the greetings compact vol. 2 / released in italy in 1994 / exclusive tracks by wim mertens, beau geste, peter principle, the durutti column, novalia, the legendary pink dots, blaine l. reininger, nazca.chris karrer.glen sweeney, bel canto, cudu.steven brown.ivan georgiev and diamanda galas

the greetings compilation series was an accompanying coumpaigning comepainion to a series of art and noise and hippie shit festivals in italy in the early nineties of the last century of the 20th millenium. all featured tracks have been exclusive contributions by the time the compilations were released, some tracks might be re-issued on more recent releases by some of the artists involved. annie waygh.
i bought this-here volume two of the compilation series in 1994 to add it to my amon düül collection, i.e. i spent about 20 euro for some seconds of chris karrer doing what he does best. and as far as i know this track with nazca and glen sweeney still is not available anywhere else. and the painthearted collector of the sounds of the kassettentäter will rediscover a lot of sounds and connotations.
so please enjoy what i dug out in the deepdeep wholes of my collection way down deeder and down and that's it for now.

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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