german punk! 1980! the ramrods! schickeria, schweine und bonzen!

area code 0511: hannover. though the ramrods are claiming to have been part of the bellmouthed punksceneofcrime of northwestgermany nobody and nooone had ever heard of them. burt anyway: they fit. and they predated bands like the 39 clocks for almost a year or two. their music is very primitive german punk: intoxicating tonsteinescherben from the seventies and heading and vibrating across the anarchist tradition of obscure german un-punk releases from the early eighties like grauzone west, zonenrandgebeat or fischplattler: great punks they were!
four tracks of their music survived on a crackling seven inch and you will get to hear them all: plastick-ska, anarchraut, kindergartenpunk: loud for you!

01- schön war die zeit
02 - no matter (you'd better listen before you download, you'd better click here!!!)
03 - heart, heart
04 - i don't know

(320 kbps / all scans included)

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Johnny Munzel said...

Der vorne gebückt bin ich, johnny condensator, ramrods
hatten mich sozusagen ausgeliehen
waren doch alle keine punks
Gruss johnny condensatorq