R.I.N.O. an international compilation, featuring cull, gaop, meisterpiss, tada, sturclub, monopolka, and many other international sound artists in 2007

and i don't know most of these names, either. in 2007 the us-american roil noise offensive label asked the artists of the post-industrial community to send in one or two tracks for a coumpilation of post-industrial noise, and some of them did like i did. and this=here little cd is what we got in return, ten free copies for each track we sent in, as far as i remember. and though they even messed up the two tracks i sent them, it was a fair deal.
and i don't know most of these names, either. at least, i had never heard of any of these bands or groups or artists until i received my author's copies, but that was a situation not coumpletelay unknown to most of the artists contributing to coumpilations like this. but it was fun anyway, and everyboreday used to listen to their own contributions and then store the cd anniewhere in their collection and fourgitt about it for the next twenty years. at least that is what i did.

and i don't know most of these names, either. but theythemtheirs being featured on discogs might help you on your way into the abyss. the roil noise offensive label itsbeauttea=fullselves has=had longuebefore cut out annie infournation on this cd, and the internet archives do not know much more, though at least they hint and point to a review this cd had had (you will have to be had to have had been scrolled down a little bit) had on wonderful wooden reasons way back in 2007. and being featured on a blog called wonderful wooden reasons was all i ever wanted in my life; and if you don't know why it is called wonderful wooden reasons, you are reading the wrong blog, honey.
end two confuze you toretally: track 20 on/of the cd is credited to sturclub, though it is a siemers track called "emptyru", and track 21 is a track by the german postkraut unit sturclub (wenne voran, david dufour, uwe büchele and ralf siemers on all instruments) called "combs", that eye messed up and mixed out and missed off of some noise we recordered in 2004 ass far as i remember.

so here we gogo:

01 - android in motion vs. ghoul detail - prelude to misery v
02 - sausage mutants - without your meat
03 - cruel morning rigolleto (sic!) - say ahh!
04 - matrimonio - dirty sounds of clinton's body (listen directly)
05 - rover's - cert
06 - ctephin vs. elser - meteor lotus
07 - cull - cull
08 - xdugef vs. gdr - gounging out frank's third eye
09 - gaop - emmet
10 - meisterpiss - broken illusion (listen directly)
11 - metrostroi - ueksh peks
12 - metrostroi - ueksh treks
13 - tada - tes
14 - jake vida - desensitized
15 - opium farmer featuring ghoul detail and rabbit girls - hunting for pussy in a gay bar is a fools errand (listen directly)
16 - monopolka - no fender but cunt
17 - ru486 - object cursed floor mix
18 - rubbish vs. mejniak disztorzson - gay rambo
19 - rubbish vs. napalmed - skoriafier
20 - sturclub (siemers solo) - emptyru (listen directly)
21 - sturclub - combs
22 - three piece homecoming queen assembly set - glory glory armageddon (listen directly)
23 - warning broken machine vs. f.ampism - pink is last years black
24 - warning broken machine vs. lap dancer - funya funya ni naru
25 - xdugef vs. 3ro<|< - irritated brixton steppa

(mp3 / scans included / direct download)


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