my baby does good sculptures: a cd compilation that came free with the us-magazine bananafish #12 in 1997: featuring the nihilist spasm band, iancu dumitrescu, crank sturgeon, justice yeldham and some more

tonight i needed noise: harsh noise, tender noise, reluctant noise, obtrusive noise, unamenable noise, noisenoisenoise. so there we go. this cd coumpilation came free with the us-magazine bananafish #12 in 1997, being out of print by the time being and featured some very fine noise execusions by the climax golden twins, the nihilist spasm band, justice yeldham and the dynamic ribbon device, (in spite of flaming creatures) and deepkiss, monde bruits, stilluppsteypa, iancu dumitrescu, sufi mind game, witcyst, crank sturgeon, mike boner, and neil hamburger as neil hamburger in neil hamburger.
the discogs entry for this record is giving you a very good starting point for exploring and extrapoolatering the lifes and thymes of the featured artists, but i would like to add two additional complements to illuminate some aspects of the sprawling roots and traces of the rhizomatick excrescencering context concierning this very special art of noise.
in 2003 the belgian RRs.R label released a three-split-cd-r featuring crank sturgeon, ripit from france and yours truelie siemers from hell-yes-twotonia. it was cheap, it was easy, so we did it. you can download free with an elephant right here on this-here blog for free.
on the 20th of october 2009 justice yeldham executed one of his ensanguineesing performances in stuttgart in front of an audience of five or six people late at night. it was very loud and very lovely. the evening started with a 20-minute-session of the metapostkraut band sturclub featuring once again yours trowley, wenne, some members of the audience, reverend man manly and lucas abela better known as justice yeldham in an im/in/promptoo situation. the results of that evening can be seen and heard next door on my blog bewegnungen.

brut back to the noise you can find in here: you can find it in here.

download bananafish #12
(mp3 / scans included / direct download)

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