tomi sovilj and silueta: sixties punk standards sung in yugoslavian in 1966: hej o slupi!

and though my copy is totally worn out it is a lot of fun: i found this ep by tomi sovilj and his group silueta on a fleamarket in germany for some twenty cent. what you will get to know right now are some sixties punk standards like hang on sloopy or woolly bully executed in sheer competetetence and sung in jugoslavian: uno, do, einszwei, cetti!
listen to wulle bulle, hang on slup, jinny jinny and one of their original tunes. this is neue jugoslawische kunst. love it or be nope!

(mp3 / 320 kbps / linke maustaste zum anhören / rechte maustaste zum speichern / und wenn ihr speichert: vergesst die bilder nicht! - click left to listen, click right to download, don't forget to download the pictures!)

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michael vee said...

a gem! thanks a lot!