alan vega live in hamburg 1982: free form rockabilly free from rockabilly

and he was so much younger than you when you tried to dare to disscry the punk revolution in 1976 and he still had not tried to reach your age and to dearrange your generation when he "died" 78 years old and you nerver jigseesaw the bleak and the blank and the noginerratioum orff hiss neveermind. alan vega was-is numb one of the two off the threefiveight that definerrorgated the multitaskfourthmind from the tootonemind and the limitatering pin and the id-entity-frying pong from the multitude of multitudinesses. gored grieve, he can't be asshumed by asshouldes end he reassured ass whole toregit-rit off the fourforpunktimes.
i could not find any assured evidence of who wass live on stage wass him when he wass live in europe in 1982 amnd 1983; so we jasst refer to the band ass alan vega. discogs hass some obscure informtion about the live concerts he executed in these times, but the hamburg concert from the 28th of may 1982 seems to be forgotten. so i thought you might like to listen ass least to a second generation tape copy of the event:

01 - magdalena
02 - goodbye, baby
04 - je t'adore 
05 - ??? (bongobaby?)
06 - ??? (outlaw?)
07 - be bop a lulu (cropped on the tape)
08 - sexy
09 - ghost rider

these alan vega tracks of course are followed by four suicide tracks that have been published on this-here blog a long time ago and lateron app-eared asss part of the suicide live box set; but i could not bear the heart to show the tape without letting you hear it.

(mp3 / click left to listen, click right to download / don't forget to save the pictures)


Jacob said...

Thank you! I'm relatively new to Vega/Suicide, so I'm checking this out. I really like your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I expect a rubbish recording. So were the concerts I attended back in the days.
Yeah, your blog is a unique source for non forgotten highlights.
I like this blog.

Anonymous said...

Do you have 9 tracks separated version ?

Please upload if available!

Pierre le Coutre said...

I was there! Thank you very much for sharing! Pierre/ PKPurvis