sun ra live in stuttgart at jugendhaus mitte on the 19th of june 1984

gooooood. when i found this tape in the heritage of the stuttgart postfluxus artist albrecht/d. i instantly knew that you would want and need to hear it. in 1984 the stuttgart jugendhaus mitte (central youth centre) was closed to be re-built and re-constructed; as a substituting replacement a biglarge circus tent was set up on an empty ground/space/place rather close to the original venue, and this was the place the sun ra arkestra occupied on the 19th of june 1984 and every body who counted themselves as being a part of the stuttgart avantguarde was there: i saw most of the members of zimt, heute, frauenklinik, x-cezz, die mütter and no sports; i saw wendelion niedlich and buch-julius; and i saw albrecht/d. of course, who recorded the complete concert on one of his many portable tape recorders. and this is what you are going to hear right now: 90 minutes of sun ra live in stuttgart.
the wholy would wise web does not know all too much about this concert, but iat least i found a rather questionable tracklist somewhere in there. the order of the tracks seems to be correct, but they omitted some twenty minutes of free improvisation split over throughout inbetween the tracks. but nevermind; as a provisionaric framework the setlist is absolutely bearable and liveable. i split the 90-minutes-tape into two tracks with some 45 minutes each to leave the decision for the appropriate sound storage medium up to you.

set 1:
1. children of the sun
2. nuclear war
3. mack the knife
4. east of the sun
5. yeah man!
6. prelude to a kiss

set 2:
1. love in outer space
2. blue lou
3. if you come from nowhere here
4. space is the place
5. we travel the spaceways
6. second stop is jupiter
7. christopher columbus

(90 minutes, two long tracks, scans included, direct download)


rev.b said...

Wow, you certainly have me pegged. I always need to hear Sun Ra that I haven't heard before. Thank you for your memories of the show and the venue. I was fortunate enough to see Sonny and the Arkestra around a dozen times. They were all jaw dropping events, but your story reminds me of one of the most memorable shows I saw, The Arkestra where playing at an outdoor venue called The Lime Kiln Theater in Lexington, Va. As fate would have it, the weather forecast for the night of the concert was rain, so they moved the show to a large tent set up against a hillside and a stage that was a stone ledge only about 8 meters/25 feet deep. The band was tightly squeezed onto this narrow stage and about 5 minutes before the show started, the skies opened and we were in a monsoon. Then the Arkestra came out and the main aspect of the show I remember was that it was very bright and brash. One read player actually leapt from the stage with his horn, did a summersault on the ground, jumped up and continued to play his solo. I remember the audience yelping and shrieking all through the show. It was like a circus, bright lights, acrobats, wild music and excitement. I was beginning to think the night would be a bust, but it was a revelation! Thank you so much for what sounds like another magic night where the Arkestra took lemons and made cosmic lemonade.

CBD said...

Both links to audio sample, no direct download

rvd said...

dear CBD, thank you for noticing my mistake. i corrected the link immediately; please try again. thank you and all the best.