mohamed mounir - the egyptian singer meets german kraut legends embryo

mohamed mounir is a very popular artist in egypt, or at least he was way back in the eighties. he had many of his albums released on cassette tapes, vinyl and lateron on compact discs. in the eighties of the last century he met up with some members of the german kraut legend embryo who managed to release some of his music in germany on the now defunct line label that for example had given room to iggy pop or spirit when nobody wanted to hear them. mohamed mounir would fit very well in here.
on most of the tracks featured here you can here roman bunka or/and edgar hofmann as part of the discourse on or in or off or about the perpetual and reciprocative influence of european and arabic (asian/african) music throughout the centuries. this of course ist just a shy rasping on the surface, but you are invited to find out more.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)

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