mutant technology: sturclub 2004: search and destroy: den stooges den kopf verdreht; sozusagen.

on the 26th of march 2004 the german postmetakraut band sturclub grabberedited search and destroy and turned it upside down; litteralley: werner voran was on guitar and things, uwe büchele played alicktronicks and things, david dufour was upsent and yours truely ralf siemers forgot the words: on a very long run we will be coming on in second best at least. listen two the video:

four owl hugh coumpleterists of sturclub outhere i addaddaddaddaded an mp3-version of our version. it is as bad (teckknikkally, that is) as the version on the video; there is no better version ass far ass eye now.

(mp3 / direct download / no scans included)

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