dashiell hedayat was obsolete with gong in 1971; plus some rare tracks from beyond

i bought my copy of obsolete by dashiell hedayat for 99 dutch cent when i visited amsterdam in 1972. i had no idea what i had found there, and i only bought it because i liked the cover. listening to the record back home was a great experience, but not as mindblowing as you might expect. i already knew some things about gong, frank zappa, the velvet underground or cathy berberian and william s. burroughs, but it fit in to help me to puzzle in and out the current and the future aspects of my record collection.
throughout the following years obsolete was never too far away from my recordplayer; i must have listened to it some two or three million times. and i still love it of course. some time before obsolete in 1970 dashiell hedayat aka daniel theron realised an other rather interseting record using the name melmoth, and then, for some reasones or other, disappeared in the process of growing old.

so hear we goo-goo:

eh, mushroom, will you mush my room ? 

01 - chrysler 6:40 (listen directly in your browser)
02 - fille de l'ombre 2:18
03 - long song for zelda 7:45

04 - cielo drive/17 21:09

oh, and did i mention that the artists involved with this record included gilli smyth, daevid allen, didier malherbe, pip pyle, christian tritsch, william s. burroughs, and sam, the baby-son of robert wyatt? no, i did not; but now i did.

for your listening pleasure i added all of the bonus tracks i found on the swedish release of continental circus by gong that i mentioned as the obscure amazon-version in my blog-post about the italian version of continental circus way down below; and that is where you can find all of the information and music missing here.

and here we go for the gong bonus tracks:

05 - est-ce que je suis (french only a side, 1970) 3:39 (listen directly in your browser)
06 - hip hypnotise you (french only b side, 1970) 3:26
07 - dreamin' it (french tv, 1970) 7:12
08 - never fight another war (french tv, january 1971) 3:14
09 - excerpts from "camembert electrique" (french tv, january 1971) 2:14
10 - est-ce que je suis (french tv, january 1971) 4:46
11 - fohat digs holes in space (french tv, april 1972) 4:38
12 - dynamite (french tv, september 1972) 3:51 (listen directly in your browser)
13 - never glid before (french tv, september 1973) 5:40
14 - i am your pussy (french tv, september 1973) 5:04

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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