bob dylan: odds and ends: some veverestinessversions recorded between 1962 and 1984: walking on a guru!

this collection of bob dylan rarities and oddities and endities was released in 1991 on the european (probably italian) label sick cat as number 006; the discogs entry for sick cat does not list it at all, bobsboots though has at least some information. the scan of the linernotes that you can find down below is seen here for the very first time and can not be found anywhere else. so here we go:
there is a whisp and a whiff of finnegans earthquake all over dylans lyrics that satt i lough: hurrycaint, you bin hiding, lemmy sea, sail-lie girl, yonders inn, horney waist, rousemarry and gals. great. and you willst disc-over alot moore. soho here we go:

(mp3 / scans included / direct download)


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