albert ayler, live in denmark, 1964: the copenhagen tapes

albert ayler on tenorsaxophone, the great don cherry and his tiny little trumpet, gary peacock on subsonic bassdrones, and sunny murray rattling in on drums. it was 1964, and noboreday in the usa even dared to listen to the music of albert ayler; except for the esp-gang, of course. but scandinavia loved him.
so here&now you can listen to abert ayler and his band executioneering some tunes long before the publicpublic wouldcould hear them on his first album: brut-dirty and blow-dry with a punk-attitude and a punk-impact; up-front with an evil grin.
tracks 1 to 6 have been recorded live at the club montmartre in copenhagen (that's in denmark, part of the afforementioned scandinavia that is), and the tracks 7 to 10 have been recorded live in the studio of the danish radio. these recordings have been released on the wonderful danish ayler-records-label in 2002 and had been sold out within minutes.

so listen to this:

01 - spirits
03 - saints
04 - mothers
05 - children
06 - spirits
07 - introduction by borje roger hensen
09 - saints
10 - spirits

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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fantastic! thank you.