the ultimate blonde: deborah harry live in london in 1989 and 1991

to commemorate the birthday of deborah ann 'debbie' harry on the first of july in whaterveryear i thought it was appropriate to remind you of what a wonderful girl and lady the ultimate blonde is live and off the stage. she is a sovereign persona grata and a natural born punk, coumpletely confident in elaborated pop-contextices and hummptydumbty avantgarde baublery: you can love her for a lot of reasons, but most of them are mine.
interrelated with the half-a-success of her album 'deaf, dumb and blonde' deborah harry toured with a working band including chris stein, karl hyde and leigh foxx among others extensively across the world between 1989 and 1991 and she was adorated no longer as an appendix of blondie, but as an orthogonal and autonomous artist, deeply rooted in pop and open for any kind of self-reliant music.
the music for our today's lesson in 'cult needs no hifi' was recorded live from amidst the audience on a nonamewalkman in london in 1989 (tracks 13-18, at the town & country club, 30.11.1989) and 1991 (tracks 01-12, at the summer xs in wembley stadium, 13.07.1992). you may like it or not. i love it. the performances were released somewhere in europe on pine records in 1991 on the cd 'the ultimate blonde' (this version is what what you are about to be listening to) and three years later under the same title with a different cover in italy on the live storm label.

(mp3 / scans included / direct download)

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