a collection of 19th century works for organ by some half-forgotten composers from wuerttemberg in southwest-germany

always expect the unexpected: the music in this=here blog will always be different and always the same. today we are going to be visiting two churches in my very neighbourhood in the western district of stuttgart in southwestgermany, and we will be listening to some organ music from the romantic era. those are the roots of kraut: speak german or die!

this cd featuring works for organ by eleven wuerttembergian composers was released in 2005 to celebrate 150 years of the altruistic work of the deaconesses' asylum in stuttgart. it was recorded in the paul-gerhardt-church and in the deaconesses' church by ulrich mangold. wuerttemberg by the way nowadays is the swabian part of baden-württemberg, but it was the independent kingdom of württemberg back in those romantic days.

a lot of information on most of the composers can be found on the very profound page schwäbische orgelromantik; the cd as an artefact can be found no=where at all.

so listen to these angry young men:

01 - christian fink
02 - christian fink
03 - heinrich lang
04 - heinrich lang (listen directly)
05 - johann georg frech
06 - heinrich lang
07 - friedrich fink
08 - andreas barner (listen directly)
09 - heinrich lang
10 - wilhelm nagel (listen directly)
11 - johann georg frech
12 - heinrich lang
13 - ewald strässer
14 - hans schink (listen directly)
15 - andreas barner (listen directly)
16 - matthäus koch (listen directly)
17 - heinrich lang
18 - heinrich lang
19 - reinhold seyerlen (listen directly)
20 - heinrich lang
21 - johann georg frech
22 - johann georg frech
23 - johann georg frech
24 - johann georg frech (listen directly)
25 - johann georg frech
26 - johann georg frech
27 - johann georg frech
28 - johann georg frech (listen directly)
29 - johann georg frech

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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