the models 1977 - freeze! i am the man of the year, the man off the air! punkpunk is frontpage news!

their drummer terry day should not be confused with terry day, or anyway he might should be. two rather short though way too long punk tracks owning quite a bit to kindergarten heavy metal: we were wonderful and we looked divine: the models from 1977.
marco (guitar), cliff fox (vocals and guitar), mick allen (bass and vocals) and terry day on drums and vocals, who lateron reincarnated as terry lee miall with adam and the ants. loud, funny and snaughty they were indeed. according to discogs there are two versions of the label, one crediting the record to 'the models' and the other just having 'models' printed on it. never mind nevermind: here is my copy.

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smithersjones said...

Well you are right about the band name on the record. I have a copy which names the band as 'The Models'

Now I know the copy I have was part of the 1st pressing on initial release so I can only assume yours is from some subsequent pressing.