cover and hide: well hidden in the eighties: two anonymanious german bands unearthed for your pleasure: the dissidents play the residents: and tommi stumpff likes to stay incognito

something like nothing is known about the german dissidents: they released a very short tape in 1983 with their atrocious version of theresidentsplaythebeatles and donated some tracks to rather obscure collections of even more obscure german tape doers (kassettentäter; ha!) lateron in the eighties, and then they vanished like oxygen. tommi stumpff in contradistinction was rather popular as the singer of kfc in the late seventies, and lateron he became famous as the spearhead of german notsogothic avantgarde noise with albums like TERROR II and ULTRA.
so first of all we are going to listen to the dissidents, and that is the best thing you can do before you decide to pay some 30 euro for the original tape. 
the first track is an aleatoric decollage of some found sounds, and the second track is a slow motion version of yesterday that even the residents themselves would have hated. it is awfull all in all and wonderfull at all.
(mp3 / don't forget to save the pictures)


and now second of all we are going to be listening to the digital classics: in the worldweightwebs nothing at all can be found about pierre thomas or sebastian kent: but considering the fact that tommi stumpff's real name was thomas peters, and that the düsseldorf no time music was his publishing company in the late eighties, you can guess the rest. for once in my life (that must have been in the early nineties, as far as i remember) i knew who sebastian kent was, but i must admit that i forgot throughout the process of growing old. 
but at least as the last man standing and the first man on planet earth i may invite you to listen to the digital classics playing their versions of beethoven's fifth symphony and his albumblatt für elise. both versions are awful, of course, and that's exactly why i like them. so there.
(mp3 / don't forget to save the pictures)

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