the yardbirds live in paris, san remo, bremen, stockholm, los angeles and london from 1965 to 1968

this cd seems to be a copy of a fairly worn vinyl version of the yardbirds bootleg "over the world" that was released in italy in 1990, but still it's great. when i bought this cd in 1992 none of these tracks were commercially available, and though in the meantime some of them are, the very special look-and-feel of this atmospheric compilation is still a lot of fun. 
the yardbirds of course were keith relf (vocals and harmonica), chris dreja (bass and guitar), jim mccarty (drums), and either eric clapton (not on this-here compilation), jeff beck and/or jimmy page on guitar. though you will know most of these tracks by heart, some of these versions may have escaped your notice. 
the most interesting track of course is their 1968 version of the velvet underground's "i'm waiting for my man". the yardbirds had shared the bill with the velvet underground on some dates in may 1968, and when they executed this version of "i'm waiting for my man" on tuesday the 31st of may at the shrine auditorium in los angeles when the velvet underground had just ended a three-day-residency (27th to 30th of may) at the same venue; so most likely and you can guess the rest. and by the way: find out and explore the way the first seconds of "shapes of things" have their origin in the riff and bridge of  "i'm a man"; that's really interesting.
so there you gogo:

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

listen to "i'm waiting for my man" and "over, under, sideways, down" directly in your browser; just click left.

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