die nixe / the mermaid - a german radioplay featuring christa fast, annette humpe, annie lennox, holger czukay, jaki liebezeit, dieter möbius, peter gabriel and many others in 1992

die nixe / the mermaid is a german radioplay that was recorded in conny plank's studio between 1988 and 1991, and was released in 1992 as a cd featuring both the german and the english version. so don't be too confused: you will get just two tracks, both about 36 minutes in length, and both featuring exactly the same background music played by annette humpe, holger czukay, rüdiger elze, jaki liebezeit, ingo krauss, bruno gebhard, christa fast, dieter möbius and konrad plank on various instruments.
on the german version you can hear the voices of christa fast, annette humpe and dirk felsenheimer (aka bela b. of the rather popular german (notalltoo)fun band "die ärzte"), while on the english version you may listen to the voices of annie lennox and peter gabriel. and you can read all about the mermaid in the booklet i included with the scans in the download-section of this post.
some additional information on the original version and the 2001 re-release can be found on discogs. and to give you a superficial impression of the klangtraumdreamsound you may listen to the octopuses' song right away in your browser by clicking left.

(mp3, all scans included, direct download)