gong 1970 / camembert eclectique / rehearsing and remodelling in ouster space

officially released as GAS 001 in 1995, this collection of gong rehearsals and sketches of payne from wroundabout 1970 seems to have vanourished in the dunst. you can still buy it via discogs for some 30 euro, or you can listen to it on this-here blog and then buy it anyway. and that's the best that you can do: listen to it and go and buy it, even if it's only for the booklet, or something. anyway.
gong in those times in 1970 were daevid allen (guitars and vocals), didier malherbe (saxophones and flutes), christian tritsch (bass), gilly smyth (vocals), raschid houari (drums), dieter gewissler (violin) and daniel laloux on horns, violin, bowed drums and vocals. dieter by the way had been playing with burton greene before and could be found later as being part of one of the many line-ups of kraut veterans embryo; the rest of the band stayed with gong for the better or the better worst, or got missing in the process of growing old. anyway.
and this is what you'll get:

01 - the montelieu demos 15:30
02 - garcon ou fille 3:36 (alternative version)
03 - dynamite / goldilocks 5:42
04 - rock and roll angel etc etc 5:38
05 - garcon ou fille 3:35 (submix; listen directly in your browser)
06 - hyp hynotize you 3:38
07 - haunted chateau rehearsals 13:17
08 - big city energy 3:46 (listen directly in your browser)
09 - gongwash indelible 5:49

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


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