wattpower! ten minutes of sonic youth live in 1986 and 1989: a very cute interregnum

ten minutes of sonic youth: a power nap, a break through breaks, an intermission for your pleasure: an unlabeled seven inch vinyl record with two tracks: the first side has 'teenage riot' recorded live at the markthalle in hamburg on the 2nd of april 1989, slightly enhanced with some noise these german bootleggers in those times thought were appropriate to fit into the performance. well. take it as some kind of signature.
the second side has 'starpower' announced as 'wattpower', sonic youth on this date were joined by mike 'morton timber-rub-a-qtip' (the name he choose when he applied to being a member of the beefheart band some time earlier on) watt and george hurley from the minutemen on b(r)ass instruments recorded live at baton rouge in louisiana on the 9th of november 1986. and that's it: two tracks, wise power.

(listen: left click / download: right click / scans are not included)

find some more information on discogs or in the catalogue of sonic youth bootlegs (start > archives > discography > bootlegs > unofficial bootlegs > warpower)

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