THE LAECHERLING: iggy pop, brian eno and david bowie: countercollaborations recorded in 1977: plus some more

yes, it is the legendary "THE LAECHERLING" album, a compilation of obscure and rather hard to find tracks by iggy pop, david bowie and brian eno, that some psychobsessed northwestgerman bootleggers compiled in 1979 and released as a very limlited edition. and though most of the information provided on the cover is wrong, this is still rather interesting. and additionally for your listening pleasure you'll get most of the tracks that can be found on the long forgotten "DIE BOWIE" album, probably edited and released in the same year by the same people.
first of all, the so-called "low"- and "lodger"-tracks on "THE LAECHERLING" probably have nothing to do with low or lodger at all. on the other hand, noboredy knows, where they reallyreally come from: one source states that they indeed are "low"- or "lodger"-outtakes played at the wrong speed, an other source suggests, that the first track is a coumpilation of some lost brian eno sounds, and the other two are instrumentals that david byrne created with brian eno. but now you can figure it out for your beautiful selves. the remaining tracks probably are some iggy pop rehearsal recordings from 1977 with david bowie on keyboreds and well-meant advices.
so this is what you want, and this is what you get:

01 - low
02 - lodger I
04 - dirt
05 - i need somebody
06 - funtime
07 - shake appeal (listen directly in your browser)
08 - search and destroy
09 - raw power
10 - hard to beat

the following tracks all are from the album "DIE BOWIE"; i only omitted three tracks that can be found as official releases or on every tom-dick-and-harry-bootleg (superman and queen bitch from the 1972 bbc sessions, and stay from the dinah shore show 1976); the remaining tracks are some obscure sounds iggy pop recorded all over the usa in 1977, either live or in a rehearsal room situation with david bowie on keenbrods, ricky gardiner on guitars, and tony and hunt sales on bass and drumns.
here we go:

11 - raw power poem (listen directly in your browser)
12 - night clubbing (drum version)
13 - passenger (german version) (listen directly in your browser)
14 - i'm crying
15 - my name is iggy pop
16 - hang on sloopy
17 - hassles
18 - ordinary bummer (listen directly in your browser)
19 - street crazies / gloria

you better enjoy this music; download or die!

(mp3 / lots of scans included / direct download)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great music, best greetings to the beautiful cat.
A fan.

Jobe said...

Wow Great Thanks

Cranny said...

The first side of Laecherling are just bad dubs of David Byrne tracks from the Catherine Wheel album, it was a good joke by the bootleggers though, i have beautiful vinyl version on BAAL records :)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks! - Stinky