cosmic pop! a rather rare 1988 tape by the stuttgart postkraut unit metabolismus expanded with some bonus tracks

and this is the closest that german bands would come up to the faust tapes in the late eighties: the stuttgart soundandart communardists metabolismus with one of their early tapes from 1988: cosmic pop!

and though discogs are listing this tape as their first release and metabolismus themselves are listing it as their third release, it is most probably the sixth release metabolismus or any member of the unit were involved in=with in one way or a coumplaytelayed other, according to the purchase order number on the cover. but nobody knows if it really happened.

the tracklist of the tape is just a listing of reference points of what you are going to hear; both sides are seamlessly assembled de-collages of songs, noise, found soundtracks and incoherent cut-ups. for you listening pleasure both sides can be found in the rar-file below just as they were conceived by the band (tracks one and two), complemented by four short excerpts (tracks three to six) of the original tape, and expanded and enriched by some bonus tracks i found in my collection.

01 - side one:
500 years
down to the city
no offer
ich bin eine eierschale
phoenix (listen directly)
mother's here from tokyo
2000 years
interludum (listen directly)
spike in the desert
shout it out loud

02 - side two:
2000 years again
ausbeuter/schweine/betrüger (listen directly)
imperialism 1-4
how do you feel?
another mother from tokyo
how to compose a song (listen directly)
sad man
that's all
gods and demons

bonus tracks:

03 - phoenix (excerpt from side one)
04 - interludium (excerpt from side one)
05 - ausbeuterschweine  (excerpt from side two)
06 - how to compose a song  (excerpt from side two)

07 - escariol os (from the compilation kamikaze 1 from 2000) (listen directly)
08 - arctic zone (recorded in 1993; found on the metabolismus homepage)
09 - live at the stuttgart waggons on the 17th of august 2012; found on youtube
10 - do they owe us a living! (1991; found on youtube) (listen directly)
11 - my generation; from best of schnäbbls 1992 (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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