the flamin' groovies (featuring chris wilson) / a collection of rare demos and live recordings / released in 1993

and this is exactly what it says; a collection of rare demos and live recordings by one of the best - if not THE BEST - rock and roll bands in the world, the flamin' groovies; licenced from and fully approved and wisely annotated by chris wilson; eighteen tracks of pure and raw power, released in the usa in 1993 and raising a new mod riot right now. start!
this is what you want, and this what you get:

01 - house of blue light
02 - i'm a lover not a fighter
03 - please please girl (listen directly)
04 - i wanna be your man
05 - don't lie to me
(live in los angeles at the roxy, 1976)

06 - under my thumb
(live in london at the roundhouse, 1976)

07 - sweet little 16
(live in paris at the olympia, 1975)

08 - let me rock
09 - dog meat (dog meal on the cover)
10 - sweet little rock and roller
11 - jumpin' jack flash
12 - blues for phillys (listen directly)
(rehearsal room in san francisco, 1971)

13 - roll over beethoven
(french tv, 1972)

14 - between the lines
(live in san francisco, 1979)

15 - dizzy miss lizzy
16 - day tripper
17 - river deep mountain high
18 - from me to you
 (live at the berlin sportpalast, 1980)

so so so so so so great! the sharpenest heart reaping sound around, no noise attached, just rogue and rawk and reddy. be the in-crowd and listen to chris wilson (vocals and guitar on all trcks), cyril jordan (guitar and vocals on all tracks), dave 'george' alexander (bass and vocals on all tracks), david wright (drums on 1-7 and 13-18), danny mihm (drums on 8-12), tim lynch (guitar 8-12), mike wilhelm (guitar 14-18) and james ferrell (guitar 1-7 and 13); and yes, it's mike wilhelm, yes.

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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