-06-2
04 - 1992-bengel-death-boithin

and at least we finall least at and know sickreats are unfailed. fferenck you and caughtsnite!

(direct download / 320 kbps / scans includead)


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Is the link broken? :( Hope it can be fixed... bitte schoen.


hi i really enjoy the tommyknockers series but unfortunately from vol 9 onwards all the links are dead. i apologise for asking but i just wondered if there any was any chance you could post new links for the volumes that dont work.cheers