night sun: very 'eavy 1972 kraut: very 'umble: gutter mournin' kracht!

coumpletelayoverstrained kraut(rock) proto('eavymetal) boogiexperimental megalowmaniackism that you all will love to hate: the allbumm mournin' by the german band night sun. bourne and gred in the suburbs of the southwestgermindustrial city of mannheim, where the sun never shines, these heavy metal kids in 1972 exploirioted a fast and furiotted sound of their own own; bizarre and uncommodiatedly to everybody else. 
bruno schaab (vocals, bass), walter kirchgassner (guitar), knut rössler (keyboards, wind instruments) and ulrich staudt (drums) anticipated and accelerated a very weird sound that was utterly strange and unknown even for themselves, and having realized and released this one unique record they broke up and scattered the four winds. bruno schaab joined guru guru the following year, the rest of these mounsters vanished in the black haze or simply got lost in the process of growing old. but something out there has survived.
so what you'll get today is just the album and nothing butt the album:

01 - plastic shotgun
02 - crazy woman
03 - got a bone of my own
04 - slush pan man
05 - living with the dying
06 - come down
07 - blind
09 - don't start flying

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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Sadness said...

unreal no comments.. this is up there with scorpions lonesome crow and black sabbaths first.. its my alltime favourite lp .. just wish there were more..