die wiederkehr der menschheitskatastrophe live in a forgotten village on the outskirts of the british occupation zone in northwestgermany on the 19th of september 1981 plus two bonus tracks found on some obscure compilations

and this is really really really rare: as some semi-official tapes of this northwestgerman band are changing hands on discogs at horrible prices and are almost impossible to find, the recordings you are going to listen to right=away=here and right=away=now have never seen the light of day until this very day.

die wiederkehr der menschheitskatastrophe (the return of the disaster of mankind of the catastrophe of humanity of the act of god on the human race) were wolfgang panning playing all instruments, and michael jänisch playing all instruments as well. they both were and are deeply rooted in the northwestgeman psychodeleric punk=underground interdelimited by the likes of OH87, kastrierte philosophen, wolfgang wiggers, the 39 clocks and many other bfbs-acolytes living in delmenhorst, verden an der aller, hannover, bremen, kirchlinteln, luttum or even celle generating a very new kind of hippiepan=krock the boring rest of the world was not ready or prepared for (and will never be, by the way) and tried to forget but never really did. bored annyway whats were here talkendabouts youll nevra gettattall nor behalf.

(michael jänisch 2014 / wolfgang panning 2012)
the following concert was executed live in westen (a lost village in the surroundings of kirchlinteln, luttum and neddenaverbergen in the wont=too=bee=suburbs [urrps!] of verden an der aller not all too far from bremen and hannover) on the 19th of september 1981; almost a year before their first official tape was released in 1982. this was followed by two tracks on some rather obscure coumpilations, and nothing else followed, as far as i can see for miles and miles.

so here we go=go:

01 - die wiederkehr der menschheitskatastrophe live in concert on the 19th of september 1981 in westen close to verden an der aller as one semless cut
  • kleiner köter
  • kaputte welt (listen directly)
  • maschinen tanzen
  • hin- und hergerissen
  • monotoner angriff
  • 25/7
  • immer nur lachen (listen directly)
  • babies
  • ananas
  • blitzlicht / zeitlos
  • morbide liebe

plus some bonus tracks:

02 - from the compilation schizophrenes deutschland
  • die wiederkehr der menschheitskatastrophe - die wiederkehr der menschheitskatastrophe 


03 -  from the compilation nur hits 2

excerpts from the live concert as featured above for your listening pleasure:

04 - immer nur lachen (listen directly)
05 - kaputte welt (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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