the sun ra arkestra - fondation maeght nights; volumes one and two; august 1970

the mighty sun ra arkestra live in france, recorded on the 3rd and 5th of august 1970 at the fondation marguerite et aimé maeght in saint-paul-de-vence. these performances have been released on vinyl in 1971 on the french shandar label, and got lost and rather rare immediately. they have been rereleased legally and as (semi-)bootlegs both on vinyl and cd quite a few times in the following years, but seem to be hard to find by the time being. 
for your listening pleasure i compiled my 1991 jazz view versions of these recordings into one big file that sums up as a 76-minutes-compact-disc with all information you might need at first bite, though some additional information may be found by following the given links to discogs.

so here we go:

01 - enlightment
02 - the star gazers
03 - shadow world (listen directly)
04 - the cosmic explorer

05 (01) - friendly galaxy
06 (02) - spontaneous simplicity
07 (03) - the world of the lightening (listen directly)
08 (04) - black myth
09 (05) - sky

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


by the way: following the sun-ra-tag in the marginal column on the right will lead you to an exclusive recording of a sun ra live concert in stuttgart 1984 and some more.


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Thank you! Let there be Ra!

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Far out stuff